memory foam mattresses


      Forget you ever had a bad night’s sleep with our spring-free memory foam mattresses, designed for the brilliant support you need to make your mornings feel that little bit brighter. Or if you prefer a touch of springy-ness, check out our hybrid mattress range.

      3 products

      3 products

      what is a memory foam mattress?

      A memory foam mattress is a spring free mattress that’s made purely from foam. Whereas traditional memory foam is thought of as sinky, stuffy and a bit underwhelming, all of the eve memory foam mattresses are made with layers upon layers of next generation breathable memory foam that’ll support you all the way to ‘jump out of bed’ type mornings. Need a hand deciding on a mattress? Take a gander at our mattress comparison guide.


      how long do memory foam mattresses last?

      We usually recommend that you replace your mattress after 7 to 8 years of use, though we did some tests which showed that eve mattresses keep their comfiness for up to 10. That’s where our handy 10 year warranty comes in.

      As with all things in life, how long your mattress lasts is down to how much ELC (eve loving care) you put into it. We recommend that you rotate your eve mattress by 180 degrees every 30 days for the first 6 months, then every 3 months after that to ensure even wear and tear. You can do this by picking up the mattress by the handles, which are stitched underneath or on the sides to make it a bit easier to shift (we’re good like that). It’s best if you have an extra pair of hands to help. Never flip a memory foam mattress - you should always be sleeping on the top side, which is why rotating is the way.
      And if you’re wondering how to clean a memory foam mattress, all of ours come with a zip-offable, washable cover which you can bung in the wash for squeaky clean sleep. Don’t ever clean the memory foam underneath the cover as doing so might void your warranty. Check out our mattress cleaning guide for more nifty tips and tricks


      are memory foam mattresses good for your back?

      If you’re wondering whether eve memory foam mattresses are good for your back, the answer’s a resounding yes. Whether you want to go for the original or the premium mattress, all of them come with layer upon layer of ultra supportive foam that’s packed with contour zone technology (fancy, eh?) to relieve pressure on your back, shoulders and hips.

      And no matter which memory foam mattress you choose, they all have the same medium firm feel, zero motion transfer (that means no jiggling when your sleep partner turns over), no sinky feeling and oodles of breathability so that you stay cool as a cucumber while you sleep. Clever stuff if you ask us.


      memory foam vs hybrid mattresses: what’s the difference?

      The difference between our foam and hybrid mattresses is that the hybrids are a mix of spring and foam rather than pure foam itself. As we want all of our mattresses to give you the stellar sleep you need to wake up dancing, we made sure the hybrids have the same great support, breathability and firmness as the foams. Take a look at the hybrids to see if the best of both worlds tickles your pickle