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eve hybrid mattress reviews

  • 4.7/5 (448 Reviews)

Eve hybrid mattress

The Eve hybrid is the comfiest mattresses I've ever had, we used a voucher so it wasn't hugely expensive, worth the money!

Sleep like a baby

Awkward sleeping habit On my chest and used to get up 2 or more times Since getting Eve mattress have sound sleep

would recommend

have had a bad back for at least 10 years whilst sleeping on a "top of the range" memory foam mattress - thought it was just my back that was the issue until I changed to an Eve mattress and miraculously I can now sleep through night and wake up without pain.


What can I say, but I’ve never slept so well since having the new eve mattress thanks.

Lives up to the hype

Loved it from the first night - super comfortable and moulds to your body to support without being soft. I love the stability - no rolling into the middle or being woken up when hubby gets into bed. Highly recommended

A revelation!

We'd had a memory foam mattress for about 7 years when we decided to get this hybrid from Eve, and it has made a massive difference to our sleep. The mattress has the perfect balance of "give" and support, it has really improved my sleep: I'm waking up much more ... rested and relaxed. Just wish I'd bought it earlier!

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Hybrid mattress

The mattress is great so far. Not had it even for a month but the courier and that eve use are hopeless and communication between eve and the courier is also poor. Otherwise I would have had a pleasant customer service experience with the company. I should add that ‘eve’ did everything ... they could to resolve the issue.

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Best mattress I’ve ever had

I recently bought the eve king hybrid mattress and I can’t fault it. I was looking for a mattress that was soft but still supportive for my back and the mattress has done wonders for my back pain in the morning. Just the night sleep I get with it is amazing I feel so refreshed. ... The only downfall is it’s now harder to get out of bed in the morning.

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... The hybrid mattress doesn't give me as much pain in my shoulders as my last spring one. I look forward to sleeping on it. I feel it will be too warm in summer so I'll need to buy a cotton mattress topper. Also it's quite thin so it will help the deep duvet covers fit.

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Great mattress

Fast shipping, good service, great mattress. Medium firm is perfect, hybrid is not too warm but super comfy. Well worth it!


1. unpacks very easily. 2. smells of rubber when unpacked - Febreze kills it :). Definitely the best sleep i have had in yonks, without doubt the dogs dangly bits of mattresses :) :) :)

A sense of thinness....

The hybrid eve felt rather thin and we didn't really feel supported fully or comfortable. Although we slept through we often felt unrested with dull aches in hips and especially the lower back.....

Great nights sleep

Me and my girlfriend and now sleeping so much better after using this mattress. 10 out of 10 would recommend


Let's start with the delivery.. very very quick and efficient. Next, packaging and unraveling. Exceptionally compact so it was very easy to transport upstairs. Finally, the mattress quality and comfort. Really a level way beyond our old sprung mattress. Sleeping on my side has ... become a comfortable way to sleep now, no pressure on my hip and shoulders. The mattress has just the right level of absorption to make any position comfortable, whilst still keeping me just the right temperature - not too hot (I'm a hot sleeper!). This has radically improved my quality of sleep now.

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Happy sleepers

Had the eve original for a while decided we'd like to try the hybrid when we upgraded to a king. Haven't been disappointed. Easy delivery easy set up and a good night's sleep!

Eve has changed my life

The Eve hybrid matress is amazing has completely stopped my back pain I was getting from my old matress. Only downfall to is that it is very hot but does seem to be calming down over time. But all round I would highly recommend this matress to anyone.

Fantastic beds

We like the mattresses so much we've bought four!

Support with bounce!! Worth every penny

Swamped with choice and which best buys I was unsure which new mattress to get, I studied the Which list and chose the Eve Hybrid which was in the top 3 but much better priced. Have not looked back since. Great support from the 150 springs but with all the benefits of multi layered ... foam. Best of both worlds. Should have bought this ages ago!

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Just perfect

Just perfect

The Hybrid Mattress exceeds expectations!

Product and service from eve was exceptional throughout. Unfortunately the courier did not deliver on the day they were scheduled and bizarrely my mattress was returned to eve without any reasoning. In spite of this, eve were very swift to rearrange delivery. I love my new mattress. ... Exceptionally comfortable, definitely the best I have had.

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