mattress buying guide

Like finding a perfectly fitting pair of shoes, choosing the best mattress can be a bit of a head scratch. But it doesn’t have to be. There might be lots of mattress types out there, but here you can find out exactly what we offer (and why choosing an eve could be the best thing since beans on toast).

types of mattresses

Foam. Pocket sprung. Latex. Orthopaedic. Hybrid. Phew... If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress and your head’s feeling a bit skew-whiff, we get it.

Thing is, at eve we’re all about quality, not quantity. So we’ve perfected 2 types of mattresses that have been meticulously designed (fancy, eh?) to give our customers the top notch kip they need to rise and shine. Here’s what you need to know.

foam mattresses

There are foam mattresses. Then there are eve foam mattresses. Without sounding like an M&S ad, there really is something to our foam. Unlike the traditional sinky stuff, ours is delightfully supportive. And we use layer upon layer of different foams that are made to cushion you in all the right places while you kip.

hybrid mattresses

If you’re torn between a foam or spring mattress, the hybrid’s your ticket to the best of both worlds. We use full sized pocket springs and pack them between layers of our top notch foam for a real treat come bedtime. In fact, they’re so gloriously comfy that 2 of our hybrids won a 2020 Which? Best Buy Award. Pretty cool stuff.

And because we know that you lovely lot are into variety, we created 3 types of each mattress. For the simplicity types, the in-betweeners and the luxury lovers.

lighter mattresses

20 cm depth

Lighter but no less mighty-er, lighter mattresses are a top notch choice for anyone who wants stellar eve comfort but a little less stretch on the wallet.

original mattresses

25 cm depth

Our very first mattress was an original mattress in foam. And sleepy Brits loved it so much that we went on to make a hybrid version, too.

premium mattresses

28 cm depth

If you’re looking for a Rolls Royce-type mattress experience, then a premium’s for you. We packed in more bells and whistles than ever before.

Hot tip: We’ve made it easy peasy to compare all of our types of mattresses with our nifty mattress comparison tool. Simply use the drop-downs on the page to discover the different spring counts, foam layers, contour zones and everything else. Nice.


what’s the best mattress firmness?

Some like it firm. Some like it soft. So really, it’s completely up to you. But if you want something that’s comfy yet supportive, then an eve mattress could be for you. All of ours sit on the medium firm end of the scale, which means they’re not stiff like a board, but they’re also not going to let you sink.

We’ve found this sweet spot suits all kinds of sleepers, and the addition of clever support zones within each mattress keeps your bony bits supported and the pressure off your spine all night long. The result? You wake up full of top-to-toe ‘ahhhhs’.


what’s the best mattress for side sleepers?

Interestingly, whether you’re a side sleeper, ceiling gazer, tummy flopper or a bit-of-everything-er, our sublime mattresses have you covered. So we don’t just offer mattresses for side sleepers, but for all sleeper types. Here’s why.

  • side sleepers: We find that side sleepers benefit from their shoulders and hips being gently supported. Too hard a mattress and you’re going to be in pain; too soft a mattress and you won’t be supported enough. That’s why we went with a medium firm feel for each and added nifty pocket springs to our hybrid mattresses which help to further relieve pressure on your bony bits. Thank us later.
  • back sleepers: While you’re punching out zzz’s on your back and dreaming about your breakfast pancakes, your lower back might be in need of some support. Same goes for your hips, neck and shoulders, especially if they sink into your mattress. Thankfully, the medium firm feel of our mattresses keeps everything aligned and nicely cushioned, making them an ideal choice for back sleepers.
  • front sleepers: Ah, ye olde tummy flopping technique. It’s a comfy one, but it can take its toll on your back and shoulders. The good news is that the medium firm feel of our mattresses helps to keep your spine aligned and take the pressure of your back due to layer upon layer of lovely jubbly foam (and springs in the case of the hybrids). Plus, each mattress has unique contour zones, so you can (literally) rest assured that you’re being supported in all the right places.
  • all-rounders: If you wriggle through the night and often wake up in a different position to the one you slept in, you’re an all-rounder. Luckily, our mattresses are non-motion transfer, so you won’t wake up your sleeping partner (or furry friend) as you move. Plus, we find that toss-and-turners tend to get a bit hotter at night than other sleepers, so each of our mattresses is made with breathable foam that stops things getting stuffy. Clever, eh?

choosing the right mattress size

First thing’s first: all of our mattresses come in standard UK sizes. So if you plan on getting an eve mattress (we’ll try to hide our excitement), we can guarantee that you won’t be getting any dodgy sizing.

That being said, it’s probably worth checking your current mattress size if you’re planning on buying the same one. Or measuring up the space you’re working with to find the perfect mattress size to fill it. Our mattress size guide can help you with that. We’ve detailed everything you need to know from our smallest single size mattresses up to our indulgent super king mattresses (ooo err).


looking after your mattress

We get it. Caring for a mattress isn’t as hard as, say, looking after a puppy. But it turns out our mattresses do benefit from a bit of ELC (eve loving care) every now and then.

From unboxing your mattress the right way (yup, there’s a knack to it) to making sure you know the tips and tricks for looking after it in the long run, our mattress care guide has you covered for all things mattress care. And our mattress cleaning guide covers how you can deal with surprise spills, thrills and everything in-between. That way you can get the most out of your mattress for many moons to come.

other handy bits ‘n’ bobs

The fun doesn’t stop there. We knocked our heads together to think of some other handy things you might need to know when finding the best mattress for you.

  • 1 year trial: Each of our sublime mattresses comes with a 1 year trial. So if you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether a foam or hybrid is for you, or a lighter, original or premium, you can try whichever one you choose for a splendid 365 nights.
  • Reviews: They say the proof is in the pudding. So instead of us banging on about how delightful our mattresses are, take a look at our Trustpilot reviews. There’s a reason 8 out of 10 people say they sleep better on an eve mattress, after all.