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eve hybrid mattress reviews

  • 4.7/5 (303 Reviews)

Greatest night’s sleep ever, worth every penny

This mattress is superb quality and extremely comfortable. Worth every penny. The hundred night guarantee has ensured that these companies must deliver an amazing product to ensure it is not returned. The eve hybrid does not disappoint.

Lovely mattress

A firm but yielding feel with nice, even weight displacement. You will never want to get out of bed again.


Love, love, love our new mattress! Always had memory foam before but the eve hybrid mattress is much more comfortable!

Hybrid Mattress

We ordered the Hybrid mattress and micro fibre pillows. Great service, excellent communication during and after the buying process. It’s also so so comfy, I have no back or hip aches in the morning and now feel refreshed every morning. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Nice and Comfy

The mattress is comfortable and definitely worth the money. However, the pillow is not for everyone. I find it too high for me. I am a back-sleeper and it gives me neck aches in the morning. I think it works better for side sleepers.

Rosie Fry review

Gets hot sometimes

So comfy!

Have had our king size hybrid mattress a month now and have slept so much better as now I don’t feel it every time my husband moves or gets out of bed! Would recommend this mattress, especially if you like quite a firm bed!

Awesomeness in action

I can't rave enough about our new mattress! Customer services are amazing and haven't had such a quality sleep in years!

Great Service and product

The whole team were really helpful throughout the process (we had to return our original) and really happy with the replacement

Eve Mattress

My back is so much better than it was all due to my new eve mattress. My old mattress was only 4 years old & I didn’t believe that was the cause, but it WAS..

Hybrid double eve mattress

Sorting out back issues so far, 6 weeks in a no issues! Comfy and worth the money by far


The mattress is very comfortable and since getting it, me and my husband have been sleeping a lot better.

Best decision we’ve made in years!

I can’t express how much of a difference this mattress has made to mine and my partners lives. My partner was suffering with PGP (pelvic girdle pain) during our recent pregnancy. She was frequently in agony and with post birth sleepless nights already looming, we decided to buy ... the Hybrid Mattress. It really helped my partner to be more comfortable at night and now the PGP has subsided she is really noticing how much more enjoyable a nights sleep is. Being a Bricklayer for 20 years I have my fair share of aches and pains. This bed has been a God Send for my back and shoulders. I really can’t remember the last time I slept so well. Thank you Eve for a brilliant mattress! Joe and Janine

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... It’s literally changed my life. I have a lot of aches and pains and prior to eve mattress I wouldn’t be able to get up without painkillers. Eve has changed that for me, it was worth saving and researching. If you’re considering it, try it. And give it a week. Thank me then ;)

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Like sleeping on a cloud!

Where has eve been all my life!? My experience is similar to many of the other reviews, once I got used to the mattress (we chose a hybrid), I regretted not buying it sooner! It's like sleeping on a cloud. We chose the hybrid for two reasons, firstly my partner and I prefer ... totally different firmness but the hybid gave us both what we were looking for - there haven't been any complaints a month on! Secondly, the springs provided a little more air flow, keeping us cooler in the night, something we were worried about with a foam only mattress.

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Fab mattress

Comfy, loved the way it expands out the box and excellent service! Sleeping is no longer an issue. Thanks Eve

Hybrid firmer than expected

This mattress was too firm for us. We're both tallish and relatively light, 11st and 10.5 st. That doesn't mean it might not be right for other people, maybe someone heavier? It is difficult to find objective reviews that compare all these online companies. Eve describe ... their Hybrid as 'Medium' but compared to what? Its no medium in my opinion. Delivery and collection were very good, the refund was processed after 18 days.

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Very Good

It's a great mattress, really supportive yet still quite soft. Has really helped ease my back pain as well as giving me a better nights sleep. Thoroughly recommend.

great service

Mattress arrived promptly in excellent packaging. Very happy with it.

Best mattress we have owned!

My girlfriend and I have just moved into our own home and have been suffering with back problems for a while. We have been sleeping on the new king size hybrid for 3 weeks and all our previous back pain has disappeared! Couldn’t recommend this mattress more. Worth every penny.