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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4739 Reviews)


received the mattress in good time and wow never slept so much warm comfy and cant wait to go to bed


Makes going to bed a dream. 5 stars. Would definitely recommend 😁

I 10 years younger

In the short period I have had the Eve mattress I feel so much fresher each morning it’s like turning back the clock stiff limbs are a thing of the past

Brilliant Mattress!

No longer do our backs hurt or our hips ache. Amazing! We indeed now wake up refreshed as one should after 8 hours of sleep, happy to greet the day. Thank you again for making it so easy for us to change to an eve Mattress.

Bear with it... it’s worth it!

I’ll be honest. I didn’t sleep very well on this mattress for the first week or so. My body was used to falling into my old mattress and had adapted to it. Your body is being supported differently to before so at first it’s uncomfortable but you do start to feel the benefit ... after a week or so. Don’t be too quick to send it back. One thing I will say is it takes 6 hours to fully expand after opening... that should be written in bold on the box!!!!

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Great Mattress

It is just the beginning, almost the 30th day of the initial trial period and The eve mattress feels great! The sleep feels great, the rest and the peace of the day after. Recommended!!


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My eve matress

Before my eve matress I slept ok, I thought. I had 8 hours but I was aware every time I turned over. Struggled to get comfortable. It took ages. Now I wake up and have hardly moved. The covers are tidy. I’m fully rested and been settled all night. Wonderful.

...and relax

Comfortable, supporting and so far it’s kept its shape. My last “memory” foam mattress had a very long memory which was a problem. Within days it had a noticeable depression where I laid. Nightly I had to sleep in my depression, which was no good. Not any longer all that’s ... gone with eve. It’s as good as new every night. Buying was easy and the delivery was equally so. Arrived within days of ordering and on the date agreed. So what’s not to like? Every night sleeping with eve is great. As for the 100 night guarantee, it’s great that it’s there but you will not need it.

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Eve sleeo

My mattress

I get up pain free!

Before I had my Eve Mattress I used to rise in the mornings aching all over. I moved around in my bed so much during the night. Now I feel cradled, comfortable and wake refreshed. Thank you Eve

Eve super king size

Wished I’d made the purchase earlier, very very pleased with my mattress, topper purchased shortly after the main item arrived. Must add the delivery speed can not be faulted, my mattress arrived early such a bonus. I’ve recommended Eve to colleagues and friends, truly money well ... spent. An investment thank you Eve

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Best sleep ever!!

I have been working away from home for 13 years up and down the country, in and out of hotels. Many a different mattress every week. I can honestly say that nothing I have ever slept on comes close to an EVE mattress or pillows

Great support

I have oesteoarthritis and this mattress is comfortable so I get a great nights sleep

Smelly comfort

The eve mattress is comfortable as expected but when released from the vacuum pack smelt like a wet dog and3 weeks later still smells

Best ever sleep

I bought the eve for my elderley parents and their only regret was they should have had it years ago. They now sleep well and even enjoy laying in ready to see the grandchildren

The best matress we ever slept on

This matress is just great our hip and back problems have disappeared since we bought this matress. It is quite simply amazing.

Sleep Heaven

after trying other memory foam mattresses a colleague of mine at work recommended it to me and i thought i’d try an eve mattress once delivered very quickly i may add ! i followed the easy instructions to leave it to expand fully , i was excited to go to bed that night ! we put ... on brand new bed linen and fitted sheet when it came to bed time the mattress felt so supportively wife and i slept and had a perfect density both my wife and i had the best nights sleep in a long time thank you eve.

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Probably the best night sleep we’ve had in years

I wasn’t sure if I should believe the hype (it’s just a mattress after all), but after the first night sleep I knew we were going to keep it. We’ve both slept solidly since we’ve had it and that’s unusual for us. I used to wake up with lower back pain too and assumed that ... was just normal for me, but two days after sleeping on the Eve I no longer have it!

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The best mattress I have ever slept on

Feels like your sleeping on a cloud, it is unbelievably comfortable and would definitely recommend.