your guide to choosing bed sheets

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your guide to choosing bed sheets

Everyone’s different when it comes to sleep. Some like to feel warm and snuggly. And others like to keep things cool. Which makes buying sheets a bit of a head scratch. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the best sheets that’ll keep you feeling fresh (and sleeping soundly) whatever your sleeping style. Let’s get tucked in.

consider natural materials

Unlike synthetic fibres, natural fibres tend to be the most breathable as they are looser, which means that they let air in and moisture out. Linen is a prime example. This clever fabric might make you think of warmer climes, but it’s actually a great all-rounder all year long. So much so that we combined it with bamboo to make a glorious linen bamboo duvet set that’ll make your heart soar with every dive into it.

think about the thread count

Thought a high thread count = the best sleep? Think again. Sheets with a high thread count can reduce the flow of air while you kip. Which means you could wake up hot and bothered.

Instead, choosing bedding with looser fibres like linen or washed cotton can keep you comfy and cool all night long.

make sure they’re kind to skin

There’s nothing worse than waking up feeling all scratchy and hot. So choosing bed linen that’s kind to skin and good for allergies will help you sleep soundly right through to the morning. Luckily, all of our bed sheets are made with sensitive skin in mind. And all can be washed regularly to help keep your sleep squeaky clean. Nice.

go for ones that last

All of our bed linen is made with strong, durable fabrics that are made to last. Yup, you won’t find any synthetic fibres here. So all you need to do is choose the type that tickles your pickle. Is it the irresistibly soft linen bamboo or the gorgeously cosy washed cotton? We’ll leave that one with you.