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From losing your gnashers to tumbling through the sky, ever wondered what your dreams are trying to tell you? Well, confusingly, it seems everybody has a different opinion on what dreams mean (or if they mean anything at all). According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are wishes we’ve formed when awake, with our innermost thoughts and desires appearing when our heads hit the pillow. Others reckon dreaming is just a way of processing whatever’s happened that day – almost a way of sorting out and tidying things up a bit.

Other theories say dreaming means much more than that – that whatever comes to us in a dream is a result of our unconscious mind telling us what to do, whether we like it or not. Find yourself suddenly experiencing particularly lucid, or repetitive dreams? Here, we’ve done some digging on what the most common dreams are most likely to mean, if you’re into that kind of thing…

being naked in public

Okay, so this one depends on the location. Are you naked in school, or the workplace? That apparently indicates a lack of preparation on a particular subject – whether it’s that big talk you’re due to give, or the thing you promised your boss you’d finish (and erm, didn’t). Some say it’s an indication you’re not being honest, or authentic. And others say we’re more likely to dream we’re naked when we’re feeling vulnerable about something (much like when we are actually naked). Or maybe your bedroom radiator is just on too high…


Falling – especially when you continue to fall for a long period of time – often indicates the dreamer is feeling unsupported and insecure. Is life going in the direction you planned? Dream interpreters would argue ‘probably not’ if this is a recurring dream for you. It’s not just all about the falling itself either – ask yourself whether you land in one piece. Apparently, landing on your back or your hands is a sign you need more support from people around you – maybe colleagues, family or your partner aren’t pulling their weight or helping as much as they should. And if the falling never stops, it could be a sign you’re feeling totally helpless and out of control – eek.

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losing your teeth

Losing your gnashers in a dream can mean several things. It could be as simple as not feeling particularly physically attractive at the moment, since teeth are such important parts of our perceived attractiveness. Or maybe it goes deeper – could you be having trouble communicating? Since teeth are so crucial when it comes to talking and sharing how we’re feeling, it’s often a key sign we’re struggling to express ourselves in important, or emotional scenarios. Often dreams about losing our teeth happen when we’re about to undergo big life changes too – like moving house, or getting a new job – which indicates we’re out of our comfort zone.

being chased

Are you avoiding somebody? If you’re dreaming about being chased, there’s a good chance the answer is yes. Perhaps you’re worried you’re going to be ‘found out’ (are you feeling out of your depth at work?) or maybe you’ve been trying to brush over a vague feeling of unhappiness or unease in a relationship. Dreams about being chased often suggest a situation of some kind that the dreamer is unhappy with, so it’s worth working out what it is and how you can tackle it. Unless you enjoy waking up in a cold sweat screaming, that is…


Dreaming of anything from vast oceans to waterfalls lately? Listen up. The meaning of water depends largely on the context (or so say the experts) but one of the key points is the unpredictable nature of water. For example, if you’re dreaming a huge wave has crashed down on you, or you’re marooned in a vast river, that’s likely to symbolise anxiety, fear and dread about what might happen in the future. Water can also be a symbol of growth, fertility and creativity so it’s not necessarily always a bad thing. Conversely, a lack of water could suggest you’re feeling weak, depleted, tired or deprived in some way, so if you can, try and think about the specific scenario that’s taking over in order to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

you’re pregnant

This can be a strange dream for women to have, and even men too. While it can be confusing for women who aren’t pregnant (or those trying to get pregnant) experts reckon it doesn’t actually have anything to do with children at all. Instead, it’s all about creativity and nurturing something in your private or professional life. Maybe it’s a new hobby you’ve thrown yourself into, or you’ve bought a new flat and you’re about to dedicate loads of energy and focus into renovating it. Whatever it is, it’s something that will grow steadily and bring great happiness, so try to control those palpitations if you’re suddenly dreaming of bulging bellies and weird cravings…

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Dreaming of death doesn’t mean you’re about to keel over. Many dream experts reckon death symbolises the end of something – whether it’s a relationship, a job or a toxic situation that’s been weighing you down. As horrible as a death dream can feel, comfort yourself with the knowledge that it symbolises new pastures and fresh starts. If you’re dreaming about somebody specific who has already passed away, then that could suggest frustration at words left unsaid, or just that you’re in particular need of support or wisdom during a challenging time and need to speak up.

needing the toilet

This is an interesting one – and it doesn’t mean you need to start drinking less Ribena before bedtime. It’s actually all about self-expression and the fact your needs aren’t being met. For example, dreaming that you’re out in public and can’t find a toilet means you could be struggling to verbalise your feelings, or emotions in certain situations. Or perhaps you can verbalise them, but nobody is listening. Some experts say toilet dreams are a sign of needing to let go of something – perhaps it’s anxieties, worries or beliefs about something that you should have ditched a long time ago. There’s no time like the present….

Happy snoozing, folks.

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