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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4389 Reviews)

Eve original mattress

Bought for my elderly parents . So pleased!! they never want to get up in the morning so comfortable.

So Comfortable we bought three

Never regretted getting my Eve mattress extremely comfortable and has given many great nights sleep. We liked it so much that we bought our teenage children one each as well. Well worth the money

Persistence pays off!

We were definitely in need of a new mattress as our trusty one was due to be pensioned off but there are so many out there it was hard to choose. The 100 day guarantee plus a recommendation from a friend made eve the top choice. Delivery was on time and just as requested but I was ... surprised by the weight in such a seemingly small package! Once packaging was removed and laid on bed it was quite fun to see it ‘grow’. The initial smell was quite intense but this disappeared within a few days. We have now been sleeping with eve for 3 weeks and I’m so glad that the guarantee was in place as at first it seemed far too hard and unyielding and I may have considered returning but over time has become such a comfy friend. No more roll- together, bed is not too hot or too cold and we are both enjoying a good night’s sleep. Thank you Eve!

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Don’t go near it with scissors!

The plastic is not easily opened and so really need some sort of sharp implement to open the mattress package Perhaps it can be changed?

Definitely sleeping better

I haven’t slept well for such a long time that I’m almost too frightened to say that I’m sleeping better since trying the mattress. I have only given four stars for the time-being because it’s still early days. I really hope that I continue to sleep well so that I can come ... back and give it five stars.

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So far so good!!

The mattress and pillows are both very comfortable. Delivery was a bit of a pain but overall I'm happy with things a third of the way through my 100day trial

Great nights sleep

The mattress is very comfortable, wish I had bought one sooner and for the price is very good value

Eve Single Mattress, Pillow, Duvet

All good. Happy with purchase

Best sleep ever !

Absolutely love the eve mattress ! delivery was no problem and could get it upstairs without any trouble. It is firm but so comfortable. The odour when you unwrap it is not that bad and it goes within a few days. Money well spent and my partner and absolutely I love it

Wish I'd bought it sooner!

I purchased the king size Eve mattress as I'd had my old double mattress for years and what a difference it's made! I went and bought a bundle so I had the Eve pillows as well and now I just know I'm going to get a good night's sleep every night. Spreading the ... cost with 0% finance was a breeze and I just can't recommend Eve highly enough!

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2 weeks into my eve mattress & wondering why I waited so long! It’s not good for my job, I’m finding it hard to get up in the morning! Love it!

Give it a chance

I was really excited about getting this mattress. I’d done the research, reading which reviews, looking at other mattress and offers to make sure I was getting the best. I don’t like firm but my husband does so I need something that works best for us both. The first night my ... husband loved it but I wasn’t sure and still woke up with a sore back. I’d gotten a free Eve pillow with my purchase so decided to try the pillow the second night. I really made the difference! I absolutely love my eve mattress now and feel so much better for it too. I got the emperor size as I have young boys who love to come in for a cuddle and take up all the room and I wanted to have some space! Would definitely recommend and suggest anyone who makes the switch to give it a few nights to get usd to it.

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Great mattress

We went on holiday and loved the mattress where we stayed, we checked and it was an Eva one. We ordered one when we were still away. We love it !

Comfort at Last

After years of short cat naps due to a back injury and a soft mattress I'm now sleeping for at least 6 hours every night I actually enjoy lazing in bed again a marvellous buy

Eve Matress

The mattress is amazing & great delivery!

Absolutely awesome

I absolutely love my Eve matters. I usually have trouble sleeping, but this has really changed now. Sooo comfortable and not too warm. Only happy dreams now. :)

The only mattress you will ever need

We have slept like babies since the first night we laid on our Eve mattress and pillows. I wish we had changed sooner! No more back and neck pain and a full nights sleep. Perfect!

No more fidgeting

I bought the mattress because the wife suffers from back ache, WOW what a difference it has made to her, she no longer wakes up with back ache and sleeps soundly. So much so that the morning after using the mattress I led there for 5 mins and she hadn't moved once, she used to ... fidget all night long, I was starting to panic and was about to check for a pulse, thankfully she then spoke to me. I can't stress enough the difference it has made to her. I would totally recommend this mattress to anyone needing a peaceful sleep.

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Very comfortable mattress, needs closeup slays or even on the floor. Can’t wait for bed time!

Comfortable and cosy

Lovely comfortable, sleeping through the night which is crazy, and wake up super fresh and rested every morning. Love the original mattress and modular bed frame!