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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4588 Reviews)

Don't Expect Miracles...Its Just a Comfortable Mattress

After a month of use, I think I can make a few honest and considered comments that might help those deciding whether or not to buy an Eve mattress. First of all, forget all the hype and hyperbole you might read in marketing and reviews...its just a good comfortable mattress, not some ... miracle solution to back pain or other sleep problems. If you are an 'average' person of 'average' weight, you will find it a nice comfortable new mattress, just as you probably would with any other similar mattress on the market. For many years I have suffered back pains and stiffness when rising in the morning. I still do after using this mattress for a month. No better, no worse. So if you need a new mattress, and don't expect a miracle cure for some anatomical problem or sleep disorder, then you should find an Eve mattress perfectly comfortable. Its not too soft, not too firm, and will do the job for most people. Just be realistic and remember its a mattress not some miracle.

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First glass customer service.

Fantastic service and communication from start to finish. We are absolutely delighted with our mattress and would recommend it to anyone.


Very pleased with the products and the service. Well organised and prompt delivery and very helpful with exchanging accessories.

Best sleep in years!!!

I am quite a light sleeper generally, and part of the problem is that mattresses usually have springs and make noise and for the most part lose their comfort after no time at all...but after just one night on the EVE I am sleeping better than I have in comfortable I almost ... want to live on it! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want a mattress this comfortable...some people just don't want to take the bite from the apple Eve offers I guess?

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The BEST night’s sleep

This mattress has literally changed my sleep. I’ve tried many different (expensive) mattresses and replaced them every 6-8 years but the Eve is by far the best. It doesn’t ‘bounce’ when my husband rolls over in the night which always used to disturb my sleep, it’s very comfortable ... to lie on and a cool temperature. I have already been recommending it to my friends and family. Thanks Eve!

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Mrs V Matassa

Very helpful and amazingly comfortable mattress

Fab mattress.

We haven’t been as comfy or slept so well in years. So pleased with our Eve super king mattress. We wish we’d bought it a long time ago!


My mother bought a mattress from a supplier of aids for disabled/elderly people and it was expensive but not fit for purpose. She ended up sleeping on a riser chair. The Eve mattress was less than half the price and gave her a good night's sleep from the outset and this hasn't ... changed. Well done!

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Eve single mattress

Lovely and firm, yet very comfortable.

Not quite what was ordered

We bought one of Eve's bundles including mattress, duvet, pillows and protectors. However we didn't receive the duvet we ordered and after a bit of confusion we did receive it. Since that was sorted we have been using the Eve products and love them. Best mattress that i ... have ever had and the pillows are great if you want some support while in bed. A must have if you are looking for a new mattress!

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So comfy has helped me improve my sleep so much

Sleep Heaven

I brought my 2 children a single each and I slept on it to try and it is so so comfy, I have the simba mattress which I find a little too hard if I had to choose I would defo opt for Eve as slightly softer. Very happy with purchase 2 well slept kids !!

first ordered the otty -

first ordered the otty - both my partner and 'i woke up with back pain every morning. Ordered the eve and this no longer happens, had two friends stay over and they both fell asleep in our bed claiming it was so comfy and have both bought eve mattresses also

Finally a good nights sleep

I was pretty sceptical but anew bed forced a new mattress and I thought I’d try it. I’m glad I did as I’ve slept so much better since !

Perfect mattress!

We bought two Eve mattresses for our two girls who adore them. Super comfortable and great design. Brilliant service from the team at Eve as well who delivered ahead of schedule.

Good customer service

Have had an Eve for just under a year now - our first mattress sagged and became very uncomfortable, however within a few weeks of reporting this, Eve had sent an inspector out who concluded we had a faulty product. The mattress was replaced with a new one extremely quickly and smoothly ... and we are now sleeping very comfortably! Suspect there is a slight change in design somewhere along the way but it’s definitely been for the best. Strong customer service at its best.

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Like to write a review, but I am fast asleep

A great nights sleep. I purchased this because my wife was coming out of hospital after a hip replacement and I wanted to ensure the bed was as comfy as possible for her. It's extremely comfortable for me too and my moving or turning has no effect on the other side of the bed, ... although the mattress is so comfy, I don't move so much anymore either.

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EVE Matress King Size

Everything arrived on the day it was supposed to, the product is fantastic and I've definitely been sleeping better as a result! Fab!

The mattress arrived promptly and

The mattress arrived promptly and in a surprisingly small box given that it was a double mattress. It took a couple of days to get used to the new mattress as it is firmer than our last one, but we now find it very comfortable and are really pleased with our purchase.

Best mattress ever

The mattress is so so comfy and haven’t had a bad nights sleep on it! Worth every penny