eve mattress topper reviews

  • 4.6/5 (868 Reviews)

The best mattress topper.

After trying several other makes with disappointing results we tried this. Doesn’t walk and feels very even. Worth the extra. 👍🏻

Big improvement

The mattress topper has definitely made a rather hard mattress much more comfortable and we're both sleeping better. So far, in April, there are no over-heating issues. The delivery was super quick with no problems. Overall, I'm very pleased.

Bye bye back pain

Both my wife and I were suffering from back pain, having to sleep in awkward positions now we have at least 1 but sometimes 2 kids sneaking into bed at night. The eve mattress is just what we needed. The first nights sleep was so much better, and we both woke up pain free, Thanks ... Eve

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Excellent topper!

My girlfriend and I recently purchased an Eve mattress topper and could not be more pleased with the product. Sure, it is relatively expensive in comparison to some other toppers, but we are sleeping so much better. The topper provides a firm, but supportive surface that adjusts to ... the contours of your body. The movement of the other person in the bed is also much less noticeable than before! Would highly recommend.

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Changed my old mattress from uncomfortable to comfortable

I was using an older mattress which was becoming uncomfortable and I was waking up with aches and pains. I wanted to get a mattress topper as the older mattress still had some life in it. The Eve mattress topper has given me good sleep and enabled me to wake up refreshed at a cheaper ... price than buying a whole new mattress. Easy to fit. Arrived earlier than expected. Recommended.

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Mattress Topper

We purchased the mattress topper to put on a sofa bed. My 80 year old parents said it was the most comfortable sofa bed they had ever slept on. We are now thinking of getting one for our bed

Best mattress decision we've made

We'd bought an expensive mattress that was too hard, had 3 uncomfortable years, so along came Eve. Now with our Eve mattress topper, we're sleeping the best we've ever slept 🙂


This is our 2nd topper as we have one on our main bed, very comfortable and stays in place with the straps. Would highly recommend these toppers and will look into buying an Eve mattress when ours needs replacing.

Great investment

I purchased the eve mattress topper for a sofa bed and it has transformed it! It’s really comfortable now and has improved my sleep no end.

Beyond Happy

The entire experience with eve is excellent. Ordering is simple, the delivery came within a day and the quality of of my mattress topper is amazing. I bought the topper to give a sofa bed some extra comfort for guests... but I. Ow actually think it is even more comfortable than my ... own bed. eve is clearly not the cheapest, but it is the best. So if you want to make an investment into something you do everyday, then eve will not disappoint.

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the topper - UK Double

The Topper made a real difference to my existing mattress and as such my sleep. The quality is great, it hasn't slipped in the night once. Would love another one for the guest bed!

Eve topper

the original mattress was hard to sleep on as it sat on wooden slats, the EVE Topper has made a huge difference to the quality of sleep now.

Great mattress topper

I’m really pleased with my double topper. It’s well made, comfortable and vastly improves the mattress underneath, which always felt a bit ‘thin’ on top (though it is a few years old now). It doesn’t make me feel hot, as some toppers apparently do, and it’s got a washable ... cover. Perfect Eve service was excellent too.

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A great mattress enhancer to aid sleep

The topper has been everything I hoped for. Placed over a high quality micro coil mattress is has eliminated pressure points that led to circulation being restricted to my limbs. Having previously owned a full depth memory foam tempur mattress the topper has been a better for me as ... you do not sink into it as much which makes moving in your sleep more effort. I would recommend this topper which has aided my sleep and added a luxurious feel to my bed.

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Transformed our bed and sleep.

Quite simply, the addition of our Eve Topper has transformed our 20 year old bed into what feels like any number of luxury hotel beds we have slept in over the years. We wish we had done this years ago! An absolute must have for any bed!

A good night sleep at last!

No more back pain when I wake up! After years of uncomfortable sleep, despite having bought a new mattress last year, I had resigned myself to waking up in pain each morning. As a last resort I bought an eve mattress topper after seeing a newspaper ad, with nothing to lose as I could ... return it and receive a full refund if unhappy. The best purchase I’ve ever made. I now get out of bed without help and have no pain. Incredible, thank you.

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Brilliant. 5-Star Topper

I recently purchased a mattress topper from eve and could not be more happier! Would certainly recommend!

Great for Lower back pain (spondylolisthesis)

I was recently diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and this mattress has been a great one for adding extra support! I love it!

Snuggly Loveliness

I bought the mattress topper as my old mattress was a bit tired (same as me after attempting to sleep on it) and I could feel the springs when I moved. With this topper I now sleep like a baby. It is just the right depth that it made a difference but didn’t require me to buy new ... sheets. The handy straps mean it doesn’t move about. Love it.

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Made all the difference

I bought an Eve original mattress and loved the fact that a) I couldn’t feel my partner tossing and turning, B) you don’t need to turn the mattress C) it’s very supportive D) it wasn’t horribly expensive But I was used to a softer mattress so taking the advice of Eve’s ... I bought the topper and it has made all the difference - sleeping like a baby

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