5 products to make your winter even cosier

We love winter. From snuggling up with the duvet on the sofa to lighting our new Fellowstead candles – it’s an excuse to use all the products we have. Our product development team work hard to give you that feel-good feeling you need when the temperature drops. Here are five products guaranteed to make this winter all warm and fuzzy.

add the flicker of a flame

There’s something about the glow of candlelight that instantly makes any room more atmospheric and inviting. Especially when they smell as good as our new home fragrance range. No matter how tough your day has been, the right lighting can create a zen-like sanctuary to unwind in. Just make sure you blow out any candles before you call it a night.

la couette eve

bundle up

Considering the average healthy adult needs between 7-9 hours sleep a night, we think it’s key you have the best mattress to help you out. Give yourself the bed you deserve this winter with our bargainous eve original mattress bundle. This slumber-inducing set includes the eve original mattress, the 10.5 tog duvet, two memory foam pillows and the mattress protector. So you can make your bed – then lie in it.

find warming fabrics

Adding cushions, blankets and bedding in different fabrics creates a wonderfully tangible experience for you to cosy up in. Swap fabrics like linen for our jersey bedding. It feels like the softest hug.

eve jersey bedding

watch your favourite movie

Putting on your favourite film makes for the ultimate winter’s night in. Up the ante by bringing your duvet on the sofa with you. Ours is a temperature-regulating wondercloud, so you’ll stay snug and warm.

go to bed early

Okay. So this one’s a bit rogue, but stay with us. There’s no better feeling than getting into bed, so why wait until late? If modern life makes a lie-in impossible, reverse the rule and get an early night to recharge your batteries and feel fresh in the morning. Get curled up on your eve mattress to experience a new level of night time comfort.


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