5 reasons you’ll want to rest your head on our new microfibre pillow

Looking for a new pillow? You might want to call off the search. A cloud-like microfibre pillow has just landed at eve HQ, which promises support in all the right places and a marshmallow softness for you to rest your weary head. We’re pretty proud of this one. Here’s five reasons why we think it should make its way onto your bed…

its unique shape works to keep everything aligned

It’s all about alignment, people. Every type of sleeper should feel supported, so our clever product team designed this pillow to have a super subtle wedge shape. The ‘boxier’ edge is perfect for side sleepers and the slightly tapered edge is great for those who lie flat out on their back.

eve microfibre support pillow with wedge shape

two types of filling for that feel-good factor

We’ve used a light and airy candy floss-esque microfibre filling for the outside chamber and a firmer one for the inside. A bit like a pillow in a pillow. Why? This gives you the perfect middle ground of comfort and support. Because a fluffy cloud is great but, if things get too squishy, it’s not always good for your head and neck.

bugs and things don’t like it

We like creating beautiful products, but we also like making things easy for you. You can pop this in a standard washing machine and tumble dryer. Dust mites don’t like clean pillows, so this is good for the sneezier folk out there. A clean bedroom is a happy (and sneeze-free) bedroom, after all.

woman sat on eve bed frame next to microfibre support pillow

for a quality pillow, it’s a steal

Good things can come in inexpensive packages. We’ve used quality materials and innovative design to bring you a pillow that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s because we think everyone deserves the perfect start – whatever their budget or sleep situation.

you get all the bells and whistles with it

Free delivery? Yep. No-hassle returns, if you don’t like it? Gotcha. A 3-year warranty? We’ll give that to you. Here at eve, we’re passionate about customer service.

Prefer something more foamy? We’ve got one of those, too. Meet our memory foam pillow.


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