eve mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (5022 Reviews)

very nice

had the mattress for a week now it took a couple of days th get used to but i can honestly say it is the most comfortable bed me and the wife have ever slept on it came on the morning they said it would (not quite the 48hrs they said ) but that did not matter it has quite a distinct ... smell wich has lingered more than the 7 days but to be honest you dont notice it much . the bed is nice and firm and seems to support you in all the right places so far

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Brilliant mattress - highly recommended

I had my eve delivered last week and can honestly say that I have never slept so well. I knew nothing about this company but loved their site and the fact that their mattresses look so different. It arrived in a box - I actually carried it upstairs myself (be warned - it is actually ... very heavy!). The box has really lovely quotes inside - I found it odd that the company have spent so much time designing the inside of a box - but I have been talking about it to everyone since! A few warnings: 1. Heavy box - don't be fooled it is heavy! 2. The side is creased when you first open the mattress up - this goes after a day 3. It has a 'new' smell when first opened - again this goes after a few hours. Overall I feel like I have never slept so well - it is quite amazing!

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