eve premium mattress reviews

  • 4.4/5 (127 Reviews)


I bought our eve mattress 2 weeks ago. Firstly the customer service was fab - quick and efficient and organized my delivery and pick up at the same time. Since then sleep has been much better and even reduced my husbands snoring.


The only problem with this mattress is I never want to get out of bed!!!

Fantastic service and product

So easy to order, deliver and unpack. I’d certainly recommend Eve to friends and family.

Premium Mattress = Premium Sleep! 💤

Purchased this mattress and pillow to replace a previous one. Instant enjoyment... wonderful!

Premium mattress lives up to what was advertised

Although initially sceptical of the cooling properties of the mattress, especially because of melt down experiences on previous memory foam mattresses, the reality has been restful nights at just the right temperature. The mattress has provided fantastic support compared to conventional ... pocket spring mattresses which have previously aggregated my bad back. Very happy with the mattress and prompt delivery service.

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Mattress review

Reasonable quality but too soft for my liking, and partner rolls into my depression in mattress when I am near her. Regretfully I will return mattress and seek an alternative.

Hi Bruce, We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and it's a shame that the mattress is too soft for your liking. We know that everyone's firmness preferences are different and this is one of the many reasons why we offer our 100-night trial. If you'd like to arrange a return of your eve Premium mattress, just let us know on 0800 808 5766. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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new matteress

cant beleive how much difference my new matteress i got ,great nights sleep and no more waking up with a sore back

WS Northants

Really a quick and easy way of ordering delivered on time and the mattress is really comfy, would reconmend Eve


Best one Good sleep

Great mattress

10/10 for the mattress unfortunately the courier service was diabolical hence the 1 star

Hi Loyd, We're really pleased to see that you're enjoying your eve mattress and we hope that it's helping you to get a great night's sleep. It's a real shame that your eve experience was let down by the delivery service. We understand that our courier did not complete your delivery on the scheduled day. This feedback has been taken on board and we will continue to work with our couriers to ensure that delivery times are met and that a better level of service is provided. Warm regards, The eve Team.

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Wonderful Mattress

Can't fault this mattress or the service for delivery, perfect would recommend

Better than the rival I used

After getting really bad pains from a rival companies mattress that I used, this was the perfect replacement!


Purchased the Eve premium mattress around a month ago. Snug and supportive in all the right places! I was initially concerned that the mattress would be too hot, however this is not the case. Living in a very old house with narrow doorways, hallway and stairs means getting furniture ... up stairs is usually impossible... But with the easy boxed design it was so simple.

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Amazing!!! Dont know my partner is there!!!

Old matrice was Dieing so decided to get a new one, took a punt with the eve premium what a super buy. Lets hope it carreys on impressing


After trawling the web, comparing brands, check- check- checking reviews, I opted for the Eve Premium mattress. It arrived promptly in its iconic box, was carried up to the bedroom by a helpful courier. Compressed tightly in its box it felt like it weighed a ton but once out of its ... packaging and on the bedframe, which really did only take a couple of minutes, it unfurled as if by magic. The mattress is scrumptious And everything it is cracked up to be. To look at, fresh and cool, with cute yellow trim and silver pattern stitching. It is firm but not hard-hard, not un-giving and the pressure relieving firmness is supportive and sympathetic to joint and muscle problems. I have definitely slept heaps better. The off-gassing which had been a concern, proved to be a slight industrial smell which quickly lessened and was never particularly noxious. I do have only one complaint. My cat won’t move from it! If left to him this review would be one word - purrr - fect.....

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Super comfy yet firm

I ordered this rather than the original mattress as needed a bit more softness. It’s got a great balance between the softness of memory foam and the firmness needed to support my joints. Also as anwoman of a certain age I’ve noticed I’m not suffering from night sweats as much ... which for me is the biggest improvement over my previous mattress!

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Cured back ache

Always had back ache first thing when getting up, this has now gone with the new eve premium mattress.

Best sleep ever

My sleep has improved dramatically, no aches and pains or stiffness anymore. Yeah

Eve premium mattress

Best nights sleep in a long time. With someone who has neck troubles this mattress supports my neck and back comfortably with no pain the next morning. The charcoal layer keeps you cool even on the hottest of nights.

Finally, a comfortable night's sleep

As someone who has suffered from the vagaries of osteoarthritis of the spine and shoulder for some 3 decades sleep, has become somewhat of an issue. I have tried a couple of the various mattresses that purport to "give proper support" and so far still no real luck. It was ... therefore, with some trepidation that I approached the purchase of the "Eve" thinking, it was more than likely not going to live up to the expectations given the parlous state of said spine. Thankfully, I was wrong and , after three weeks, I can honestly say I have slept better than i had previously for 15 years. Gone is the ritual morning bad mood till i manage to kick into gear and my bed clothes are, more often than not, hardly even disturbed when i awaken. As such, to date, I have no complaints at all and am happy to recommend the Eve to others , particularly those suffering from back pain and other such similar issues.

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