unleashing the power of sleep wellness

You know that sunny optimism you wake up with after a cracking night’s sleep? That warm, fuzzy feeling that tells you today’s going to be a goodun? That’s the power of sleep and we think everyone deserves it. Our beautiful products help people get the sleep they need to rise and shine, making the world a happier and healthier place. Put simply: our mission is to help people wake up dancing.

we are yellow

We want people who bring real energy to their day-to-day. Not just the caffeine-filled type; a real unshakable drive to make a real difference to the nation’s sleep. Most importantly, we live by our core values which include being yellow (waking up on the right side of the bed), not being sheep (thriving on individuality) and being experts in support (cheering each other - and our customers - on). In a nutshell, we live by the words: we won’t sleep until you do.

we put our people first

Work isn’t just about finding a cracking role; we also make sure you’re well looked after. Whether it’s personal development, flexible working, mental health support or our top notch culture that ticks your boxes, we’ll help you get your best possible start. Oh, and we’re not shy about congratulating great work. The cherry on top? Weekly breakfast talks, quizzes and socials mean you’ll never go lonely (or hungry) while at eve. Take a look at what people have been saying about us over on Glassdoor.

your data

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