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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4588 Reviews)

Five nights and Happy

Got over the shambolic delivery process, shipping day is not delivery day even though I had a call the week before to tell me when the mattress would be delivered . . Cost me a day off work ?!! Anyway . . .Loving our Eve mattress which does seem to be living up to the comfort claims, ... interesting to see how the next 90 + days go !! Don't hesitate, definitely worth a try.

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No need to lose your Tempur!

At a fraction of the price we have found luxury. My back and hips are painless within 3 days. We are now unofficial sales members because everyone should have one!!!!

sleeping with EVE

What a revelation!i have slept around for years but believe me a night with EVE has changed my gallervanting,i am now a stay in bed type of chap not wishing to step back into the world i once new,EVE truely changed me forever.She is the best bed mate i have ever had or will ever want ... she is remarkable.

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i was a little concerned that there was only one mattress option but now having bought one it is perfect; not too hard and not too soft. We love it!

Wonderful! Very comfortable.

Love my new mattress. It's so comfortable, cosy, just the right firmness. Had nothing but good nights' sleep so far (2 weeks). Ordering was easy, live online chat was convenient. Very pleased with my purchase.

Eve mattress

Very good for comfort, the only disappointment is the chemical smell which has still not gone away despite airing the room and mattress for two weeks. It is getting a little better, it will be five starts when hopefully this unpleasant smell goes away.

So comfortable

I have arthritis and this mattress has given me the best nights sleep I can remember. It is so smooth and soft, but not too soft. Some of the reviews I read before ordering mentioned a 'smell'. There is the slightest smell when you lie on it at first, but after a week or ... so it disappears. Apart from that there are no negatives about this mattress, and as the smell goes it's not really a negative. It's also the best value for money around. Having checked out similar types from other manufacturers it is by far the best and so much cheaper. Highly recommended, you even have 100 days to return it if you are not happy but I cannot see anyone not being 100% pleased with it.

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When it arrived shrink-wrapped in the box we were a little bit sceptical but OH.MY.GOD we are officially in love! We didn't even realise how badly we were sleeping until our first night on the Eve. Overall the experience has been awesome. The packaging is some of the best I have ... ever seen and the ease of setting it up was a major bonus. All in all, it was worth every penny!

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Very comfortable.

very happy with level of softness yet still firm

Super comfy

Its been over a week now since I took delivery of my Eve Mattress. From night number one I found the mattress extremely comfortable. Having done my research I was concerned it might be too firm for me, but not at all. Its supportive and hugs your body like no other mattress I have ... had before. So far I love it. It does have a certain smell (not a horrible smell) but this seems to be fading with time. Mine is a super king and whilst its great that it came in a box be aware that its very heavy to carry up the stairs. You need two people. Once out of the box its not that heavy at all. Part of me felt the claims were too good to be true but with 100 day money back guarantee I decided to give it a chance. Its only been a week or so but already I am so pleased I did.

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Excellent Customer Service. Verdict Still Out On The Mattress

So far I have experienced excellent customer service. Have been using the mattress now for about 2 weeks but I'm still going to have to wait for a few more weeks before I know for certain about the mattress


a day or two of getting accustomed, but it really provides a perfect sleep, very very happy!

eve 6.6 single

best nights sleep ever and it fits my adjustable bed

Excellent Mattress

I bought the mattress for my mother who is in her mid 70s and she has severe osteoporosis. She was getting very little sleep because of her condition and also because she found her existing foam mattress uncomfortable. After a lot of research and reading some really good reviews of ... the Eve mattress, I started to consider the Eve mattress but I still wasn't sure as we couldn't go and try the mattress out in any retail shops. After speaking to James, I was reassured by him that if my mother didn't like the mattress we could return it any time within the first 100 days. We had nothing to lose and to be honest, after a few days my mother stopped complaining about her lack of sleep. She's now had the mattress 3 months, she now sleeps a lot better during the night and she doesn't talk about it, so from our point of view, that is a success and I would have no hesitation in recommending it. Thank you to everyone at Eve. ps my kids loved the box it came in.

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As advertised

Turned up on time in a biggish sort of box. A bit heavy but a lot easier than a full-on wobbly mattress to move about. Put the box on the bed. Slid out the big yellow slug. Carefully cut the tape and it popped and started hissing. Took the bag off and it grew into a big deep super ... comfy mattress. There were no instructions so I assume I have it the right way up, but just guessing really. With instructions it would be 5*.

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Amazing if you like a firm mattress

I would recommend the eve bed, but only if the person said they liked a firm mattress. I have got used to the firmness now, but at first this was quite a shock. I think our previous mattress, an old but very expensive pocket sprung one, had become more like a hammock. The first night ... on the eve, was actually quite painful. It definitely took a couple of weeks to adjust. I did however notice that my back felt much better during the day immediately after sleeping on the eve. I'm very happy with the quality and think the price is pretty great.

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Genuinely the most comfortable mattress ever!!!

I don't review things very often, but this warranted a review. I'm so shocked by this product. Extremely sceptical at first. But honestly, the best money I've ever spent. I was intending to buy a tempur mattress but I realised I could purchase four of these for the ... same price and took the logic that if it sinks or sags after a couple of years, I would be no worse off! (The jury is still out on that one) Nevertheless so far so good! Highly recommended!

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If you are reading reviews you are obviously not happy with your current mattress and are tempted. Give in too your temptation and purchase, believe me you will not regret it and will not lose any sleep either, absolute no-brainer.

Best mattress you can buy!

Great service, very comfortable without paying the price of the Scandinavian competitor!

Exceedingly comfortable but smelly!

i would have given 5, stars but for the smell of the thing. It is certainly comfortable and my sleep has improved because of it. The smell in the first few days is awful though. It smells of urea. A really strong plastics smell. After researching online I learned that this is normal ... and is called 'gassing off'. However I think you should make this much clearer in advance so we know what to expect or better still pre-air them before you sell them so they don't honk on arrival. I look forward to next week when the smell has gone. Otherwise a very pleasant purchasing delivery and unboxing experience and undoubtedly one of the most comfortable mattresses we have slept on.

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