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fellowstead candles and diffusers

Bring your room to life with this collection of nature-inspired room fragrances. The leafy scents are available in hand-poured, soy wax botanical candles for 25-30 hours of burn time, or essential oil diffusers that last for three months. Both come in stylish amber-hued apothecary jars.

the scents - candles

the scents - candles

Teak, clove & cardamom: Wood and spice, smokey and complex.

Orange peel & ginger: Sweet and peppery. A honeyed summer blend.

Cedarwood & juniper: Clean and warm. Earthy, yet fruity.

Clary sage & coriander: Citrusy and fresh. Vibrant notes for a balmy evening.

the scents - diffusers

the scents - diffusers

Fig, fern & moss: Leafy and sweet. Subtle, yet deliberate green leaves with a fruity twist.

Smoked cedar & vetiver: Smokey and dark. A burnt woody aroma with verdant earthy notes. 

Blood orange & mandarin: Bright and honeyed. Diffusive citrus notes with a twist of mandarin and coriander.

Green leaves & oak: Light and verdant. Oak bark rests on a leafy green base.

why we love Fellowstead

why we love Fellowstead

Including Fellowstead in our home accessories was a no brainer - the layered earthy scents smell as good as they look. The brand started as a passion project, but has since grown to a small candle company with an emphasis on natural, simple products handmade with integrity. We’ll take one of each.

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