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eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (4739 Reviews)


We’re loving our new Eve mattress. Night and day difference compared to our old mattress and a great night’s sleep every night.

Mattress brilliant....

First of all let me say the mattress is brilliant. We looked at all the major box brands, watched all the YouTube videos, visited all the review sites and decided Eve was the best. We bought two and couldn’t be happier. Customer service are lovely but delivery issues seems to be ... a real problem for ALL online mattress companies! We chose Eve as they had the better delivery reputation. Sadly not so we paid for next day and it simply never arrived. I was assured by two lovely girls at Customer Service they could deliver Monday and not next day as I’m never here Fridays. Guess what - I get a phone call Friday to say the men are on the doorstep! Great mattress but be prepared to take 3 days of work to make sure you’re in when they decide to deliver!

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Thank you Eve for a great nights sleep!

I was interested in the Eve mattress because it is so difficult getting a mattress up the narrow steep stairs to my loft room, this mattress was a breeze. The tight form factor meant I could manoeuvre the stairs with ease and as advertised the mattress sprang to life several hours ... later and I had the best nightssleep ever! It’s amazing how long it takes to recognise your old mattress is causing you pain but to wake up no longer aching after a nights sleep is a revelation. I now look forward to getting into my bed every night and actually waking up refreshed. Thank you Eve!

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Best nights sleep in a loooooooong time

This mattress is really amazing and we would recommend it to more waking up with a stiff back and lying in with a cup of coffee in the mornings is a real pleasure again. It was delivered within a couple days and from the very first night we`ve really noticed the difference. ... Worth every penny

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Foaming Marvellous

Wow. So pleased with our Eve mattress. Both our sleeping has improved immeasurably. Believe the hype!

Eve king size mattress

I’d been looking for a new mattress for a while. And saw eve had a sale on and decided to take the plunge and I mean plunge this mattress is the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had the mattress for a few weeks now and am really impressed. Would recommend to anyone. ... I thought it was a lot of money at the time but now I think it’s the best money I’ve spent in quite some time. Great mattress. Ck

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The best bedtime....ever!

We knew we needed a new mattress but we didn't know we needed an eve mattress. Every night is like climbing inside a marshmallow and the most unexpected, but pleasant, surprise is how warm it is. Such a huge difference to our old mattress. We are very impressed. Don't expect ... this one to get returned for a refund. Keep our money - we're having the best nights sleeps we've ever had.

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Like a cloud

Service was excellent and mattrace so far is firm but soft at the same time. You don't sink inside like on other memory foam mattresses. My back pain is gone!

Finally a good nights sleep!

I have suffered from poor sleep quality for years. I’d also put it down to my mattress but never got around to buying a new one. Finally in January we decided to bite the bullet. The 100 night free trial was a huge incentive as we knew we wouldn’t get stuck with a mattress we ... hated. After taking delivery of our mattress (which arrived within a couple of days!) we were so excited to get into bed. The first few days however I struggled to get used to it, I thought this is going straight back! But I am so glad I stuck with it, I now sleep better than I ever have!

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King size Eve mattress

Absolutely love our mattress. As you lie in bed you feel yourself sink into the mattress as it wraps around you. Can’t believe I waited this long to buy one!

Sleeping like a baby

I’m waking up so refreshed after a good nights sleep. Can’t rate my Eve mattress highly enough.

Say goodbye to hip, lower back, shoulder and neck ache.

For the past 18-24 months, I had slowly developed aches and pains in my hips, lower back, shoulders and neck requiring various scans, steroid injections, blood tests and physio sessions which simply weren't getting any better. We had changed mattresses around about the same time ... but I didn't initially put two and two together. Eventually, just after Christmas I took the plunge and purchased the eve mattresses based on it's Which Best Buy rating. Within a week, my symptoms had improved significantly and one month later I am symptom free! I have also purchased the original pillow to complement the mattress. Yes, it is a firm mattress but I am very happy with it.

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It really is as good as they say

So we were thinking for almost two years we wanted to get an eve matress. We chose eve because it stuck out the most to us, compared to the other companies similar on the market. Plus their bedding is amazing so 💁‍♀️. To not feel your parnter moving much on the other side ... is amazing. Not feeling like your rolling into the middle of the bed. It's nice and firm. Just what we wanted with a little bit of squidge but not like you'd expect from memory foam. The others I have experienced sort of engulf you and you feel a but stuck. Too marks for this company. The top layer unzips for washing too which is amaze. Plus it's super smooth and soft. Only problem is getting up in the winter mornings now it's too nice to stay in bed. Thank you eve. I don't think I'll be sending this back 💕

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Worth every single last penny

We've had a few mattresses over the years, ranging from too firm to too soft. We've recently moved and decided after much looking around to buy an Eve mattress. I can honestly say I love it. Its firm enough, soft in the right places and I actually feel like I'm having ... a sleep. Whats best is my partner doesn't wake when I move which was often an issue with our previous mattress. We love it so much we're even considering buying the double for the spare room so when we have friends and family stay over they can have a decent sleep!

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Good but not great

... Good delivery and easy to set up. After 4 weeks still a bit smelly! Mattress is comfortable and certainly seems to be supportive but also cushioned around the pressure points (hips and shoulders). However do find the edges are too soft and squishy and in need of a little more support

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Super comfortable and supportive

We bought this mattress few months back and I am really enjoying my time spent on bed. Every time I look at my bed I just can’t wait to be bed time. Have had in past so many different ones; even the very expensive one can’t compare to my new Eve mattress. It’s very supportive ... but at the same time not hard or soft. It doesn’t require much effort to turn around and I feel that regardless of being on the side, front or back- I am always comfortable. I can’t believe that this time I’ve chosen the right mattress considering how many are out there. Done me reasearch for weeks; what a headache and based on statistics and 100 nights trial offer period - I went for it! No regrets- this one is staying!!

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Best investment I have made!

I was really nervous about making such a big investment in a mattress. But the eve mattress is incredible. I have never slept so well. It is so comfortable. It is worth every penny!!

Super King

This mattress is AWESOME! Very comfortable and spacious, everything you could want

Delighted of Bournemouth

Excellent service throughout and delighted with our new Eve. My wife suffers with arthritis and difficulty sleeping and our new Eve has made an enormous difference. Thank you.

Pregnancy sleep bliss!

My husband and myself had promised ourselves a new mattress when we moved to our first home together. What we didn’t realise what that we would be pregnant before that move in January 2019. So it meant 16 weeks of our old old mattress, and a couple of nights on a air bed that I’d ... rather forget. A week before moving we bought an Eve mattress to be delivered the first day of our move... Blissful. Blissful. Blissful. This mattress has been a life-changer. The support and comfort is so wonderful. What made the process all the easier was the quick turnaround for delivery and also the great customer service. I would highly recommend this mattress (Baby does too!!).

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