cleaning your eve mattress

Keeping your mattress squeaky clean is the dream, but it helps if you’re armed with mattress cleaning tips that’ll save you a headache when it comes to surprise spills and stains. Read on to discover how to clean mattress stains, the truth about how to deep clean a mattress and much, much more.

how to clean a mattress

Let’s start with the basics. You’re not alone if you have no idea how to clean a mattress. And you may have worked out that you can’t bung your mattress in the washing machine. So what the heck is the best way to clean it? Well, that depends if you’re doing a general clean or an emergency one. Read our easy steps to get clued up.

* This guide currently only applies to our original range


step 1

First thing’s first: if you have a mattress protector, remove it and bung it in the washing machine. Otherwise, whip off the zip-offable, washable top panel of your eve mattress and stick it in the wash according to its instructions. This will help to keep germs and dust mites at bay.


step 2

As you’re washing the top panel of your mattress, you don’t need to wash the mattress core itself. So put those cleaning products and sponges away as they could damage the material of the mattress.


step 3

To help your mattress breathe while you wash its cover, you could air it for a few hours by lifting it and propping it on its side by a window. And when it comes to putting it back, we’d recommend rotating it by 180 degrees as this helps with even wear and tear. The way to do this is simple: grab a buddy, pick the mattress up by the handles underneath or on the side, rotate it by 180 degrees and hey presto.

Top tip: don’t be tempted to flip it - our mattresses are only meant to be one way up.


step 4

Here’s an important one: if you notice dark spots on your mattress cover or mattress that look like mould, we’d guess that the ventilation for your mattress isn’t the best. Giving your mattress top notch ventilation is actually one of the easiest ways to keep it clean, so we’d start with checking that your bed frame has evenly spaced slats or heading to our FAQs for more tips on good mattress ventilation.


step 5

Once your mattress cover and protector are dried, simply pop them back on your mattress along with some fresh bed linen. Then all that’s left is to get cosy in your freshly made bed. Ahhhhh. Doesn’t that feel nice?


a nifty side note

If you don’t want to wash the top panel of your mattress, you could gently hoover it to scoop up dust, mites and germs. And for any stains, lightly dabbing - not rubbing - them with a damp cloth should do the trick.


tackling emergency spills

For any emergency spills and stains, try using a dry cloth to absorb and dilute the spill on your mattress cover. If the stain won’t budge, try adding a bit of baking soda to water, apply it to the stain, leave it on for 30 minutes and then dab it with a damp, clean cloth before leaving it to try. And finally, if the spill goes through to your mattress, use a clean, dry cloth only. Try not to soak the mattress or rub the stain as it could spread further or damage your mattress.


other mattress cleaning tips


why clean a mattress?

The answer to this is rather simple. Looking after your mattress can help you to keep germs and mites at bay. And seeing as we spend a big chunk of our lives sleeping, wouldn’t it be nice if we were sleeping on a fabulously fresh mattress? We think so. It’s also better for people with allergies if things are nice and clean, and it can also help your mattress last longer, too.


how often should you clean a mattress?

Our very own mattress boffin Peter recommends using our steps for a general clean (above) every 6 months to help your eve mattress stay in tip top condition. Though if you have a mattress protector (and we really think you should), you can bung this in the wash every month to keep things as fresh as a daisy.

While you’re in it for the long haul with your mattress, Peter recommends replacing it after 8 years for hygiene reasons (though our 10 year warranty makes sure you’re covered if you can’t quite let go at the 8 year mark).


can you deep clean a mattress?

We’ll let you into a little secret: there is no such thing as a deep mattress clean for an eve mattress. This is because any products used during a deep cleaning process can damage the material of the mattress, affecting its support and making it more susceptible to wear and tear in the short term.

Taking the right steps to clean a mattress (like our handy ones above) as well as using a mattress protector (we’ll stop banging on about that now, we promise), will help you keep germs, stains and spills at bay, all while helping you to avoid the need for a deep clean. Clever, huh?

This also means you can’t steam clean a mattress. The heat and water from the steam cleaner is bad news for foam and springs. And we’d hate for your eve mattress to be damaged. Bad sleep = everyone’s grumpy.