why our microfibre shaper pillow helps you sleep

helping you find your next pillow partner in... erm...sleep

5 reasons why our microfibre shaper pillow will help you rest better

Finding the right pillow is the key to having great sleep every night. And we’re firm believers that once you’ve found your perfect sleep companion, your mornings will feel a whole lot brighter, too. If you’ve come to a bit of a head scratch about which pillow is the right one for you, let us introduce you to our microfibre shaper pillow. We can think of 100s of reasons you’ll love it. But we’ve narrowed it down to 5…

  1. it’s cooling - we’ve all had one of those stuffy nights of sleep. You know, the type when it’s hot in bed and everything feels a bit, well, clammy. So what if we told you that the filling of the microfibre shaper pillow is actively cooling? Yup, as you kip, its hollowfibre and Aerelle® cool night filling draws heat away from your head. So you wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy, morning after a morning.
  2. it has 2 fillings - squishy pillows might feel great, but have you ever thought about whether they’re giving your head and neck the top notch support they need? When it came to designing the microfibre shaper pillow, our clever product boffins used a firmer filling in the middle and a softer one around the edges. A bit like a pillow in a pillow, really. They found this winning combo gives you a perfect mix of comfort and support. Nice.
  3. it’s super easy to clean - as with all of our sleep goodies, we like to make your life as easy as possible. So to keep the microfibre shaper pillow squeaky clean, all you need to do is bung it in the wash at 40 degrees, leave it to dry and hey presto. The filling is perfectly plump-uppable, so give it a shake, whack on a pillowcase and you’re good to go for another top night’s sleep.
  4. it has a wedge shape - we’d like to say we took our inspiration from a delicious wedge of cheese, but the idea behind the shape of the pillow is actually a bit more sciency than that. One end of the pillow has a boxier edge end that’s shown to be great for supporting weary heads. But that’s not all. The shape of the pillow means it’s great for front, back, side or a-bit-of-everything sleepers. It’s a true all-rounder, really.
  5. it’s hassle-free - the glorious thing about our pillows is that each comes with a 30 night trial. So if you’re not jumping out of bed with joy each morning (though we’re sure you’ll be smitten), you can return the pillow for free. No questions asked, no funny business. Pretty handy, right?