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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4588 Reviews)

Initial doubts but am now sleeping well

My wife and I have spent many years of fitful sleeping. We looked at the reviews online and chose the Eve Mattress. It duly arrived three days later. Initially I thought the that when I sat on the edge, it seemed to be soft, but actual sleep over the last two weeks has dramatically ... increased. My wife suffers from leg pains at night, but says she is now relatively free of them. Very happy with my purchase. So much, that I have destroyed the box, kept in case I had to send the mattress back!

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Eve mattress so comfy.

well we have had our mattress for just over a week and so glad my wife found this web site. was a bit wary not going trying it out in shop but with the 100 day returns could not go wrong. But the best thing is it's the most comfy mattress we have slept on a dream. Some reviews ... mentioned the smell well there was a slight smell but only when you went into the bedroom for a few nights but nothing off putting, well worth it for a goods night sleep. Thanks again two happy customers.

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Wonderful mattress

We struggled a bit wrestling it out of the bag, but it was definitely worth the effort. Super comfortable from the first night - very happy, and excellent fast delivery too.

I am finding the mattress uncomfortable.

I have slept for 6 nights now and find the bed uncomfortable. I wake mid sleep with back pain and have to turn on my side to get back to sleep. I find the surface to soft and the outside edges of the bed seem to give way more than the centre of the bed. It feel inconsistent in its ... support.

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Amazingly comfortable!

Amazingly comfortable!


Aged 91 I was hesitant about buying a new mattress without trial. Being disabled I could not visit shops to try. In fear and trembling I sent for an Eve mattress, but need not have worried. It is just the right firmness without being hard and I slept on it like a log the first night, ... finding it very comfortable indeed. Have now ordered another for my spare room bed and I am sure my guests will appreciate it. Thank you for designing such a brilliant mattress.

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Great mattress

I have been very impressed with the Eve Mattress. I would describe the feel as quite firm but very comfortable. I have found the mattress to be quite warm. I think for the price this really is an excellent quality mattress. I would not hesitate in recommending the Eve Mattress to ... others.

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Beautiful packaging, heavenly sleep and great customer services

The whole experience with eve has been a delight. From the way the mattress comes in a box, to the fantastic delivery process and most importantly the supreme comfort and great sleep

King size mattress

Simply put: The best mattress I have ever slept on. I wake up feeling rejuvenated from a good night's sleep.

Love, love, love

I have had my eve for a month now and it has changed the way we sleep. An absolute delight! Thank you eve


got my mattress love it , it took a few nights to get used to it but now I look forward to going to bed and sleep in comfort I would recommend to anyone

One comfortable mattress

ive now moved into my new bedroom with my Eve mattress and so far I love it. It's really confortable. The only problem is I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings.

Outstanding service

I have used a Tempur Classic for 15 years and was looking for a replacement. I found Eve a touch too soft and returned it under their 100 days free trial which went very smoothly. I recommend the Eve without hesitation for a home trial.

Comfortable but rather warm

the mattress is very comfortable and I can see that it would suit most people, however, purchase a mattress protector as well as the mattress is warmer than our previous, ordinary mattress. I supports our backs well and it is easy to turn over in bed, unlike on a Tempur, sorry :) ... Despite the warmth I still enjoy it and have been reccommending it to friends.

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We have been sleeping with Eve for the last two weeks. With our old mattress we both woke up feeling sore and getting out of bed was a load of moans and groans about the aches and pains and for mid to late 40's shouldnt be the case. We are both getting a better nights sleep with ... Eve as my husband is not tossing and turning as much as he did (infact I don't notice him tossing and turning anymore). With regard to the aches, pains and agility, my husband had noticed the aches in his ankles are no longer present and I no longer get out of bed stooped over feeling like I am 80 yrs old and taking a few minutes to straighten up. It's only been two weeks but definitely an improvement in the quality of sleep, not all the aches and pains have gone but it's early days and I think it is time to visit the physio to get the rest of the aches sorted as I know they relate to a previous back injury.

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Super Sleeps!!

What can I say what hasn't been said already? fantastic mattress at a great price! Try the EVE Mattress before you buy anything else you won't be sorry.

Amazing experience

we love our eve mattress. Genuinely the most comfortable nights sleep ever! The bed now feels an extra foot wider too!

We love it!

It's only been 6 nights so far, but it is a very comfy mattress! We decided to go for it because of the 100 day trial and the free delivery. It arrived quickly too :-) We've never tried a memory foam mattress before and it is a bit different but it is extremely comfortable, ... I would definitely recommend trying an eve mattress!

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Fantastic mattress, service and so comfortable that we bought a second!

Fantastic, much cooler than memory foam

We were forced to buy a new mattress because our current one would not go upstairs in our new home. We chose Eve due to the fast delivery times and the fact the mattress came in a box. At first we found it quite firm, but the mattress quickly adjusts to your body shape and becomes ... super comfortable within minutes. Our previous mattress was a memory foam top on a sprung base and we found it heated up a fair bit. With Eve the latex layer means it doesn't heat much at all. We're looking to upgrade our kid's mattresses too

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