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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4391 Reviews)

Sleeping Better

Great mattress delivered on time

Comfyest mattre

Bought an Eve mattress originally which was really hard and had a chemical coating that smelled and did not dissipate so replaced it with a Simba and couln,t be happier, best nights sleep ever even with my back problems.

Customer Service

I had a few issues with my back on my new mattress and decided to reclaim my full refund. I was contacted by a charming lady who assured me that Eve would honour the refund policy, but she asked if she could just speak to me for a minute. She explained that this can happen from time ... to time and suggested trying for a few more days till my body got used to the mattress and if I still wasn’t happy I would get my full refund. I decided to give it a go and she was right enough! I’m now very happy with my mattress!

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It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

I bought the eve for my new apartment because of all the great reviews it has, and it truly did not disappoint! I go to bed and instantly fall asleep every night! I even bought the pillows to match and I can’t wait to go to bed every day! It’s not too soft or too hard, it’s ... just perfect. I loved it so much that I bought two more mattresses, one for my tenant and one for my spare room for when I have guests! I definitely would recommend this mattress to anyone!

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Simply Superb!

Essential for a good night sleep!

Best mattress EVER!

For about a year my husband has been going on about how much he wanted an eve mattress but we couldn’t quite afford it. When he told me that you offered a finance option we took the opportunity and purchased one and let me tell you it has changed our lives! My husband has MS and ... doesn’t sleep well in general but since we’ve had the eve mattress he has had the best nights sleep in years walking up with no aches/pains and with more energy.I didn’t realise how much difference a mattress could make to us both in fact. I only ever get 4-5 hours sleep every night but it feels like I have had more like 8 hours as I can get up when my alarm goes off,no more hitting the snooze button and wishing I could sleep some more. Thank you eve for creating an absolutely marvellous product. The whole experience from ordering online, contacting customer service when we had a query and delivery was quick, easy & professional, 5 star service! Having praised the benefits of our mattress to my brother who has chronic back pain we recommend it. He actually cried the first morning he woke up from his eve mattress experience because for the first time in 10 years he wasn’t in any pain and it was such a relief for him. He still goes on about it now.

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Sleeping On It

One of the reasons we decided to order an Eve mattress was their 100 night trial offer. We weren't convinced that you could actually buy a mattress over the internet withoit trying it out. We half expected that we would be sending it back because it hadn't lived up to our ... exacting standards. So we bought one to try out. It was easy to handle and set out on the bed frame and our first nights sleep was really good. So we asked ourselves if we might keep it, or return it? Anyway, we normally make a right decision once we have slept on it. So we did. We slept on it for a month and decided it was the best mattress we had ever had. Well done, Eve. Great product, great service and a great sleep.

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Comfortable and soothing, albeit expensive.

I'd put off buying one of these for a while, mainly because of the price. But it was everything I'd hoped for. Truly, it moulds itself to my body when I sleep and I have no problem getting comfortable at night. I can still gripe about the cost, but I can't fault the ... quality. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether or not it's worth it, but, luckily, they give you 100 days to decide (you can send it back before then and get a full refund). I already have - I'm keeping it. As a minor gripe, I could note that they sent me the wrong sheet. But they sent me a return label and the proper sheet as soon as they were informed, so I can't fault their customer service either..

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Dr Eve

My Eve mattress and pillows have played a big role in improving my life. As a lifelong sufferer if skin problems the cooling and gentle support of Eve has not only improved my sleep enormously but it’s really helped in managing my skin issues. It should be an essential part of anyone’s ... treatment. Buy Dr Eve now!

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Sleeping so well now

This mattress is fabulous. I've slept brilliantly ever since we have had it (I use the app Sleep Cycle and my sleep quality score is up about 10%). It's reasonably firm which means you can sit on the side of it without falling off too. We love it.

Great mattress, terrible delivery service

Very comfortable mattress, however the delivery service was a let down. We spent a lot of money to get our mattress delivered next day within a time bracket and was confirmed it would arrive at a certain time. This did not happen, I could see on the tracker where the courier was and ... every time we were next to be delivered to the courier would take additional jobs knocking back our delivery. This was incredibly frustrating as the mattress ended up being delivered 3 hours after the time bracket stated.

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Hi Rebecca, We're really sorry to hear that you had this problem with your delivery. This is not the level of service that we expect from our courier and certainly not the level of service that we wish to provide to our customers. We have arranged for the extra delivery fee to be refunded to you promptly and we hope that this helps to make up for the inconvenience. We hope that despite this issue, you are enjoying your new mattress. Kind regards, The eve Team

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Fantastic Buy

There is nothing worse than buying a mattress and pillows only to have to replace them within a couple of years. The Eve products are sturdy and comfortable and I am looking forward to a long relationship with them. I feel the initial outlay is worth it. It takes a couple of weeks ... for the mattress to fully fill out but what a comfortable sleep that only gets better. the pillows are the right consistency for me and just add to a good nights sleep. Delivery was good and on time.

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Sleeping like a baby

I love my eve mattress. It was an indulgent purchase for my new flat which I'm delighted i made. Previous mattresses gave me back pain or left me sinking into bed. This mattress gives me complete support, it makes going to bed a joy and my back pain has completely subsided. I ... love it and would definitely recommend it to friends and family

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Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on

I suffer with extreme arthritus and have not been able to sleep for a couple of ylears now. Every time I tried to lay on my side, the pain was excrutiating. The Eve mattress is perfect because although it is firm, it allows my shoulders to mould into the mattress, relieving the pain ... substantially.

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Eve mattress Euro King

The mattress has been an unbelievable purchase, especially having not tried it before buying. We struggle to get up in the morning purely because our bed is so comfortable. Would recommend eve to anyone who is looking to change their mattress.


Was dubious about purchasing at first. After 1 night on the new mattress my worries were gone. Made such a difference to my sleep. Recommend to everyone!

Why did I wait so long to buy!

I knew I needed a new mattress for a while so read up on lots of reviews and best buys etc. Eve always seemed to come up in these but I was sceptical about ordering one from an online retailer. I know they give a trial period but there is the hassle if you don't get on with it. ... I decided though to take the plunge and I couldn't be happier. The bed fully supports you in every sleep position (and I move and fidget a lot) and my back pain has really eased up. I find getting to sleep much easier and also waking up, although as it is so comfy I still want to just stay in bed haha. I would recommend this mattress to anyone, so if you are pondering just go for it. You won't regret it!!

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Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress

A good night sleep..............

Our adult children have complained for some time about the mattress in the spare room. We though it was fine (although we never sleep in that bed!). But we have given in and a few weeks ago our new EVE mattress was delivered. And the result is huge amounts of praise from our daughter ... and our son and their partners. Lovely smiling faces in the morning. So we thought........we had better try this; and last night we did and they are right. A really good comfortable night's sleep. Maybe we should just move the new mattress into our roon. Or maybe this solves the dilemma of what to give each other for Christmas. We will see.

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Delivery was very fast and the matress is very comfortable!