double mattresses

Whether you’re starfishing solo or snuggling up to your loved one, a double mattress will give you plenty of space without taking up the whole room. We do bigger mattresses, but a double bed mattress is a great solution if your bedroom is a little on the smaller side.

6 products

6 products

how big is a double mattress?

A UK double mattress is 135cm x 190cm (that’s 53 x 75 inches or 4.4 x 6.2 feet, for those who think imperial).


double down

the benefits of a double mattress

A double is the perfect size for stretching out, without swallowing up the whole room. We have five brilliant choices to pick from depending on your sleep preference and budget. Rest assured all our mattresses are made from the highest quality materials, to give whoever’s bedding down comfort, support and breathability.

who will suit a double mattress?

The perfect upgrade for a growing teen, for couples who enjoy snuggling up, or for smaller spare rooms where a single bed just won’t cut it.

will it fit my bedroom?

Good question. Getting out the tape measure is a good place to start. Once you’ve double-checked the dimensions, ask yourself a few questions. Will there be enough room to walk around the bed? Will your bedside drawers still open? Will the bedroom door open freely? Will you be able to open the doors of your wardrobe or en-suite bathroom? Is there an easy flow of movement around the room? As for getting it up the stairs, all our mattresses are delivered in a box, so there won’t be any ‘Ross from Friends’ moments.

1 year trial

Want to make sure a double suits you and your partner and your room? Give it a go. Snooze on it for up to 365 nights and if you’re still not in love, we’ll sort out collection and refund your money in a jiffy - no questions asked.