eve mattress topper reviews

  • 4.6/5 (902 Reviews)


... My husband picked our very hard current mattress, but started to hate it. Didn't even want to come to bed. I read the reviews on Eve and thought worth a try. His health has improved, he is sleeping better, and enjoys the comfort the Eve mattress as brought back into our lives.

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Perfect fit ad comfort

We have super king zip link rather firm mattresses and this topper means I get to have the increased comfort from the Eve topper on my side. Perfect solution

Eve matress topper

Ordered three double matress toppers for me & my family & we are experiencing a better night's sleep all round.

Excellent topper

Bought this topper as my mattress is old and much too soft. It provides the correct support for my back and joints. My body is still during the night and I am able to fall asleep quicker. So thrilled with it. Next stop , to replace my old mattress with an eve one.

Big difference

Husband and I sleeping better and waking up without the stiff muscles and dead legs our firm mattress was giving us! Only criticism is it is slightly awkward to fit to our deep mattress.

Just Fabulous

Love love love my new Eve topper. From start to finish the ordering service was excellent. Thank you

Like a new mattress

The topper has converted my cheap, feel-every-spring mattress into a delight. Haven’t liked memory foam previously but it’s not hot, and gives a good few inches of height extra which makes it seem thicker and more luxurious. Worth every penny.

An extra layer of luxury!

After spending £1800 on a new bed and mattress I found that it didn’t quite having sinking luxurious melt into the mattress we were looking for. We added an Eve topper and voila, perfection. I would highly recommend Eve and do to anyone who listens 😆.

The BEST!!

This is one of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made. Prior to buying the topper I was sleeping quite badly, often having to get up, and also I was having neck and shoulder problems. Since purchasing the neck and shoulders have improved, and I’m now sleeping pretty soundly through ... the night! So simple, not over priced and my general well being has improved radically. Thank you.

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Good Points Reasonably comfy and

Good Points Reasonably comfy and well made Bad Points Very Expensive and disappointed to see the same topper on Amazon for £30 cheaper. I have bought toppers before for our other beds for less than half the price and they are comfier

Great service, from the service team.

Even though au decided the mattress topper wasn’t suitable for us, the ease of returning it and the help given, would certainly encourage me to shop with Eve again. Thanks


The topper is very good, we are like it.

Really good

Really good quality and very comfortable. Great nights sleep

Double topper mattress

Really pleased with the topper. It’s made my existing mattress so much more comfortable to sleep on.

Soooo comfortable best nights sleep

Soooo comfortable best nights sleep I've had in ages. Thanks.

A slice of heaven

Renting is a nightmare and you never quite know what mattress you’re going to get. That’s why I decided to get the topper and I am so glad I did. The difference it makes takes my sleep from the worst ever to the best.

Sleeping much better with Eve!

I moved into a rental apartment with a very uncomfortable springy mattress. Not wanting to pay for a full mattress and have the hassle of getting the landlady to lift hers I decided to try the Eve topper instead - and so glad I did! Very comfortable, doesn't move around, masks ... the springy mattress perfectly. I was a bit concerned when I first rolled it out that it had a fold bump right across the middle but that soon came out.

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Eve Topper king size

Recently bought a new firm mattress (not an eve one) both husband and I ached so much in the morning, our mattress too firm. So bought eve topper to cushion ..... lovely comfy sleep. Definitely recommend.

Very happy

Lovely topper, our new mattress was feeling to firm, the topper softened this has improved our sleep.

The best ever mattress topper

Couldn't decide whether to buy a new matress or go for a mattress topper. The Eve topper is amazing - so comfortable so its like having a new mattress for a fraction of the price!