eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (5076 Reviews)

Excellent mattress whole family have them

I purchased my first eve mattress just over a year ago and love it, my children would always love my bed and not want to go as they said my bed was so comfortable, because of this they both have them too and I have my bed back. It’s supportive but soft, no lumps bumps or sagging. ... Highly recommend I would not have any other mattress

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Best mattress ever

Unbelievably comfortable!

Wonderful nights sleep at last!

So everybody raves about Eve. As someone that suffers with a spine condition I change my mattress regularly and I’ve tried many, orthopaedic, toppers, hard, medium but nothing really seems to help. So I thought I’d give Eve ago to my absolute surprise it seems to be really helping. ... One of the big differences I’ve noticed is that I don’t seem to be waking as much and turning over which is something I do so much during the night because of the pain. Leave original mattress seems to be really helping and I shall continue to monitor as I’ve only had it a month or so . Very happy that I gave it a go I would recommend it to anybody else

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Really comfy. Easy order. Easy delivery

omg - super comfy - best mattress ever!

I can't tell you how comfy this matress is ...seriously, you just need to get one, try it and keep it !!! Prior to buying an Eve, we had a pocket sprung but just found it didn't support - Eve gives you a big comfy snuggle and really supports your body from shoulder to ankle ... and honestly, i now look forward to bedtime and a long Sunday lie in!!

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Wonderful sleep

I have now had my eve mattress for couple of weeks now and can’t rate it highly enough. Customer service was quick and prompt. Top rated all round.

Great customer service

I was firstly super impressed by delivery of my mattress and quality- however, I stupidly ordered the wrong size mattress! I was in such a panic as such a substantial amount of money to loose- I rand customer service immediately and they were so helpful, assured me it had happened ... before and talked me through what will happen now until new one arrives, including pick up and delivery. They even stayed in contact during that time to check sequence of events all going to plan. Super impressed

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Very poor quality

Very poor quality mattress . The quality is very poor .it’s so hard . I paid nearly £400 for super king mattress .I wish they give my money back.It says on your website if you’re not happy with the product you will get your money back

Hi Roshan, It's a shame to hear that you find your eve mattress too firm and that you aren't satisfied with the quality of the mattress. We offer a 100-night trial for all brand new mattress purchased from our eve website. As you placed an order for a refurbished mattress through Wowcher, their return terms and conditions apply to your order. Wowcher offers a 14-day return policy, which you are now outside of, so we hope that you can understand that we can no longer offer you a return. If there is anything that you feel isn't up to standard in terms of the quality, please let us know on 0800 808 5766. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team

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Bought Eve mattress to solve back problems

My wife and I have both suffered with back problems and finally decided it may be the mattress. After seeing the adverts we thought it would be worth a try. After two weeks we have seen a marked improvement in our back issues along with an increase in comfort whilst sleeping. It had ... been well worth the cost just from the short time we have had it.

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Teenage Daughter now actually sleeping!

Bought an Eve Mattress for a 4 ft Double Bed for my younger daughter who has recently variously slept on the couch, on the floor and in her sister's bed because her mattress had become so uncomfortable. It would be fair to say the purchase has changed her life and mine as a consequence. ... There is no argument about going to bed, she's going to college much more refreshed and well rested and she's actually turned into a reasonable human being - not sure how long that will last! So thank you Eve for the respite - however short-lived it may be.

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Best Sleep EVEr

Having had several mattresses over my 23 years of life, the Eve mattress has by far been the best sleep I have ever had. No matter where I am, I now look forward to coming home and getting back into my own bed. Previously, I have always gone from having better sleep, pretty much anywhere ... to my own. Rather than waking up tired, from head to toe, I wake up sleepy but rested. 4 years ago, I dislocated my left shoulder and had significant nerve damage making sleeping on that side exceptionally uncomfortable, now thanks to Eve If I do happen to sleep on that side, I experience little to no pain or discomfort in the morning. I would highly highly recommend Eve and if like me, you are hesitant to part with the cash, I believe that Next department stores stock the mattress if you want to try it out before. Thank you Eve for restoring my sleep!

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Great buy

Bought this for my (adult) son who is heavier then he would like to be. Super supportive and comfy; gives a sound night's sleep and fits perfectly. Great customer service. Very pleased so far.

A great night's sleep

We bought the Eve mattress to replace a Tempur that had served us well over several years but had definitely seen better days. It took about a week to get used to the firmer feel of the Eve, but now we are both enjoying blissful sleep. My wife (55Kg) is not disturbed by me (99Kg) ... when I get into bed whilst she is asleep. I don't seem to be waking up hot and sweaty as I had done in the past with the Tempur. Thoroughly recommend this mattress but, please bear in mind, you might take a little while to get used to it.

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Reclaim Your Restful Nights

We decided on an Eve mattress after a LOT of research, and frankly even still only felt we could risk it due to the 100 night guarantee. When it arrived we were very dubious how a comfy Kingsize mattress could fit in a box, and even once we opened and un-sealed it were still highly ... dubious how it could compete with our old sprung mattress. It seemed a little thin at first, but it just kept growing thicker, by the time we turned in for the night it was impressively plumped and deep. So was it comfy.... My word yes, it manages to be firm, yet very supportive and is superb at making sure that movement is not transferred, as I am rather, if you forgive the term, a tosser and turner! I would highly recommend Eve and we have been comfy each night, and the mattress cost less than half of that of our old mattress, and that was a 8 year old veteran of the cause. If you like a firm but still giving sleep and a cool bed, this is just what you want.

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Comfy mattress

So far so good. Had it about a month and one of the most comfy mattresses I've slept on.

Very good mattress

Extremely comfortable mattress. Much firmer than I expected which I’d great. Pity it has no handles for easier turning

Soft but firm

... The customer service at Eve is amazing, and the mattress is fantastic. At first I thought it was going to be too firm but then when you lay on it it’s firm but also soft and molds to your shape. It’s actually difficult to explain, just buy one and try it for yourself. It’s great.

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Great service and product.

Was moving house when purchasing and the new mattress was the first thing delivered. It helped us get a grear nights sleep then and continues to do so now!

We love it!

Everything was so easy - from ordering to delivery and the mattress is very comfy. I do wish it had handles along the sides though to help with turning.

Eve king mattress UK

Previously had a firm mattress as we liked plenty of support, however were left with a sore back some mornings. Since getting our new Eve mattress we have both been sleeping soundly, and no sore backs! A great balance between comfort and support