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The lovely folks at Three Spirit spoke to us about how their delicious non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for winding down before bed.
the *power of plants:* drink your way to better sleep

We all know it, although we might not want to admit it: booze isn’t great for sleep. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice glass of something special before heading to bed. 

At eve, we’re always looking for ways to help you get great sleep, but without missing out on the fun stuff when you’re awake. That’s why we partnered with Three Spirit. Co-founded by Meeta Gournay, Tatiana Mercer and Dash Lilley, Three Spirit is a company that creates delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are actually good for getting in those zZzs. All the taste, none of the compromise. We had a chat with Three Spirit to ask how it works.


There have always been two options for social occasions, ‘drinking’ and ‘not drinking’

We wanted to create a third option for people who still enjoy the social aspects and rituals that come with alcohol. We came up with Three Spirit, our non-alcoholic drinks company. We make functional drinks containing adaptogenic plants (which help your body deal with stress, anxiety and tiredness), so the idea is that you get all of the pleasure but none of the hangover. 

Rather than focus on what is missing from our drinks, we like to focus on what goes in. Botanical alchemy is our game. We have seen a huge boom in the functional wellness industry, with smoothies, supplements and energy drinks. Alcohol and socialising is a space that deserves this kind of innovation too.

People don’t just drink alcohol when socialising - some use it to fall asleep too

But alcohol isn’t good for sleep at all. It disrupts your sleep cycle, making you feel groggy and unrested in the morning. That’s why we created Nightcap.

Nightcap is a luxurious blend of botanicals with decadent flavours of oak, bright spice and citrus herbs. Entirely plant-based, its dreamy ingredients, such as lemon balm, valerian, hops and ashwagandha, are the perfect aid to gently unwind. It’s best served over ice and slowly sipped like a traditional dark spirit, but we love making a non-alcoholic Old Fashioned with it too.

Nightcap has been scientifically proven to help you get some shut eye

Our first peer reviewed scientific paper was published recently on the effects of myrcene, the active compound found in hops thought to help with relaxation and sleep. Hops have been used as a natural sleep aid in traditional medicines for thousands of years, from the Druids to the Romans. 

The strain of hops we use has high levels of myrcene. We've worked really hard to find the best possible strains of each ingredient, as well as the land where the ingredients are grown, to bring the best results when it comes to both flavour and function.

95% of people we surveyed said Nightcap helps them relax

And 82% said it helps them to wind down after a hard day. When it comes to sleep, the majority of them said that drinking the Nightcap helps them fall asleep more easily. 

Nearly three quarters said they enjoy both the feeling and the flavour of the Nightcap, which is most important to us. We are, after all, aiming to create a tasty drink to be enjoyed!