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Comfortable and conforms to your body

Eve Single Mattress

I find the Eve mattress very comfortable and enjoying a good night sleep.



Very nice but not quite perfect

I'm just over half way of my 100 days, an the mattress has impressed me. I've not had any real issue with it, not having the spring feeling took a few days to get used to, but I have been pleased. I only wish it was a tiny bit softer but I doubt il get a nother one just ... incase it's not as good .

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Service Amazing, Matress not so.

Both me and the missis thought the matress was too firm and therefore uncomfortable. Contacted customer support and as advertised was no issue returning the matress for a full refund.

3 Months In

Couldn't be happier with my mattress, can honestly say that this bed is getting me better sleep. Glad i spent the money on this!


Well pleasedwiththisproduct

Brilliant service!!

Brilliant service!!



Best nights sleep since buying

Best nights sleep since buying this mattress. Money well spent.

Great nights sleep

Bought 2 new mattresses for myself and my son we both agree they are the best mattresses we have ever had. For me waking up without a stiff back every morning is the best result I could ask for


I would recommend the Eve mattress Sooooooo comfortable, the best nights sleep for a long time

lived up to your publicity

lived up to your publicity about your mattress. Enjoying my comfortable sleep.

Eve mattress and pillows

Absolutely amazing some of the best sleep I've ever had

Single Mattress order

The mattress arrived by express delivery before Easter at the expected time and the driver was helpful with bringing it to my ground floor flat front door entrance. On returning from an Easter holiday and unpacking the mattress, I found it to be very firm and thicker than expected ... once expanded. As an arthritis sufferer, I have found the extra height of the bed with the new Mattress on it, quite challenging in terms of access. I intend to use the opportunity offered by Eve to try out the mattress for a longer period, to see if I can get used to using it, before making any decision about whether to keep or to return it. Tony, Clevedon, near Bristol.

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I have spent several years with lower back ache due to a slight curvature of the spine and I find that this mattress helps it greatly

First memory foam mattress

Our eve mattress is the first memory foam mattress that my wife and I have owned. Both of us agree that it is the best mattress we have ever had!

Just what the doctor ordered

After recent chemo & radio therapy I have been suffering from a bad back, shoulders and painful legs. I was waking up dreading how I would get out of bed because the pain would stop me. I can honestly say that after the first night's sleep and ever since, I have been able ... to enjoy waking up and am finding it much easier to get out of bed and start my day. Thank you.

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Sorry but this is not for us.

We have been looking for a new mattress for a while as we both have a few aches and pains with our current mattress. We went on holiday in March and the bed we slept on had an Eve mattress and we had no aches and pains! We thought our search was over. However, the one we had delivered ... was much firmer and the aches and pains have now come back. On further investigation of reviews it seems that the mattress make up was changed in 2017 and reviews say that it is now harder than the one before. So, we are very disappointed and are probably sending it back but we will give the recommended 30 days a go first. Can't fault the customer service and swift prompt and delivery so hopefully this is reflected in the star rating.

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Hi Angela, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us on your eve mattress so far. Much like a new pair of shoes, the eve mattress will feel quite firm when it is brand new, but it will soften slightly once it has been slept on for a few weeks. As you have only had your mattress for around three weeks so far, we definitely recommend that you try the mattress for a bit longer and then see how you feel. Hopefully with more time you will be able to feel the full comfort benefits of your eve mattress. If this is not the case, you still have plenty of time left on your 100-night trial, so you are welcome to return the mattress at any time. If you would like any further advice during the trial, please let us know on 0800 808 5766. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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Hard mattress

Mattress is very hard. Had expected a foam mattress to be softer, maybe it will soften over time

Hi Graham, We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and we're sorry to hear that you are finding the eve mattress a bit too firm. The eve mattress will soften slightly with a bit of use, but our customer service team will get in touch with you directly to see if there is anything that we can do to help get you more comfortable in the meantime. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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