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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4391 Reviews)


Very comfortable mattress, needs closeup slays or even on the floor. Can’t wait for bed time!

Comfortable and cosy

Lovely comfortable, sleeping through the night which is crazy, and wake up super fresh and rested every morning. Love the original mattress and modular bed frame!

Great mattress! Great for pregnant ladies!

We replaced our mattesss and we are very happy we have chosen Eve. We wanted a firm mattress and that’s what Eve offers. Being 8 months pregnant it gives good support and doesn’t cause me any pain- another plus my husband can’t feel me move when I’m tossing and turning in ... the night!

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Simply Brilliant!

I cannot fault the mattress. The biggest sense of security I felt was knowing there was a 100 day no frills returns policy if I didn't enjoy the mattress. However since we've recieved it, we absolutely love it. Well worth the money

Brilliant service

Very happy with the service I received. They are so quick to respond and very cooperative and understanding. I've dealt with two other companies that are in the same range but they can't compare with eve

Just what a mattress should be

Well designed, engineered for comfort and nicely packed we are replacing all our mattresses withe eve mattresses - this was number 4

Wonderful night's sleep

It took a little while to get used to the new mattress, and for the 'new' smell to fade, but it is extremely comfortable and I am delighted with it.

What a dream this mattress is.

It's the best, so comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone.

Brilliant mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Had a very expensive mattress from dreams for only four years before it became very uncomfortable so decided to try eve mattress. Have now got two of them . Slowly replacing all the mattresses in our house.wouldnt buy any ... other mattress now thanks very much eve😁

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small double mattress

This mattress has been the best item this year i have bought, it has helped my son with his back problem. His physio is down to twice a month now so we are very very happy

Eve - The Best Sleep Ever!!!

You don’t realize how bad your old mattress is until you buy Eve Mattress!!! Thank you Eve!!!!


Much harder than I would normally choose but so comfy and I would never choose another mattress now!

Great Service

Love the mattress - only regret is that I didn’t buy earlier

Eve mattress for small double bed

Super nice! Can’t sleep on any other mattress now

My back is healed! Was it magic? No, it was Eve!!!

I've gotta tell ta folks, I've had chronic lower back pain for the last 12 months picked up from an injury. I've gone through osteos, physios, acupuncturists etc etc, even three other mattress iterations (donated by friends), and then I saw the ad for Eve and I thought, ... WHY NOT? Great price, great promise, "add to basket"... She arrived promptly a few days later, cleverly vacuum packed in her bright yellow and white box, and the love affair began... I mean they give you 100 days to try it out, but when you know, you know ;)! when you find a mattress that's not only sooooo comfortable, but also you wake up and BOOM that pain you've had for the last 12 months is basically gone! I mean!!!! I've had proper nights sleep for the first time in MONTHS! .... Now that's something worth celebrating, and I don't even drink! THANK YOU EVE!!

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Make the move to Eve KIng size

After years of sleeping on a standard double bed with a 'first generation' memory foam mattress, my wife and I decided to make the move to a King Size. After looking at the reviews we chose an Eve mattress as it seemed to offer the best overall combination of firmness and ... price. It suggested that it was good for couples as movement of one person did not disrupt the sleep of the other. I have to say we made the right decision. The bed is very comfortable and much improved over our previous foam mattress. We have rarely slept so well. The Eve service was excellent. My only warning is that the box it comes in is heavy so get help to lift it.

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slow burn

We had a memory topper on our £2000 bed from Bensons which had sagged and over softened in less than 5 years. We wanted to stay away from a new memory mattress because of over heating at night. Having decided to give Eve a go, we were pleasantly surprised. Its surprisingly firm, ... and doesnt overheat at night. 3 weeks on and I think we are settled with it, and pleased

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Sensational sleep

I can’t imagine life without my Eve. Thank you for joining me in the best relationship of my life.

Small but perfectly formed

Great size for our teenage son's newly refurbished grown-up bedroom. He finds it very comfortable and sleeps soundly.

Best night sleep ever

I’ve baught two eve mattresses so far and so far and I’m absolutely amazed. I used to have problems with waking up throughout the night as well as overheating, but since acquiring the mattresses this never happens anymore. Also, I believe the longer you sleep on the mattress ... the more it adjusts to your body. I loved it from day one, but it just feels better the more you sleep on it. Furthermore, I currently have one of the mattresses in the guest room on an IKEA bed and I’m sleeping on an original eve bed frame in my room, which makes my sleeping experience even better: For some reason the mattress feels bigger and even more comfortable. If I could I’d definitely replace the spare bedroom with another original eve bed frame.

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