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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4391 Reviews)

Best purchase I’ve made in years!

Me and my husband have always had cheap mattresses but I am pregnant again and after my trouble sleeping last time my husband suggested we buy an Eve mattress. I was a bit sceptical because of how much they cost but I would never go back now, it is so comfy and supportive! I find ... I don’t get a bad back and my hips don’t hurt, I’m not using my pregnancy pillow because I just don’t need too! I can’t wait to sleep in my bed when I’m not preganant if it’s already this good! Thanks Eve!

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It Works

I have a slipped disc and osteo arthritis. I could rarely sleep for more than 5 hours and would wake with severe back and neck pain. I had been thinking about a memory foam mattress for some time, but was worried about spending hundreds of pounds on something that I would not be ... able to get on with. The 100 night trial is fine, but you would still be without a mattress at the end of it unless you kept the old mattress in your garage. I needn't have worried. The first night on my new mattress it was really quite difficult to get to sleep. It was surprisingly firm, and yet there was no pressure on my body while lying on it, but it was different enough to make relaxing a problem. However, when I finally did sleep i awoke feeling like I had had the best nights sleep in years with hardly any pain after around 4 hours! Since then I have had no issues with my neck and my back pain has been minimal. I now sleep for around 7 hours and within minutes of getting out of bed i am wide awake and refreshed. Just buy one!

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Excellent Choice

Best nights sleep I have ever had . So thrilled with my Eve Matress. Don't bother going anywhere else!

Gorgeous bed & mattress

Bought the Eve bed and mattress for our teenage sons room. The bed is excellent quality and looks really stylish.

No mot back pain

Before eve I suffered from a lower back pain evety morning..That was gone from the first night. Evevis a harf mattress that takes a couple of weeks to get used to.. It also has a strong smell at first. It took almost a month to get rid of.

Mattress review

Mattress is fine but noticed a dip on once side compared to the other. I’ve contacted the support team who are being very helpful.

Sweet dreams

I bought my Eve mattress when I moved house - fresh start/new mattress was my thinking. Wow! I sleep so well now and am really happy to have made the decision. It provides just the right amount of cosy support.

Eve matress

Bought for our little boys ‘big boy bed.’ He loved unwrapping it and watching it grow into a big boy mattress . It made the transfer from his cot exciting, magical and easy. Bed time is the best now as we all look forward to getting in bed for a story and he sleeps all night on ... his comfy mattress. Highly recommended.

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A must have for my new start

My wife and I seperated recently, all very amicable. We had shared a super king size Eve mattress for a couple of years - even this wasn’t enough to reconcile our differences. My first priority after securing a new home for me, was to order a new Eve mattress which promptly arrived ... along with a pair of Eve pillows. Despite all the emotional trauma of settling into singledom after decades of being in a relationship - A sound nights sleep on my Eve mattress has certainly made the experience more comfortable. Would defiantly recommend for couples and singles alike!! 👍

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First time purchase of a newer style mattress

It was with curiosity and some scepticism that we ordered an eve mattress thinking lets give it a chance or we can have our money back. Its a little different to sleep on and took a few days before we decided we most definitely loved the mattress and are now in a position that we ... won’t be sending it back!

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Too Comfortable

Makes getting out of bed that much more difficult. Such a comfortable mattress!

Finally - no talking in my sleep!

This is what my daughter said after sleeping on the new mattress.! She loves her new mattress and when her gran came to stay for a night - they shared the same bed - She too was impressed! It takes a lot to impress her. Thank you xxx

Would definitely recommend

To give something 5 out of 5 means it would have to be perfect in every way. That said the Eve mattress is as close as you can get. It's got great support, but not so firm that it's unforgiving. I find it comfortable to sleep on in every position I can think of. Delivery ... is pretty effortless. You order, a few days later it arrives in a neat package and 6 hours later you can be sleeping on it. The waiting time was something I hadn't known aboutor thought about until it arrived. It needs time to expand since its incredibly well vacuumed packed on delivery. Which would be useful to know, especially for you delivery times. No ppint it getting delivered at 6pm and you can't sleep on it til midnight! That aside there are few flaws with the mattress itself. I tested this and 4 other brands. The Eve wins on, comfort (in all positions), looks and deals (we got 2 free Eve pillows witb our purchase). All in all I can't think of any reason not to recommend this mattress. It's affordable, comfortable and durable (so far).

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Super comfy

Really great mattress, every bit as good as the advertising suggests.

Best decision ever

Recently moved, bigger house, bigger family, bigger bed. On the occasions we've had to co sleep with our five month old, three in the bed had been no problem with zero movement felt by others, both the mattress and pillows have given us a great nights sleep, so important with ... little ones

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Eve uk king

Best nights sleep ever

Great mattresse

Really comfortable. No more pain in the morning

Great bed - not sure in the pillows

I love my new bed but we got two new pillows free as well. My husband loves his but mine is way too thick and I just can’t get used to it which is a shame.

UK Double Mattress

The mattress was delivered quickly and was relatively easy to unpack. It has proved to be extremely comfortable and it contours itself to your body shape giving firm support.

Original Mattress and Pillows

So, our original mattress is great! Both my partner and i love it. It took a few days for the gassing to dissipate, but after that its been fab. We also got the pillows with it and i think it's fair to say we're still getting use to them. They keep our heads higher up then ... we're use to, so giving our bodies a chance to get use to them. They are comfortable, but maybe just a little bit too firm for our liking. Whilst i understand the reasoning for the support, i feel this could of been achieved, but with added comfort. Maybe having one side of the pillow softer than the other or a new softer version would be a option. Overall we're both extremely happy with our mattress and can't wait to get back into bed every night! :)

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