We are proud to offer a 10 year warranty on any new mattress purchased from our website. 

Our Warranty means that we will repair or replace any part of a defective qualifying product due to faulty materials free of charge within the relevant Warranty period

There are some important additional conditions and exclusions to the Warranty which are set out below.

where does the warranty apply?

The 10 Year Warranty (1 year on refurbished products purchased through evesleep.co.uk) is given to all customers purchasing a qualifying product who are resident in, and have had the product delivered to an address, in Great Britain. The Warranty does not apply when the product(s) are taken outside of Great Britain.

The Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser

what the warranty covers

This warranty covers the following defects in materials and workmanship of an eve mattress that has only been under normal usage and proper care in accordance with eve guidance.

  • Spring unit failure
  • Side stitching coming apart
  • Excessive indentation or sag as long as that indentation or sag has not resulted from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, as long as the mattress has not been handled improperly
  • Concerning the mattress cover only, any manufacturing defect in the zipper assembly or the fabric of the mattress cover. As noted below, a defect relating to the mattress cover alone will not entitle you to a replacement eve mattress, just the cover itself.
  • Any mattress that falls outside of a +/-2cm tolerance for the nominated sizes in the product description.

what the warranty does not cover

The 10 Year Warranty does not cover products sold as ‘Clearance’, ‘Refurbished’ or ‘Ex-display’ from our showrooms or website

By way of example of what is not covered, please see the following list (although there can be other things too which are not covered):

  • Our mattresses are designed to work to their optimum level when paired with an eve bed frame. A mattress which fails having been used on a non-compatible base, or a bedstead where the gaps between the slats are greater than 70mm. will not be protected under the terms of this warranty. 70mm is the max size between slats recommended for use by the National Bed Federation (NBF)
  • Products which have not been maintained in accordance with washing and/or care instructions supplied
  • We've tested eve to support individual sleepers up to 20 stone/130 kg. We don't yet have any data on tests for sleepers above that weight, so we would not recommend this.
  • Comfort preference
  • Use other than normal domestic use
  • Physical abuse or damage to the mattress which causes defects such as burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage or stains
  • Mould, dirt or smells resulting from poor mattress care
  • Normal wear and tear that occurs under standard domestic use and handling
  • Any claim made other than for the benefit of the original purchaser
  • Replacement of an eve mattress due to defective cover. If you purchase a mattress and only the cover is defective (and not the mattress), we will only replace the cover and not the whole mattress
  • Any mattress (whether manufactured by Eve or not) sold by a reseller who is not an authorised eve sleep reseller at the time of purchase
  • Any mattress not opened within 6 weeks of the date of delivery
  • Any mattress sold with wording indicating that the mattress is not “new” or of “first quality”, or has previously been purchased or used by someone else with the exception of official refurbished product sold via evesleep.co.uk
  • We reserve the right to refuse to collect and/or dispose of any unsanitary mattress
  • Any claim against this warranty that is not made by contacting the eve customer support team via this form

If you believe there is a defect which is covered by this warranty, you should fill out this form to our eve customer support team. Our team will send you questions and photographs instructions which you are required to complete in order to open a warranty claim. Failure to answer or send photographs for the warranty claim may result in a delay or closing of your warranty case. Our production team may decide to have your mattress returned to us (eve will cover the shipping and return costs that would incur) for further evaluation by eve. Any evidence we receive regarding the potential warranty claim will be cross-examined and evaluated by eve. When we have received the evidence that is required, we will decide at our sole, reasonable discretion if your claim is covered under the warranty.

  • If you have a successful warranty claim, we will either repair or replace it with the same or comparable mattress at our cost. The delivery of replaced or repaired mattresses is only available to the country in which the original order was delivered. With our 10 year warranty, this does not include the right to a refund. The warranty only covers replacements of successful warranty claims. Should we repair or replace your product under our Warranty, then the repaired or replaced product will not have a new Warranty in itself but will instead enjoy the benefit of the remaining term of any original Warranty.

You have a right to have alternative testing conducted on your mattress if you decide. However, we’ll need to be notified of any assessment or testing before they take place. All assessments and testing must be undertaken by either a UKAS accredited test lab or a NBF member for the final report to be accepted. If found faulty, we will reimburse you for any reasonable costs of testing subject to you providing adequate proof.

Once we have made a decision, there can be no further claims considered for the next 6 months.

your rights

The Warranty is in addition to your statutory rights (under the Consumer Rights Act) which are not affected by this Warranty. Further advice in relation to your statutory rights is available from your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Eve Sleep has the sole discretion to decide whether to repair or replace the product in question and/or to reimburse the customer as set out above. Eve Sleep also reserves the right to amend or withdraw this Warranty at any time although for the avoidance of doubt any Warrantys that are in existence at such a time will be honoured.

You may be entitled to refer your complaint to The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman, and we are bound to follow any decision that they make. To find out more about The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman and how you might be able to use their dispute resolution service visit fhio.org or telephone 0333 241 3209.

who operates this warranty and where should I send the product and other items I have to provide, to claim on the warranty?

The warranty is operated by Bensons for Beds Retail Ltd T/A Eve Sleep, 3rd Floor, The Globe Centre, 1 St James Square, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 0RE

Please contact our customer service team via this form to initiate a warranty claim.