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the sloth

The nation’s favourite twinkle toes (sorry, Anton Du Beke) is finally ready to shimmy its way over to your bedroom. So put on your favourite song and crank it up. Because it’s time to wake up dancing.

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Full Specifications

what am I made of?

  • 100% polyester

how big am I?

  • height: 36cm
  • depth: 8.5cm
  • width: 19cm

how to look after me

  • hand wash only
once upon a time...

once upon a time...

...a family went to Costa Rica after watching one too many David Attenborough documentaries.

Enamoured with the docile cuteness of sloths at a local sanctuary, they picked up a gorgeous toy sloth at the gift shop for their daughter. It was the perfect cuddle buddy, soft, sweet and seemingly sleepy.

But this little sloth had bigger ambitions. This cuddly sloth wasn’t like all the other sleepy, slothy counterparts. Oh no. It dreamed of something better. Something faster, snappier and jazzier. A quickstep to replace its slow climb. It wanted a top hat and cane, instead of moss-lined fur. But the sloth believed a dancer’s life was out of reach. How does a slow, snoozy sloth find Fred Astaire’s fleet footedness?

Want to continue the story? Get comfy under the covers and read more here.

Our dancing sloth is awesome, but its mates in the wild are pretty amazing, too. Read 14 fascinating sloth facts right here.

your ultimate morning playlist

your ultimate morning playlist

You and your dance-loving sloth need the ultimate morning soundtrack. So we rounded up the best feel-good tunes guaranteed to have you leaping out of your bed and dancing around your bedroom. Air guitar optional, but highly recommended.

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