frequently asked questions

We can’t give you the answers to all of life’s questions, but we can tell you all about our fabulous sleep products and services right here.

about us

do you have a showroom?

No, we don’t have a traditional showroom but you can try the original mattress in selected NEXT stores. We’d recommend contacting your nearest NEXT store to find out whether they stock eve or using our handy store locator.

where is eve based?

We’re a UK-based company but we also sell our wonderful sleep goodies in the republic of Ireland and in France. All of our goodies are lovingly designed at our HQ in Camden.

what safety certificates does eve have?

All of our goodies comply with British and EU standards and the General Product Safety Directive. You can find out info on specific certifications on individual product pages.

orders & delivery

how much is delivery and how long does it take?

We have several delivery options for you to choose from. Head over to our delivery page to find out more.

what is your deliver, remove & recycle policy?

Our Deliver, Remove and Recycle service makes upgrading to a new mattress easier than ever while sustainably recycling your old one. Find out everything you need to know over on our delivery page.

will the delivery courier call before delivery?

Nope. You’ll receive an email or text from your courier the day before or on the day of delivery to let you know when to expect your eve goodies (along with any other useful nuggets of info).

do you deliver to the channel islands?

We certainly do. Deliveries might take a little longer, so check the get it by date at checkout.


payments & refunds

do you offer discounts?

Absolutely. We’ll occasionally run a discount for a limited period of time, either on a specific product or as part of our seasonal sale. Details will be shared on our website, email and social channels.

Discounts can only be used once per order. Any discount should already apply on the product page so there’ll be no need to enter a code, but if we do need you to enter the code, we’ll make using it super clear and incredibly easy.

top tip

If you’re adding a discount code manually, make sure you’re 100% happy with your basket before you pop your code in. If you change your basket after this, the code may no longer work. It’s a techy thing we’re working to resolve, but in the meantime we recommend having your basket complete before adding your code to avoid disappointment. And if we’re offering free products with a purchase of another product, you might have to add them to your basket to receive them. We’ll make this super duper clear, though.

do you price match?

Unfortunately are we not able to price match with other retailers or eve partners.

can I use more than one discount code on a single order?

We often have multiple promotions running at one time because we’re nice like that. But only one can be used per order, so we recommend using the one that works out best for the stuff you want to buy.

If you’re redeeming your refer a friend discount, this can’t be used with any other offer. The discount lasts for 3 months, so make sure you double check the date before placing an order to avoid any disappointment.

when will my refund be processed?

We will refund you via your original payment method as soon as our warehouse has received, inspected and accepted your return. The time it takes for the funds to show in your account can vary per payment provider:

Mastercard, Visa or PayPal: 1-7 working days
AMEX: up to 10 working days
Duologi Finance: 10-15 working days (the refund of the deposit and instalments might arrive separately)

how will I pay for my order?

That’s entirely up to you, but we don’t accept hugs, bananas or peanuts as payment. Sorry.

Payment options include credit or debit card, PayPal, PayPal e-cheque, AMEX and DIVIDO 0% APR finance. PayPal e-cheque orders can take a little longer to clear (sometimes up to 10 working days), so we recommend getting in touch with our Customer Experience team to see if your e-cheque has cleared.

do you offer any ongoing discounts like students or blue light discount?

We offer a 20% blue light discount for anyone working in the emergency services. Simply email us from your work email address and we can get it set up for you. At this time, we don’t offer a student discount.

how do I order on interest free credit?

You can choose the DIVIDO finance option at checkout. There’s a minimum order amount of £250 and you’ll need to be accepted for finance by our partner DIVIDO before we can complete your order.

For info on how applying for interest-free credit might affect delivery, see HOW MUCH IS DELIVERY AND HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?

If you have any queries regarding your loan or you need any financial advice before placing the order, please contact the lender Duologi. Duologi contact details: 0345 5211 666 /

will I qualify for the interest-free credit application?

We can’t tell you whether you’ll qualify for DIVIDO credit or not, but we can consider your application if:

You have a good credit history; you’re employed or retired and have considered your ability to afford and sustain the repayments; you’re a permanent UK resident, over 18 years old and can provide three years of address history; you’re under the age of 70; and you have a debit or credit card.

If you have any questions, please contact Duologi on 0345 5211 666 or at

why was my credit application declined?

We’re sorry to hear that your application for finance was declined. Unfortunately we’re not able to influence our partner’s decision and they don’t share any info with us on why an application has been declined due to confidentiality laws.

If you want to get in touch with our lender, please contact Duologi on 0345 5211 666 or at

I live in the channel islands, can I claim back VAT?

Absolutely. We can’t remove the VAT from your purchase at checkout just yet, but we’re working hard to improve that. In the meantime, simply contact our Customer Experience team and they’ll sort a refund for the amount of VAT you paid. Easy peasy.


what is the return process?

As with all things in life, our aim is to make the returns process easier than ever. Get in touch with our Customer Experience team and they’ll be right with you.

More details on refunds & returns can be found on our refunds & returns page.

do I have to pay for the return?

Never. We offer free returns on all eve orders returned within the UK - even the big and bulky ones.

If you miss an arranged collection, we’ll charge £30 to rearrange it.

can I exchange my mattress?

Make sure you carefully measure your bed frame to avoid ordering the wrong mattress size. We don't offer a direct exchange, but you can
return your product within your trial or return period and re-order.

do I need to keep any of the boxes?

You can make a return using any box you’d like, but it might be easier for you to pack your goodies back into their original packaging (unless you’re returning a mattress, in which case we’ll collect that for you).

top tip

We’ve found that our mattress boxes can come in handy for storing toppers, bedding or naughty children. They’ve also been used to make forts or obstacle courses for furry friends.

about the mattress

what are the eve mattresses made of?

Each of our mattresses are made up with clever layers and eve touches that are designed to give you the rest you need to rise and shine. Head over to our handy mattress comparison page to learn more.

how do eve mattresses feel?

All of our mattresses are medium firm so your body gets the support it needs night after night. We don’t like getting into the boring science-y bits, but we’ve used pretty clever technology in our mattresses to avoid that sagging, rolling-out-of-bed feeling and to keep you feeling fresh each morning.

Our mattresses are suitable for sleepers weighing up to 20 stone (130kg), and for couples, a combined weight of 40 stone (260kg) is the limit.

Find out more over on our mattress comparison page.

how are eve foams different from traditional memory foam?

Traditional memory foam tends to feel quite sinky and gets quite hot. That’s why we use a memory foam that’s 30 times more breathable than traditional foam, so that you feel fresh night after night, morning after morning.

We also use clever technology like unique contour zones that mould to your body as you move and add extra thoughtful touches to the foam in our premium mattresses like antibacterial graphite and silver that’ll keep things fresh as a daisy while you sleep. Pretty cool stuff.

can your mattresses help with back pain?

Many of our customers with back problems claim to have improved after sleeping on an eve mattress. This is due to the clever layers of supportiveness which take the pressure off your body while you sleep. Explore our customer reviews or check out our mattress comparison page to find the one for you.

how deep are your mattresses?

Our range of mattresses vary in thickness:

the lighter mattress: 20cm

the original mattress: 24cm

the premium mattress: 28cm

the lighter hybrid: 20cm

the original hybrid: 25cm

the premium hybrid: 28cm

the cot mattress: 10cm

what safety certifications do your mattresses have?

All of the materials used in our mattresses have certifications to ensure they're safe and non-toxic, so you can rest easy knowing that your eve mattress is 100% health and safety compliant.

All foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR® certified, which means that your mattress doesn't contain any carcinogens or other harmful nasties.

CertiPUR® also sets stringent rules when it comes to off-gassing, meaning the mattress conforms to the highest safety standards here too.

The fabric in the mattress cover is OEKO-TEX® certified, ensuring it meets one of the highest and safest textile standards.

Finally, all of our mattresses comply with the British Standards for fire safety for mattresses (BS 7177:2008 + A1:2011 Low Hazard). All in all, you could say our mattresses are pretty safe. And very certified.

will I feel my partner's movement or motion?

All of our mattresses isolate movement with their layers of excellent supportiveness and clever unique contour zones. These mould to your body which makes them ideal for both single or double sleepers. Any mattress will move with your partner, but a good mattress will reduce this to a gentle swing whereas a rubbish one won’t do much and you might feel an almighty shake. (Clue: choose an eve one).

how is eve environmentally friendly?

We're conscious of our impact on the planet. Our cardboard boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and our mattresses are vacuum-packed into a small box, meaning we can fit more boxes in one van and less packaging is required which helps to cut our carbon emissions. We also refurbish or recycle all of our returned mattresses.

Check out ‘why eve?’ for more info.

about the cot mattress

what safety certifications does your cot mattress have?

The eve cot mattress meets all UK safety and regulatory requirements, so we’re utterly confident in its safety for your little one.

Our foam has zero nasties in it and is Ceri-PUR certified. We also comply with BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS 7177-2008+A1:2011 standards as well as BS EN 16890 - safety of cot mattresses, BS 7177 - mattress flammability and oeko-tex 100.

are your mattresses suitable for children?

Absolutely - our mattresses are suitable for children aged 3 and over. For little ones younger than this, we recommend a sleep surface that’s tailored to babies and toddlers. Our cot mattress and cot bed mattress are designed to be supportive from birth, giving your tot the clean and safe sleep they need to grow.

Both the cot mattress and cot bed mattress are made of the same stuff but slightly differ in size - the cot mattress is 60 x 120 cm and the cot bed mattress is 70 x 140 cm. For specs on the makeup of the cot mattress and cot bed mattress, see WHAT ARE THE EVE MATTRESSES MADE OF?

setting up your mattress

why do your mattresses come in a box?

Here at eve, we like to do things a bit differently. So when it came to delivering our very first mattresses, we had the nifty idea to roll them up in a compact box using clever technology. That meant no more customers wrestling to get a bigger-than-a-door-frame box through their houses and it also meant we saved a whopping amount on delivery costs and packaging.

As a result, we’ve been able to pass these savings on to our lovely customers. Plus, less packaging means a lower environmental impact, especially as we can squeeze lots of mattress boxes onto one van. Cool stuff, eh?

do your mattresses work with all bed bases?

In short, yes. But a worn out frame can affect how a mattress feels, so we recommend checking the condition of yours before you buy an eve mattress.

The type of bed frame may affect the feel of an eve mattress. If it has wooden slats, these will be nice and supportive for our mattresses’ medium firm feel, whereas box springs might create a softer feel.

If you do have a slatted base, it’s best to make sure that the gaps don’t exceed 7.5cm and that the slats are evenly spaced and rigid. The bed frame should also be completely flat with no sag which will best support the mattress.

As we want all of our customers to have their best sleep ever, we don’t advise using an eve mattress on an adjustable bed. We’d also recommend bed frames that allow the mattress to breathe, which is why we recommend a slatted base over a solid wooden base.

can I put my mattress on the floor?

We won’t judge if you do, but using any mattress on the floor means there’ll be poor ventilation compared to a bed frame, so we recommend propping yours on its side every so often to let it breathe. Or, sticking a ventilating layer like a blanket under your mattress can help. Ventilation is key to keeping your mattress happy and healthy.

will I be able to get it back in the box or roll it back up again?

If you do, we might hire you as the eve wizard. We use special machines to pack our mattresses into their boxes, so once you’ve popped yours out don’t worry about getting it back in. We’ll take care of that if you decide to return your mattress - we’re good like that.

how long can I keep it in the box for?

This one’s important - try not to leave it more than 6 weeks to unpack your eve. Leaving it for more than 6 weeks will invalidate your warranty and it’ll take the mattress longer to recover its proper shape and structure. That’s because we pack our mattresses fresh, so they’re best enjoyed fresh. A bit like a loaf of bread. Mmm.

how do i set up my eve mattress once it's arrived?

Simply open the box and unroll the mattress on your bed base before cutting the plastic and break the vacuum seal. Then remove all the packaging and watch your eve start to rise.

when can I start sleeping on my new mattress?

You can sleep on it straight away, but it usually takes 4 to 6 hours for your mattress to reach its full height, or if you can hang on a bit, we’d recommend letting it breathe for 72 hours.

Make sure you get it in the right spot before you unpack it, then leave a door or window open to let the ‘new mattress smell’ waft away. Don’t be alarmed - this is just the fresh foam smell and should disappear within the first couple of weeks.

does the foam in an eve mattress smell?

The smell coming from your new eve mattress is its ‘box fresh’ smell which is harmless and won’t last long. Here are some handy tips to help it disappear…

Leave your new eve in a room with the door shut and window open for as long as possible which will really help to air it out. This might be difficult in colder weather, but even doing this for short periods of time will really help.

Another top tip is to hoover your eve. It sounds odd, but it can really help kick the smell. And finally, try washing the mattress cover if the smell sticks around for more than a few days. Simply throw it in the machine at 40c and let it dry. Don’t wash the mattress itself, though. Washing the cover won’t void your 100 night trial.

If you’ve got any worries after letting your mattress air for a few days, get in touch with our Customer Experience team.

which way up should the mattress be?

The side you should sleep on is where the eve label is. This doesn’t apply to the lighter mattress.


how can I clean my mattress?

Yep, you guessed it: our mattresses can’t be whacked in the washing machine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them nice and clean.

Luckily, all of our mattresses come with a zip-offable and washable top cover. But before you hurry to whip it off and wash it, it’s already hard at work keeping germs and moisture at bay with it’s cleverly thought out fabric.

Underneath the zip-offable cover, both our memory foam and hybrid mattresses can’t be washed, sponged or dry cleaned. Doing this might damage the mattress beyond repair and will invalidate your warranty. Feel free to lightly dab your mattress in case of spillages and vacuum it to your heart’s content using the upholstery attachment. You might want to focus on the piping round the edge of the mattress where dust tends to settle.

do i need to turn my mattress?

You don’t ever need to turn over your mattress as ours only work one way up. Instead, we’ve added nifty handles to the bottom of our mattresses so you can rotate them by 180 degrees. We recommend doing this every month for the first 6 months to keep the wear on your mattress nice and even, then every 3 months after that.

Not using the handles to rotate your mattress can lead to tears and stretches in the mattress - and voids your warranty. So always use them to avoid disappointment.

can I use an electric blanket or heated cover on the mattress?

If you want to use an electric blanket, make sure it’s less than 10 years old and in good working condition before using it. We recommend placing a sheet in between your mattress and the electric blanket as well as a sheet between you and the electric blanket. This protects both you and the mattress from direct heat.

Your electric blanket should be on the lowest heat. Try letting it warm up (which can take a while) and then slowly turning it up small amounts until you’re as comfy as can be. And once you reach that oh-so-toasty level, we recommend switching the blanket off - perhaps using the timer to make sure it’s not on all night.

can I use a hot water bottle on the mattress?

Yep, we love a hot water bottle. All we recommend is making sure that the lid is on tight to avoid water spillages onto the mattress. If you do use a hot water bottle, the warmth may soften the feel of your mattress. It’ll firm up again once the temperature cools, though.

do I have to use a mattress protector?

Definitely. Not only do mattress protectors add an additional layer of super squishy supportiveness, they also protect your mattress - as the name suggests - from any surprise spills or stains.

The eve mattress protector is made from organic cotton and has a fully water resistant base layer, so both you and your mattress can keep fresh. We’d recommend it to up your sleep game.

how long does an eve mattress last?

We did some tests that found our mattresses keep their comfiness for up to 10 years, but we say you should change your mattress every 7 to 8 years to get brilliantly supported sleep. Whichever way, our warranty lasts up to 10 years - find out more on our warranty page.

I'm moving house. How do i move or store my mattress?

Once your eve is out of the box, it doesn't roll back in or fold up without a fight (unless you’re the Incredible Hulk, in which case we’ll leave it to you).

For moving, it's best to keep the mattress flat but you can store it on its side for up to 12 hours. During moving, try not to bend it and only use the handles on the base to pick it up. If you don’t, the mattress might tear and this will void your warranty.

trial & warranty

what home trials do you offer?

You might have heard about our 100 night mattress trial. But we do in fact have a whole host of home trials so that you can get acquainted with our other sublime sleep goodies. You can enjoy a home trial on our mattress topper, pillows, cot mattress, Morphée sleep aid, sleep away set and some sleep away goodies. The length of each trial varies, so hop on over to our home trials page for all of the juicy info.

how does the 10-year warranty work?

Warranty ensures you’re covered for any defects in your mattress. We’re proud to offer a 10 year warranty on our mattresses if they’re purchased directly on our site or from selected third parties who state the warranty on their sites. Full details can be found on our warranty page

what’s the 100 night, hassle-free returns policy?

It’s as simple as it sounds. Buy any of our mattresses and you can take 100 nights to decide if it’s a match made in heaven (though we’re sure you’ll be smitten). If it’s not, all you have to do is start a return by contacting our Customer Experience team and we’ll take care of the rest - no questions asked. And don’t worry about getting your mattress back into its original box, we’ll sort that for you.

You can find out more on our 100 night mattress trial and other product trials over on our home trial page. Or for returns info, head over to our returns & refunds page.

how long should it take to get used to a new mattress?

There’s no magic formula, but we’d recommend giving it at least 30 days. Buying a mattress is a bit like getting a new pair of shoes; it’ll take some time to bed in. Luckily, our 100 night mattress trial gives you even more time to adjust to your new sleep companion (which we’re sure is plenty).

Once you’ve unpackaged your eve mattress, it’ll take 4-6 hours for it to get to its full size and a couple of days for it to start adjusting to your body. So if it’s feeling a bit firm straight away, don’t worry. All of our mattresses are on the medium firm end of the scale but they will gradually respond to the movement, weight and warmth of your body.

what is the returns process?

We offer free returns on all of our goodies, but the returns process may vary for different types. We’ve broken it down into handy little sections on our refunds and returns page.

where are your mattresses made?

All of our lovely sleep goodies are manufactured in the UK with the exception of the premium memory foam which is made in Belgium. We also make our French product range in Belgium

about the sleep away range

what is the sleep away range?

The sleep away range is stash-away-able sleep gear that trumps all guest bedding. With all of the bells and whistles (and sublime comfort) that you’d expect to find in our regular mattresses and bedding, we created a handy sleep away mattress, duvet and pillow that are ready to be kipped on at a moment’s notice. Making them ideal for sleepovers or unexpected guests.

is the sleep away range for little ones or grownups?

The sleep away range is suitable for all adults and little ones aged 6 and up. It’s big enough to give you (or your guests) top notch kip when sleeping away. But small enough to roll back up and be easily stashed away for future sleepovers. Nifty, eh?

what is the sleep away set?

The sleep away set is what we call the whole kit and caboodle. It has every item in the sleep away range, so the sleep away mattress, duvet and pillow. You can buy all of the sleep away goodies separately too, though.

can I return 1 or 2 items from the sleep away set rather than the whole thing?

Yup. You can return 1 or 2 items rather than the whole set within 14 days and we’ll refund you for the items you send back. So long as they’re in a resalable condition.

if I buy the sleep away set, do all 3 products have the same warranty period?

Each item in the sleep away set has a different warranty:

Sleep away mattress: 3 years
Sleep away duvet: 2 years
Sleep away pillow: 3 years

More info can be found on our warranty page.

if I buy the sleep away set, do all 3 products have the same trial period?

Yep. With the sleep away set, you have a 14 night trial period on each item in the set. But if you buy the duvet, pillow or mattress separately, the trial period is different for each one:

Sleep away mattress: 14 night trial
Sleep away duvet: no trial
Sleep away pillow: 14 night trial

More info can be found on our home trials page.

can I use the products from the sleep away range outside?

The sleep away range is only made for use indoors. And the reason for this is a simple one: as we use the same great materials as we do in our regular bedding, that means the sleep away range isn’t suitable for use outdoors and the foam in the mattress could get damaged. So no camping or al fresco kipping, we’re afraid.

what size of pillowcase does the sleep away pillow need?

We’ll let you in on a secret here. There is no pillowcase required for the sleep away pillow. And that’s because we made it with microfibre that’s so lusciously soft that you don’t need to whack on a pillowcase. That makes things a bit easier, eh?

what size of duvet cover does the sleep away duvet need?

Like the sleep away pillowcase, we’ve made your life that bit easier by creating a duvet that’s so soft and easily washable that it doesn’t need a cover on it. You can thank the sublime softness of microfibre for that. Nice.

what size of sheet does the sleep away mattress need?

Like the rest of the sleep away range, the sleep away mattress really is a ‘get it out of the bag and go’ jobbie. In plain English, we mean there’s no sheet required for the mattress. Simply unzip it. Unroll it. Let it expand for 30 minutes. And hey presto. You’re good to kip to your heart’s desire. It’s washable, too, so keeping it clean is a breeze.

can I clean the foam in the sleep away mattress?

We use the same sublimely comfy foam in the sleep away mattress as we do in our regular mattresses. So that means it can’t be washed or cleaned.

Luckily, our nifty mattress care guide covers everything you need to know about looking after your foam mattress (clue: some TLC goes a long way).

about the pillows

what types of pillows do eve sell?

We have three delightfully comfy pillow types: the memory foam pillow, the snuggle pillow and the microfibre pillow.

what filling do your pillows have?

Our pillows are each as unique as they are comfy. Check out their fillings below:

memory foam pillow: The memory foam pillow is made from - yep, you guessed it - memory foam. But ours is different to traditional memory foams. Not only is it 20 times more breathable, we also added layers of velvety soft foam with denser foam to give it a nice ‘not too hard, not too sinky’ feel.

snuggle pillow: Aerelle® Softflex microfibre provides soft and springy fibres that easily bounce back to their original shape, giving your head and neck dreamy support.

microfibre pillow: This one’s pure microfibre filling makes it airy and soft while offering excellent support. We designed it to have a subtle wedge shape at one end to help keep your neck aligned.

do you sell pillows for back sleepers?

Memory foam is known to be great for the head and neck which makes it the memory foam pillow an ideal choice for back sleepers.

what's the best pillows for side sleepers?

Our memory foam pillow offers cracking support for side sleepers as it moulds to the body and provides essential support for our weary heads and necks. It’s also a great knee support

what size do your pillows come in?

We sell pillows to fill pillowcase sizes of 50x75cm and 65x65cm. Find out more over on our pillows page.

how do i clean an eve pillow?

We love a bung-it-in-the-machine jobbie, so our microfibre pillow can be machine washed. Make sure you give the microfibre pillow a good fluff up after you’ve washed it.

For our memory foam pillow, you can pop the pillow’s cover in your washing machine at 40 degrees as many times as you like.

For our snuggle pillow which can’t be washed, you can spot clean any surprise spills or stains, but the best thing to keep them squeaky clean is a pillow protector which can be whipped off and machine washed. Easy peasy.

how long does an eve pillow last?

While we make all eve goodies with a long and happy life in mind, we’d recommend changing your pillow every two to three years for a more hygienic sleep. This’ll avoid a long build up of germs or you developing pains from lumpy or uneven pillows. Check out our pillow buying guide for info help with this.

are your pillows firm or soft?

The memory foam pillow is medium firm but is by no means solid; and the snuggle and microfibre pillows sit on the softer end of the scale.

Each of our pillows comes with a 14 night trial, so if you’re not sure which pillow firmness is for you, try one or two out. Easy.

can i exchange or return my pillow if i don't like it?

All of our pillows come with a handy 14 night trial so you can get a few forty winks before you make up your mind. We don't offer a direct exchange,
but you can return your pillow within the return period and re-order.

about the topper

what is your topper made of?

We use the same soft and bouncy foam that can be found in our original mattress. Our unique foam is 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam so you needn’t worry about having a ‘sinky’ feeling. It’s also super durable while supporting your body in all the right ways.

how do I store my topper?

Your topper comes with handy straps that can be used to roll it up and store it. We don’t recommend keeping it stored for long periods of time though - like you, it enjoys a nice stretch and a lay down.

top tip

If you’ve bought a mattress from us, your mattress box can double up as a topper storer* (*official eve name, 2020 ©)

will a topper make my mattress softer?

A topper is meant to compliment your mattress, so it shouldn’t make it softer or firmer. And as our topper is made from memory foam, it’ll mould to your mattress - and body - over time. Pretty clever, huh?

will a mattress topper make me hot in bed?

Hot in bed? Oooo errr. Whatever you’re into is up to you, but if you mean will our mattress topper make you warm, the answer’s no. Ours is made from ultra breathable memory foam that allows your body and mattress to breathe all night long. That means no stuffy sleep (unless you’ve got the heating on full blast or live in unseasonably hot climates, of course).

can I use the topper on any type of mattress?

We don’t recommend using a topper on a mattress with huge holes or dips in it as the topper adapts to the shape of a mattress and might dip in the places where the holes are. Not a great experience if you ask us

about the mattress protector

are your protectors water resistant?

Our protectors made from 100% cotton but we added a water-resistant coating to protect your mattress from small spills.

are your mattress protectors washable?

Yep - stick them in the wash every three to four weeks at 40c and hey presto. We wouldn’t recommend washing them any more often than this, though.

how thick are your mattress protectors?

The mattress protectors are wafer thin so you won’t even notice it’s on your mattress. Win win.

about the bed frames

are your bed frames flat packed?

Yep, and we’ve made assembling them as easy as brushing your teeth. When you order any bed frame, our 2-man courier will deliver it to a room of your choice so all that’s left to do is put it all together. We’d recommend getting a pal or loved one to help you.

Check out our delivery page for more info on 2-man delivery.

do you collect old bed frames?

We don’t currently collect old bed frames. Our Deliver, Remove and Recycle service is available on our mattresses only.

can I purchase a headboard separately?

Due to the way our beds are designed and made, we can’t sell the headboards separately. We’d have to rip the bed frames apart and we don’t think our Product Team would be very impressed.

what is the height of your storage bed frame?

The storage bed frame and button back storage bed frame have an internal storage height of 18cm. That’s a whopping 18cm to squirrel away blankets, clothes, shoes and more. No actual squirrels though please.

can I order a fabric swatch for your upholstered bed frames?

We don’t currently offer fabric swatches for our upholstered bed frames, though it’s something we are working on. Check out the photos on our bed frames product pages for high quality photos that’ll give you a good idea of what the fabric looks like.

orders & delivery

how much is delivery and how long does it take?

Oof, this answer’s a long one. Better head over to our delivery page for the full scoop on delivery options, delivery times and costs.