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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4391 Reviews)

EVE Matress King Size

Everything arrived on the day it was supposed to, the product is fantastic and I've definitely been sleeping better as a result! Fab!

The mattress arrived promptly and

The mattress arrived promptly and in a surprisingly small box given that it was a double mattress. It took a couple of days to get used to the new mattress as it is firmer than our last one, but we now find it very comfortable and are really pleased with our purchase.

Best mattress ever

The mattress is so so comfy and haven’t had a bad nights sleep on it! Worth every penny

bloody comfy

The envy of friends and family

You don’t need 100 nights

I was sceptical of the eve mattress and the reviews it was receiving . However, the promise of 100 nights and if not satisfied convinced me to purchase. I can tell you now, you don’t need the 100 nights to realise this mattress is the best you can get. I’ve had the best sleep ... ever, it’s firm but soft at the same time. I fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested. I have been recommending the eve to all my family and friends (perhaps I should invest in some shares ;) ) You have nothing to lose by giving it a go!

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Firm but squishy

Truly, the fulfilment of a life's dream.

Bed, Mattress, Pillow

In need of a new bed we recently bought an eve mattress, bed and pillows. Both the product and service was first class and I’m sleeping better than ever before

Best Sleep 🛏 😴 💤 ever!

Great product, well engineered, I wouldn’t consider too change it in my life! Also a great and prompt client service. Totally recommend to anyone to the products. I personally had the king size mattress, pillows, dovet and cover set. Best bedding products that I have from a long ... time.

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Wet mattress ever!!!

I’ve had back problems for over ten years, been to specialists, taken countless remedies. Who k ew it was as easy as eve!!!! Perfection

Amazing customer service and the best mattress we have ever had.

Eve have amazing customer service where nothing is too much trouble and feel they will bend over backwards to help you. As for the bed....well since having the mattress my hubby has had the best night sleep for months! It is so comfortable and even my back doesn’t hurt as much ... in the mornings - makes the day so much brighter. Thank you Eve for best night sleep!

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Faye senior

Fantastic mattress so glad we went for this one - can really recommend!

Best mattress

This is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on it has cured all of my sleep problems


Brilliant product, extremely comfortable. Great service, quick delivery.

Like sleeping on a supportive cloud!

After sleeping on a sagging spring mattress and waking up with back pain every day for months, I managed to convince my husband we should go for a foam mattress. We were a little unsure on the price, however we were reassured knowing we had 100 nights to try it. It has been brilliant! ... It is so comfy and I no longer wake up aching like I did with the old spring mattress. It's been about a month that we've had our Eve now and I can confidently say we will definitely be keeping it beyond the 100 nights!

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Finally, a good night's sleep!

Order to delivery was an easy, smooth process. We have been sleeping on our new Eve mattress for a month and it's been a revelation. Sleep has never been so much fun. I have an arthritic hip and sleeping on my previous mattress was agony. I now sleep painfree and wake rested. ... After a week, my husband started to complain about his pillows not working well with the Eve mattress, so we ordered Eve pillows as well. The two go together perfectly. Now every night is comfortable and relaxed. Thank you, Eve!

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BACK to normal!

Having suffered with spinal issues for most of my adult thanks to an injury during my service in the military, I have struggled to get a good nights sleep. Size getting my Eve mattress I have not only slept better but my day to day pain has reduced also. Very happy and thank you ... Eve!

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I sleep a lot better now!

I bought an eve mattress as I’d had my old one for over 10 years, and it felt pretty lumpy and worn. We ordered the bundle, and loved thr whole process of watching the mattress expand on arrival. It’s definitely the best mattress (and pillows) I’ve ever had - it’s firm and ... supportive, and I feel like I’ve slept better since we got it.

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Eve mattresses

Have had the mattresse for five weeks and must admit that this is the first time in thirty years that I am actually getting sleep. My problem is a crushed lower back and right leg which to date the NHS are unable to fix .I am very happy and grateful to have finally found a brilliant ... mattress.will recommend your product to all. Thank you for a good nights sleep.Bob

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Shapes to your body

We love our eve mattress - a month in, it’s somehow firm, not hard and soft at the same time. It shapes to your body for a really comfy night.


Close to a big mattress brand in comfort but way way less in price! For the price you pay u really do get value for your money! Especially as eve do a lot of offers and promotions too! My sore neck in the mornings has disappeared now, tho I must say the pillows are a good match