the 5-minute yoga routine you need in the morning

At eve, we believe every great day starts the night before. A great day can vary between person to person, but one sure-fire positive way to begin your morning is with a bit of yoga. Even better? A 5-minute yoga tutorial that you don’t have to leave the house for.

jessica skye’s easy 5-minute morning yoga routine

Luckily, Jessica Skye, DJ and founder of Fat Buddha Yoga, has created a 5-minute morning yoga tutorial for you to try from the comfort of your own bedroom. You don’t even need a mat. It’s for everyone (including beginners and non-yogis) and the perfect way to feel loose, limber and stretched before you crack on with the rest of your day.

Talking about the benefits of a morning yoga session, Jessica says:

“A yoga class in the morning or first thing is a great way to wake up. Firstly using your breath and upping your oxygen intake. And just moving around, get going, getting your blood flowing, getting your heart rate up and releasing those happy hormones. It gives you a moment to set your day on the right tone having that time for yourself and I love to set an intention in my classes and have the opportunity at the beginning of the day start it positively and say today is going to be a good day, I’m going to get this done and be bad ass and awesome.”

Watch the yoga routine below and have a bad ass morning…

calling all morning lovers

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I do agree that Yoga has many health benefits. It’s been two month since I have been suffering from mental tensions and stress. There was no specific reasons behind it. Some of my friends suggested me to start practising yoga. They claimed yoga can reduce my stress and tension. So, first I started researching about yoga to have a better knowledge in it. It’s been one month since I started practising yoga and I feel better. While I was researching, I found few blogs very useful and informative.

  2. You are transforming me! I began doing yoga in my home pretty much consistently since December of a year ago. I was having a craving for nothing was going on as I’m very tight in my legs and hips. In any case, at that point, I understood I never again have a ligament issue. Also, a day or two ago when I sat on my knees during training my bum contacted my heels. IT’S WORKING. YOU’RE WORKING. Much obliged to YOU for transforming myself with your free practices, your understanding and for the most part for being the main yogi who has helped me acknowledge where I am. Much obliged to you to such an extent.

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