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eve mattress topper reviews

  • 4.5/5 (647 Reviews)


I decided to try the EVE mattress topper to improve my very uncomfortable mattress WOW!! It’s brilliant So warm & comfortable I would highly recommend one

Eve topper

At first thought it was a bit hard but after a week it softened now struggle to get out of bed in the morning, its so comfy and no aches and pains

UK king mattress topper

Amazing topper, both me and my partner sleep better as a result of the topper now

Should have bought the Eve mattress!

Having spent a LOT of money on a ‘traditional’ mattress, we ended up buying an Eve topper to make bedtime more comfortable.

Topper king size

Very comfortable topper, excellent delivery service

Mattress topper

This has made all the difference to my mattress and my night's sleep, so much better. Wish I had bought one sooner! Thank you.

Fantastic topper

This is a great product. We already had a very good mattress, but it wasn’t memory foam, like our previous mattress. I suffer from a very bad back, so was missing the support memory foam gives you. This topper has transformed my sleep. Such good value. I’d highly recommend. Only ... issue is the super king topper doesn’t have the elastic straps to keep it in place, although it does have a non slip back. Buy it - you won’t regret it!

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I am so pleased with my Eve Topper, it is so comfortable, now I can get a really good night sleep, thank you Eve

Almost like a new bed

Overall fitting the topper to our mattress has been a success. It’s slightly softer than I’d imagined but seems to support myself and my partner really well. I feel like I’m making less of a disturbance when I roll over in my sleep and coupled with the eve pillows we bought, ... I think we’re both feeling the benefit. Recommended.

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Made our bed like a marshmallow

Love the topper. Our bed was so hard and now it’s just right! No chemical smell like we saw in reviews of other toppers

Much more comfy now.

I suffer from painful hips at night. The topper has really helped with this. I would have given it five stars if the review form hadnt been sent to me with five stars already ticked. I am capable of making my own mind up on this, you know!


The topper added a real feel of luxury to our mattress.


So comfy, arrived ridiculously quickly. Brilliant service.

The princess and the pea

A wonderful nights sleep no lumps , bumps,hot spots . Smooth and beautiful to lie on

Double mattress topper

The mattress topper arrived nice and swiftly. It did take a while to air it out as it had a new chemically kind of smell. It fitted my bed extremely well, although the corner fixing straps were a little confusing to use, I’m not sure if there were instructions or I threw them away ... by accident! The topper itself was very comfortable, less memory foam-ey than I thought it might have been. The honeycomb pattern on the top I also liked.

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Our bed is over 10 years old. I suffer with back pain. I couldn't get comfortable and woke up with an aching back. Having read the reviews we thought we'd try the Eve topper. It actually lives up to the hype. My bed is super comfy, no waking up with aching limbs. It is like ... having a new bed. The super king topper has no fixings to hold it in place but I guarantee this topper doesn't move. No funky smells either as you sometimes get with memory type materials. Highly recommend it.

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Review of the super king mattress topper

Fast delivery 🚚, topper looks good and is very comfortable. My partner is happy because it feels firmer, and I’m happy 😃 because it’s not too firm, if that makes sense lol. I like the way the topper feels cooler as I’m hot flushing for England at the moment so I’m more ... comfortable at night now. All in all I’m really glad I picked the Eve mattress topper, I have been recommending it to everyone, thanks Eve!

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Love my eve topper

I am sleeping like a log on my eve show-stopper topper

Brilliant - transformed our SuperKing mattress

Best investment without a doubt

Double topper

A great product and great customer service. Very easy to exchange during the 30 day trail . We upgraded to a larger size and we’ve had the best sleep ever.