a guide to all the great things we sell that aren’t a mattress

We talk about our mattresses a lot, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s all we do at eve – but far from it. Comfy mattresses aside, we have over 20 other products (and counting). Really great products. Products that make your bedroom even comfier, luxurious and stylish.

Here’s a little bit about each of them…

the topper

Not ready to get rid of your mattress, but wish it was a bit more comfortable? We get it. So, we designed a luxurious foam topper that you can pop on top. It’s quite something. We used the same foam as our original mattress to give you velvety softness, cooling breathability and, most importantly, support to keep everything aligned. We even added thick straps to keep it in place, which double up as handles for you to carry it around. ‘Scuse the pun, but it’s quite handy.

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the bed frames

We do three. Something a bit more classic, with upholstered Italian wool (in four neutral hues) and solid ash legs. There’s a chic, minimalist bed frame, designed by our in-house, award-winning designer – complete with optional headboard and side tables. Finally, we’ve got a bed frame design collaboration. The MIJO Studio upholstered fabric is bold, bright and completely unique. Your very own bespoke piece of artwork.

woman on eve mattress and bed frame

the memory foam pillow

This pillow has two different types of foam – one a little bit softer and squishy, and one that brings the support. The result? A pillow that gives your head and neck the support it needs, without the uncomfortable propped up feeling. We’ve also put some tiny air holes throughout the foam, so it always feels like the cool side.

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the microfibre pillow

If you like your pillows more cloud-like, we’ve got a great microfibre one. It’s designed to help with alignment, thanks to its subtle wedge shape that adapts to your sleeping position. It’s got a cool pillow-in-pillow design, with slightly fluffier filling on the outside and firmer stuff in the inner chamber. This gives you the best of both comfort and support.

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the baby mattress

We think everyone deserves a perfect start, so we created a baby cot mattress for your little one. Using premium pocket springs, luxury foam and an antibacterial cover, it gives babies and young toddlers a cool, supportive and comfortable night. We don’t want to show off, but it even won a Smallish design award in 2017.

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the baby cot mattress by eve

the duvet

So wonderful and light, we nicknamed it the wondercloud. It feels sumptuous and cosy, just like expensive down duvets, but uses microfibre to feel lighter, more breathable and hygienic. And because we know that different people prefer different warmth in bed, we created four versions – from light to super snug.

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the bedding

Our bedding offering just keeps getting bigger. We started with the only cotton sheets you’ll ever need – cool, crisp and hotel-level swanky. We added linen sheets, in nine different colour combinations, for understated style and softness. Then came the jersey ones. These sheets can only be described as ‘sleeping in your favourite t-shirt’, because of the incredibly soft, comforting fabric. There are also some designer collaboration sheets by CUSTHOM – for those who want cotton bedding with a subtle design difference.

eve linen bedding in berry colour

the protector

A good mattress needs some TLC. We created a 100% cotton protector with a special coating to make it water-resistant and temperature regulating. It’s also so thin, you’ll hardly notice it’s there – but you’ll be thankful that it is.

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the bundles

Sometimes you want to upgrade your bedroom in one quick click. So, we put together a money-saving bundle of products for those moving to a new house, upgrading their bedroom or sleep. With no-nonsense delivery and free returns, it’s one convenient, comfy package.

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for the bargain hunters

Not many people know this, but we’ve got a ‘last chance to buy’ section at eve. On this page, you’ll find beautifully-designed products all with a lower price tag – like fluffy towels, luxurious duvets, the softest (trendiest) pyjamas and throws like the one below. It’s a dream for those who like a bargain.

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eve cotton throw on mattress and bed frame

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