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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4588 Reviews)

Purchased following spinal surgery

I bought the the mattress whilst I was lay flat on my back in hospital following spinal surgery. It was great to get home obviously but that first night was almost bliss on the eve and haven't looked back since. No deforming in the 2 months I've had it and will be looking ... for a king size when I move back upstairs.

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Comfortable but hot

10/10 for comfort. Really firm matress which has helped my partner's back problems a great deal. I bought the Eve because I wanted the comfort of memory foam but with less heat, however it doesn't seem much cooler than my previous memory foam matress and I'm still struggling ... with waking up too hot and having to get out of bed to wait for the matress to cool down, which takes some time - although it does cool down about 10 mins quicker than my old memory foam did.

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Great Mattress

I really love the eve it is a really great mattress. We previously bought a different mattress (much more expensive), but did not find it comfortable so ended up selling it on, losing a lot of money. The whole process with eve was much easier and quicker and with the 100 guarantee ... it gave peace of mind also. The mattress itself was exactly what we were looking for with great support no matter the sleeping position. It also has the advantage that the other person is not disturbed if someone is having a sleepless night, tossing and turning. I'd definitely buy the eve again and look to do so once we complete our spare room.

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Great service - even had 2 mattresses delivered fro the price of one!!

Great service from eve . The mattresses is great. We had an additonal last mattress supplied free charge for some reason. Maybe karma will result in winning our money back as we could have decided not to let them know 🤔

Life changing

It fixed my back problem. I sleep like a baby every night. Can't recommend enough.

Mattress - small double

Mattress is very comfortable, took a few weeks to break in

Blissfully comfortable.

I ordered this mattress and within three days it arrived - flat packed - amazing technology which aids delivery and is easy to take upstairs - my gorgeous standard poodle and I LOVE it.

My mattress

Fantastic mattress and servis

Comfy, great service, but air it out first!

We love our eve mattress, it's very comfy - we like firm mattresses. the removable cover will be great for cleaning. The ordering service and delivery was easy, although it would've been nice for the delivery slot to be narrowed down... we didn't even get a broad 7am-7pm, ... just a day with no clue so had to stay in all day. My only advice would be to not discard or change over your old mattress on the day you unwrap it. For me the chemical smell was so strong. I managed to get to sleep on it but I woke up in the night with a tight chest gasping for air! So we stayed in the spare room for a few days. The smell is only just going now after 30 days. Now it has gone away we are very happy customers :-)

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Pleasantly surprised

I was very sceptical when reading reviews and at £799 I had every right to be but placed my order and my super king size mattress arrived (sooner than expected). I have to admit after the first few days I noticed the difference in the aches and pains I suffered from for years and ... my back pain is now nonexisten. I'm having the best sleep ever - I have adult ADHD so being up half the night used to be the norm, but now I'm sleeping better and not waking up in pain. The only concern is that where I sleep on the mattress has started to dip/concave and considering I am still within the 100 days this isn't a good reflection of how long the mattress will last, hence the star rating.

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Super bed !

After extensive research on the internet for a mattress it was actually a friend who recommended Eve to me. With her endorsement I decided to take the plunge and buy the Original. With the 100 day guarantee I felt if the mattress wasn’t right, I could return it. However, honestly ... this is a fantastic mattress. It arrived with excellent time, and was super easy to assemble (you just unroll it and let it inflate ) . It’s soft and yet gives support, and is not hot at all. Great mattress

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Best night sleep had for years

No dips on Mattress that you get on other foam mattress.No collapse edges, very good buy

Very comfortable

It's really very good, very comfortable. The only negative is that it gets warm during the night so sometimes it makes you to sweat.

Wonderful very comfortable no matter

Wonderful very comfortable no matter what your sleeping position

Super comfy

I hadn't expected the mattress to be so firm yet so soft as well. Would absolutely recommend it. Payment plan easy, and such quick delivery and easy to put on the bed. Love it!

Very comfortable, but also very smelly

The mattress is very comfortable, both me and my fiance are very happy with it, but we cannot seem to get rid of the smell of it. We have had it for over a month and you can still smell it in the whole bedroom. :/

Hi Maja, We're pleased to hear that both you and your fiance are enjoying the comfort of your eve mattress. The eve mattress does have a new product smell when it is brand new, but this should disappear within a couple of weeks. We have a few tips and tricks to help the smell disappear more quickly, so we'll send you an email with these. Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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Two Happy Sleepers

Both my partner and I were struggling to get a consistently good night's sleep until recently. Whether that was not sleeping well in general (broken sleep), or waking up with aches and pains.That was until we purchased the eve mattress. I was sceptical that the mattress would ... make that much difference, but it has. Since eve arrived, we've been sleeping much better. The aches have gone too. And I would recommend anyone looking for a mattress for this these reasons to look at getting eve. Best purchase i made last year, no question! Steve

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Great value item and service!

I was scared a mail order foam mattress would never reach my expectations in firmness, but this one blew me out of the water! Perfectly firm and no signs of sagging or softening up. I’m super happy with the mattress, but also the peace of mind of having a chance to try it before ... committing full stop and having great service from order to delivery.

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Best sleep ever

Ever since I have my new Eve mattress, I do not want leave my bed, best experience I have made in a long time!

Great Product

... We bought this for our teenage daughter, she was having trouble with her sleep and always up at the crack of dawn. What an improvement, she loves it, she’s even slept in over the Christmas holidays till 9:30 ish, very very pleased with the purchase. Easy to order and great delivery.

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