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eve mattress topper reviews

  • 4.5/5 (779 Reviews)

Well impressed with product.

I purchased the topper as I suffer from osteoarthritis and have a lot of back pain and the topper has relieved some of the pain so I can get a good nights sleep. Well worth the cost.

Makes All The Difference

Bought this for use with my sofa bed which I sleep on daily. It's made all the difference, it makes it feel like a proper bed! Seems very durable too, and rolls up for easy storage in the day. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.


My landlord bought me a new mattress - it was so hard - impossible to sleep on it. The Eve mattress topper is the only thing that made it possible to be able to use this mattress. I love it!

Would you Adam and Eve it!

Despite reviews, i was sceptical about how good it could be. I have a very firm mattress as I have ongoing back problems. The Eve topper has transformed my night's sleep, it's firm enough but to be supportive but soft enough to be extremely comfortable. It's EVErything ... I could ask for! I'm a beliEVEer!

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The delivery was fast and we had no issues. The product was excellent


The Eve Toppers has completely enhanced the whole familys’ lives We are all getting a much better sleep every night and feel like we all have new beds. So much more comfortable and we all look forward to getting into bed every night. Thank you

Mattress topper

Read reviews before buying this topper for a king size mattress. Our mattress was lacking support and causing hip and back pain. Was sceptical about how much it would change this but has completely transformed our bed! Is like having a new luxurious, supportive mattress! Never moves. ... Only downside is, it’s too warm. The comfort outweighs this.Highly recommend!

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Turned a old bed new!

The Eve mattress topper is fantastic - does exactly what it says on the can, fixes your old bed and makes it comfy again. Thoughtfullly designed and arrives early.

a good buy

... Bought this topper to beef up a cheap rather firm memory foam mattress. The effect is that the mattress now has a more comfortable and cozy feel. I am very pleased with the purchase. The ordering and delivery was also great and only took about 48 hours from start to finish! Excellent.

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Exactly what I needed!

Was waking up in the night with back pain, wanted something to soften up the mattress and provide a bit more support. Does the job perfectly!

Comfort returned!

Since getting a new (expensive) mattress my husband and I both were riddled with aches and pains. It took us ages to realise it was the firm mattress and not just that we were getting older!! Out of desperation we tried the Eve topper and instantly my low back pain and his thoracic ... pain improved! Definitely worth a trial to see if it can improve your sleep and we are not returning ours!

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Comfortable but hot!

Loved the topper - really comfortable and supportive, but it made me too hot. Sadly it had to go back. Returns were easy and efficient. Most impressed.

Game changer !!

This is the second eve mattress topper we have purchased and the difference they have made is astonishing!! We purchased 2 new very firm mattresses and found sleeping on them very uncomfortable. However, added the eve mattress topper and now getting the best night’s sleep ever !! ... But don’t take my word for it, buy one yourself and see how an average night’s sleep becomes a fantastic night’s sleep!

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Sleep better and snore less

... The topper has transformed our 5 year old mattress... within a couple day we both noticed we were sleeping better, waking less during the night, snoring less and suffering less from back and neck pain. We have no doubt we will be upgrading to the mattress proper in next 12-18 months.

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Got an eve topper a month ago. I knew I’d love it but my husband has previously said he doesn’t like memory foam (I sneaked the eve on) and he absolutely loves it too. Thanks for the best nights sleep in years (for both of us).

What a difference

We bought a new mattress recently but it turned out to be too hard. I wasn’t sleeping well and had a sore back. Since buying the eve topper I struggle to get out of bed in the morning because it is so comfy, it’s like a different bed. Absolutely excellent quality.

Very impressed!

I much prefer this topper to the feather one I have had for the last few years. It’s really comfy to sleep on, not too hot, and was delivered really quickly. My only comment would be that I have a very deep mattress and as such the straps weren’t the easiest to secure. Otherwise ... love it!

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From bruiser to snoozer

I used to wake up every morning with aches and pains from our awful bed. Eve's mattress topper has transformed it into something luxurious, and now I feel generally more rested and and less tense throughout the day. I don't know why we waited so long to get one!

Extends the life of a mediocre mattress

Purchasing the Eve topper for our mattress has brought new life to it. It was a little saggy and hard and the Eve topper had made our feel like new. It can be quite a warm addition however, but we are getting used to that.

It was good

Comfortable, but not particularly special