eve original mattress reviews

  • 4.6/5 (5074 Reviews)

Eve is awesome

Best mattress ever. My friend recommended eve to me and I was comfortable to try the 0% interest. Now I have a really restful sleep at night

Pleasantly Surprised

... Very sceptical when I bought the mattress but thought well got 100 nights to make my mind up. I liked the soft feel and how light it is as I have an ottoman bed this is very handy. Well have gone over the 100 nights now and am glad I made the change. Thanks Eve keep up the good work

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Total comfort

Best comfortable sleep experience ever. Can't believe that I left it so long before ordering. Bed warms up instantly. No more freezing feet. Highly recommended.

Great service

Eve provided a really great service. Delivered with ease, in time. Very comfortable mattress, just perhaps a little hot from time to time, but much cooler than my previous memory foam mattress.

Best night sleep

I love this mattress. I was suffering from a bad back and not much sleep before I got this. Now I feel fantastic when I wake up and get a really god nights sleep every night. Best purchase ever

Eve mattress

We finally decided to ditch an old extra deep spring mattress due to a sag under our bodies. The free trial convinced us to try an eve and it is super. Initially you look and think it’s thin but then plumps up after a few hours. It does take a few days to adjust as it is an interesting ... mix of firm underneath and soft on top. I struggle with my back but have had no issues with this. I can’t feel my wife move in the night and there is no issue with the edges squashing down. Overall a great decision to purchase, just wish we had done so years ago.

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Best Mattress I’ve slept on

I love my new Eve mattress it’s very comfortable to sleep on. Since I’ve had it I get a good night sleep and don’t wake up with aches and pains now like I used to.

Best sleep in years!

I got my Eve Mattress out of a need for decent sleep! And it has not disappointed!

Very happy pre teen

The five stars are for the mattress and Eve customer services. My daughter says it's the best sleep she's ever had. We had an issue with our mattress not being delivered but eves customer services dealt with it promptly, I advised Eve of the poor (Tufnells)delivery service ... as the mattress arrived a day late and the box was in a dreadful state but thankfully the mattress itself was still in perfect condition due to how well it was packaged.

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Well worth it

I didn't know much about the eve mattress before I got one, now I know I'd never buy a spring mattress again! Great purchase well worth the money.

Can you adam and eve it!

Had a foam memory mattress that was comfy but gave me a bad back. Bought an Eve mattress. Delivery was pronto, unpacking easy and whipped that bad boy on the bed. Felt a little hard to begin with and took a couple of days to get used to, my wife now swears she has never slept so soundly ... (as a light sleeper), and my bad back is much less bad now and out on my sports motorbike much more. Definite recommend and UK made too. G8 mattress and sleeping so soundly now, get that bad boy !

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Sleeping at last!

Finally I am getting a good nights sleep! From day one of trying the Eve mattress I felt more comfortable and started sleeping better. It really does live up to the claims made and my mattress won't be going back after 100 nights.

Ivan's Eve.

Just rotated our mattress! as easy a job as i've ever done with any of our previous mattresses. We sleep a little warmer than before, but using two lightweight duvets we find temperature .regulation is so far easy. The comfort experienced is better than we had hoped for, there ... is no feeling of sliding either way and after a few seconds any shift we make is adjusted for by the mattress and our rest is only minimally affected. All in all it seems to be a worthwhile investment.

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Great product

My wife and I bought the mattress after struggling with a competitor’s product. Ordering the mattress was easy and delivery straightforward. Other reviews mentioned a chemical smell when first opened, we noticed it slightly but it was not a problem at all for us. Our first ... night’s sleep was fantastic compared with the previous mattress and we have slept well since. We’d highly recommend an eve mattress to anyone who is looking for a new mattress.

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Good experience

Incorrect tracking info sent via delivery company, but Ibgit straight through to someone at Eve. They kept me updated and called back early next day as promised. Also very pleased with my new mattress :)

just what I hoped for

We needed a firmer mattress due to my back problem. The eve offers the right balance between support and comfort - a great choice.

This is our third Eve

This is our third Eve mattress, As before, the mattress was delivered very quickly. This was to replace our memory foam mattress and we have been delighted with the choice. Not only is Eve almost acth

So far so good! Would recommend!

We received our Eve mattress a bit more than a month ago and, so far, have been more than happy with it. Having moved into a new home, we wanted to invest in a good night's sleep, and so far we have 0 complaints. It has the right level of give/firmness and have yet to experience ... a restless night. I must say, we tend to be good sleepers to start with - no real trouble falling asleep and such - but our Eve mattress has allowed us to sleep in comfort from the very first night. The delivery was without issue. While the box was a bit battered on arrival, the mattress itself was safe in its plastic wrapping. All we had to do was position the mattress where we wanted it and pierce the plastic wrapping for the mattress to take it's shape. Cool to watch! All in all - a good investment so far, being 37 days in!

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My back pain gone

I have never slept better so supportive and can’t feel my partner move in the night anymore.

UK Double mattress

Terrific mattress, no more aches and pains. Has done my bad back a world of good, can't recommend enough.