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Being hot and bothered has its time and place, but not when you fancy a kip. Here are 3 natural ways to lower your body temperature so you can sleep more comfortably.
3 natural ways to lower your *body temperature* for sleep

Whether you sleep next to a partner who seems to transform into a radiator at night, get the sweats due to medication, breastfeeding, or the menopause, or it's simply a scorcher of an evening, being too hot can play havoc with your sleep. But did you know there are 3 natural ways to lower your body temperature? Here’s how you can eat your way to cooler snoozings.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body needs to carry out over 300 chemical reactions. What’s especially brilliant about it is that it also helps to regulate your body temperature. Now that’s pretty cool (pun intended). 

5 ways to eat more magnesium:

  1. dark chocolate (wahoo)
  2. avocado
  3. nuts and seeds (flax, pumpkin and chia)
  4. legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas)
  5. tofu

vitamin E

For all those suffering with menopausal symptoms out there, get your hands on some Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to ease hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disruption, bladder urgency and leaking. We’re starting to believe the ‘E’ stands for epic.

5 ways to eat more vitamin E:

  1. wheat germ (you can sprinkle it on cereal or yoghurt)
  2. almonds
  3. broccoli
  4. spinach
  5. squash 


Chamomile is usually made into a tea that can help you fall asleep, but it’s also great at cooling you down. That’s because of its antispasmodic abilities that relax your muscles. When we’re all hot and bothered we tend to tense up, and this can put stress on our muscles. Chamomile helps to relax them so they can get rid of that unbearable heat.

5 ways to eat more chamomile:

  1. mix dried chamomile into frosting for a lovely floral-tasting cake
  2. pop some camomile and passionflower CBD oil under your tongue
  3. create a delicious mocktail by adding brewed and cooled chamomile tea to lemonade with a dash of fruit juice
  4. cook rice with a chamomile teabag for a delicious subtle taste to a savoury dish
  5. or just have a good old-fashioned cup of chamomile tea