how to make your bedroom a sanctuary

At eve, we believe a great day starts the night before and creating a good sleeping environment is key – if you want to get out of bed on the right side each morning.

clear the clutter

It’s easy to empty your pockets on to your bedside table, and chuck your clothes over the nearest inanimate object each night, but you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui to understand why a cluttered bedroom can keep you far from zen. Waking up to piles of papers, clothes, cables and so on each morning can take its toll on the rest of your day.

Start by clearing a surface at a time. Remove anything from your bedside table that you don’t use last thing before you sleep, or first thing when you wake.

Organise your wardrobe and drawers, donating clothes you no longer wear, so putting things away at night and getting ready in the morning is quick and easy.

Be strict with your random hoards and collections. You’re never going to read those magazine back issues  – and we both know it. Recycle or donate what you can, and invest in simple storage for the rest. Get it out of sight and wake up to a calming, tidy room every day.

pot perfect plants

We all know that plants help us breathe more easily (some even have soothing scents), so having them in our bedrooms is a no-brainer.

Choose hardy and easy-to-care-for plants that won’t bother you by drooping woefully every few days.

Succulents need very little care, and Aloe Vera especially is the perfect plant to have in your bedroom. As well as having multiple medicinal uses when consumed or applied to the skin, Aloe continues to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the night when most other plants stop.

According to studies, jasmine’s scent has a positive effect on your quality of sleep, meaning you wake feeling better rested and more alert.

And, while we’re on the subject, a refreshing sniff of a peppermint plant in your home or garden can help you feel less sleepy and more alert each morning.

keep it cool 

When we sleep, our body temperature drops slightly, so the room temperature needs to compliment this. Too cold, and we will wake up, too hot and our own temperature will be forced to rise again leading to a more fitful sleep.

Sudden bursts of heat first thing from central heating can also mean you wake up hot and groggy. On the flip side, waking up in a chilly room doesn’t inspire everyone to leap out of bed.

The perfect temperature is very much down to the individual, but cool, breathable fabrics and (in the right weather) an open window will help keep your body at the level it should reach naturally. All of eve’s products are designed with breathability and a comfortably cool temperature in mind. Check out our gorgeous linen bedding. Effortlessly cool and comfortable.

leave life outside

Emails, to do lists, unpaid bills, you name it – leave it out of your bedroom.

When you go to bed, you should only be planning to do one thing: sleep. Okay, maybe two things but the other thing would make for a very different blog post.

Clearing your mind ready for sleep is a lot easier without tomorrow’s tasks scattered around your bedroom, and no one wants to wake up staring at the things that didn’t get done yesterday.

Ease into your day, have a good stretch, and then face that to-do list revitalised.

Do you have any other tips for making your bedroom a relaxing and rejuvenating space? We’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment below.

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