eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (5074 Reviews)

Great mattress

Read the reviews and the mattress has lived up to its reputation. The delivery date given by the delivery company was different to the Eve website but other than that I am very happy

Great Customer Service and Very Comfertable

I was very impressed with the Customer Service who were available over the phone for any concerns I had and were very precise with the delivery details. In addition, the mattress is incredibly comfertable and giving me the best night’s sleep I have had in a while.

Now getting the best night sleep with eve!

My husband and I had our last matress for a good 7 - 8 years and we were looking for a mattress for a long time. A friend of mine actually recommended eve to us and after some debating and looking at a lot of online reviews, we took the pludge and bought an eve mattress. The delivery ... was soooo much quicker than we thought, and getting it out of the box and unwrapping it was really easy. Now the online reviews we were looking at most people said that their sleep improved straight away but ours took longer as your body's adjust differently, our body's took under a month and now we sleep so much better, we both were suffering with bad backs and I can honestly say both of our backs are so much more rested and we find it hard to get out of bed each morning. The mattress is so soft to touch and it's lovely to lay on, it's very firm and supports your body. Once you get passed that "getting use to it" stage it's really an amazing mattress! Will 100% recommend to anyone I can.

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No more back pain

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Incredibly comfortable and support. My husband is much larger in stature than me. Every mattress I have had caused us to roll together. After 25 years together I am now enjoying my own space. Cannot praise highly enough

Great Nights Sleep from Night 1

Finally dumped our old faithful mattress after too many years. We were a bit sceptical of a mattress arriving by courier in a box, but the eve has proved a great buy.


Best sleep we have had in ages. No aching joints in the morning anymore. Would highly recommend

SLEEP at last.

We have had trouble sleeping for a few years now with different mattress's then purchased a EVE double mattress. Seems like problem solved, we now get a good nights sleep and wake ready for the next day It was no trouble, ordered it on the net came in a couple of days took it ... upstairs and unboxed it on the bed frame after making sure the slats were to the correct gap and good condition. after it had grown back to the size it was we made the bed up and slept a lot better the first night, and better still over the next few nights getting used to how comfortable it was. We now look forward to a good nights sleep every night. We are 77 and 78 years old and can only find one suggestion to make it a little better, and that would be to put some hand grips on to assist turning. I used a webbing strap laid underneath near top and bottom to give 4 holds this worked fine but be nice to have it fixed. BUT STILL does not detract from how comfortable it is, and what it was purchased for in the first place. Thank's EVE we can sleep now had forgotten how nice it was to sleep and waken ready for next day.

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3 days after eve arrived for my new bed I was sleeping snuggly as I haven’t done for years. Now I go to bed early with my book- my favourite room in the house.

Seems bizarre.......

You buy a new mattress, the alarm sounds in the morning, same time as every other morning, but you actually want to get up. Surely if you have spent a few hundred pounds on a mattress, you want to spend more time laying on it?? I must have had a better nights sleep on this mattress ... as I was 'wide awake'.................oh, hang on, I get it now!!!

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superking mattress

bit sceptical when received mattress as it felt hard but to date can't complain but would love a mattress topper to see if it makes a difference

Wake up refreshed!

Med firm mattress, takes few weeks to get used to as its firm & cold at first, but once you do its great, supportive, comfy, my lower back pain has gone. I sleep on back & sides and it works for me.

Life changer

Changed from an unbranded memory foam mattress to the EVE King and I could never go back. The mattress is firm and adapts well to your shape, it can keep you warm when required but also ‘breaths’ in order to keep your body at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Fantastic value ... for the price and a healthy discount from EVE in the sales. 10/10

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Love it!

The eve mattress itself is great! Our quality of sleep since receiving it is superb. The lead time from ordering to delivery was quick and simple. Love it. Not yet completed our 100 nights trial but so far so great!

Excellent Mattress

We've never tried a non-spring mattress before but we have been very pleasantly surprised by the eve mattress! It is the perfect balance of firmness for my partner and I and the next day delivery was great when our initial mattress delivery didn't turn up - we're now ... so glad we have the eve mattress instead!

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Worth The Money

I had been long overdue getting a new mattress and so far (four weeks in) it's lived up to the great reviews - it's incredibly comfy and supports my body whatever position i lie in. I had heard that these types of mattresses can sometimes be less accommodating to larger ... people (I'm 6ft 4" and weigh between 13-14 stone) but I've experienced nothing but comfort. I also have to confess that whilst I had convinced myself that if i need to get a new mattress I might as well get a decent one, I didn't really want to pay out the money for one (old habits of always having to budget). But after my first nights sleep on it I was not only convinced I had made the right decision I was a bit annoyed with myself I hadn't done it sooner. You live and learn. Conclusion: The comfort is more than worth the money. Very highly recommended.

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True Storey - The Mattress - UK Double

My 23 Year old Son & His girlfriend were desperately in need of a new matress, They were forever moaning & groaning when in bed .. or getting up !, Now I know what you are thinking .. where is this going ..We decided it was time to treat them to a new decent mattress, after ... lots of research we decided to try the EVE " The Mattress - UK Double " as there was nothing to loose having the trial / return option fully covered by them. The mattress arrived a day earlier than expected, easy to follow instructions & soon was ready for it's first trial, I explained if they were not happy it could be returned, thats were the trouble started !.. After their first nights sleep they both awoke late and were subsiquently late for work ! , " Sorry I'm late I have a new mattress " is apparently a new original excuse that neither of their employers have heard before ! , They now have to have 3 seperate alarms set in the morning ! So please be warned & purchase with caution as you could well loose your job as a result !

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Very comfortable

The top layer makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud but it is also supportive enough to prevent aches. It was also remarkably easy to order and set up.

Incredible mattress

I’ve suffered from back pain for about 5 years and have not had a restful sleep since. I purchased my Eve mattress in January and can honestly say I have never slept better......the comfort is second to none! Thank you Eve

Great product

Great product never had such great sleep

Eve mattress

Staff were very helpful and friendly. Queries answered quickly. Good company to deal with. Mattress good quality and comfortable.