200-night trial

With great mattresses comes great snoozability, but it can take a while for your bod to get used to it (5 mins on a shop display bed ain't gonna cut it). That’s why we now have our 200 night at home trial. For more info, just keep scrollin’.

how it works

unwrap it

Your brand new mattress will come snugly rolled up in packaging that’s made from 100% recycled materials.

start zzzing

Make sure you read the instructions to get it all set up. Then hop into bed with it for up to 200 glorious nights.

fall in love

We’re rather confident that you’ll be smitten. Top tip: try giving it at least 30 nights before you make a call on it.

or return it

It’s free within the first 40 nights. Or you can keep going until 200 and pay to send it back (scroll for more info).


does my mattress come with a 200-night trial?

Yessiree - all our mattresses come with a 200-night trial.

how does the 200 night trial work?

Our 200-night trial applies to all new mattress purchases. With our trial you get 40 nights to try and return for free. After 40 nights you can still return your product within 200 nights however we will ask for a small fee to cover our collection costs. The trial period starts from day of delivery.


Still have questions? Get in touch with our customer experience team and they will happily help.

I’m thinking of returning my eve mattress, what’s the next step?

It takes about 30 days for you and your new mattress to get used to each other. If it’s still not comfy, try rotating your mattress by 180 degrees (not flipping it). Also make sure you're sleeping on the correct side. The stitched eve label should be facing up. 

Still not happy? We have one more neat little trick up our sleeves for you to try! Think of our wunderflip collection as the wizard of the mattress world (big claim, we know). Each of our wunderflip mattresses are equipped with adaptive® comfort. This means you can change the comfiness level of your mattress from firmer to softer. Or softer to firmer if you prefer. Magic, eh?

And switching up the firmness is really quite easy! But you may have to find an extra pair of hands to help out. Unzip the comfort layer using the yellow zips - ignore the white ones, these were only necessary during the making of your mattress and are more decorative than functional. Next, flip the top layer of your mattress over much like you would flip your morning pancakes. Then zip the comfort layer right back on using the yellow zip once again. 

If you and your new mattress still aren't getting along, there's just one more tiny thing to do. Give your your bed frame a once over to make sure it's doing its job and supporting your mattress properly. A slatted bed frame is a great choice, but the gaps between the slats need to be no bigger than 7 cm. A divan bed base is also a great shout to support your eve mattress so that it can support you while you're snoozing.

And if you still don't love it, we're really sorry to hear that! Get in touch with our team of dedicated customer experience specialists and they'll get you up to speed on those 200 night trial faqs

what if I buy my eve mattress from another retailer?

If you buy directly from eve, you can enjoy all of our home trials, return periods and warranties. If you buy from other retailers, we can’t guarantee they’ll offer you the exact same stuff. It’s always best to check with the retailer you’re planning to buy from.

Still scratching your head? Head to our FAQ page.