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Discover what some of the most popular dreams mean and why your subconscious plays an important role in our dreams and nightmares alike.
from beasties to babies: we investigate popular *dreams and what they mean*

Whether you’re dreaming of falling, your teeth are falling out, or you’re suddenly with-child, dreams can leave many of us rattled when we wake. But what do our dreams actually mean?

Vivid dreams can be quite frightening – both in the moment and when we wake up. This is because, while transitioning from a state of dreaming back to being awake, your brain is going through the same transition. And in our semi-asleep brains, the lines between the imagery from our dreams and reality is blurred (1).

Those in-between-y moments to fully transition back into reality can stay with us. Especially if a dream has been particularly scary. But, as we fully ground ourselves in the present moment, tensions and worries dissipate. Usually.

So, what do our vivid (and often recurring) dreams mean? We at eve hq have made it our mission to find out! Read on to find out what 10 popular dreams could mean. 

what do dreams mean?

Dreams are thought to stem from your subconscious. Experts suggest that they’re a continuation of our thoughts from the day before (2).

What’s more, while we sleep, our brains are directing in the range of five dreams each night. But, despite every dream being unique, there are certain patterns they follow.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dreams actually mean. 

dreams about teeth falling out

If you haven’t had a dream about your teeth falling out, you’re one of the lucky few. Most people have endured this harrowing scenario at least once in their life. And if you have ever woken from the clutches of this popular dream, you’re likely to have been left a little rattled. So, what does it mean?

Well, in short there are several ways in which you can interpret dreams about your teeth falling out. Here are four different triggers that could be the root cause behind your dreams of dental catastrophe:

  • Loss. Loss is something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a family member, a beloved pet, or a job, loss very often leads to grief (3). And this grief can seep from our subconscious and into our dreams in several symbolic ways – one of which is our teeth falling out (4).
  • Anxiety. Dreams about losing teeth can also indicate that you’re suffering from acute stress or anxiety (5). Identifying the cause of this stress or anxiety could help you tackle the issues head on which could put your dreams about teeth falling out to bed. At least for the time being anyway.
  • Feeling vulnerable. Our teeth – just like us – are vulnerable. And so, if (IRL) you’re feeling a lack of control, this may feed through into your dreams and be reinterpreted through the loss of teeth (6).
  • Getting older. Whether it’s worrying about what will happen as you get older or you’re starting to spot the odd grey hair, anxieties relating to ageing could be causing your dreams about tooth loss (7).

The commonality of these possible root causes is feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety. If you want to put a stop to dreams about your teeth falling out, identifying what’s causing these feelings is the first step. The second is finding a way to work through them so that you can come out of the other side stronger.

dreams about snakes

Dreaming about snakes can be interpreted as symbolic. They are generally linked to the dreamer experiencing unpredictable circumstances in their life (8). But, snakes can appear in our dreams in many different ways. Let’s find our a little more below.

  • Transformation. Snakes in a dream can symbolise a transformation. If it’s shedding its skin during your dream, it could be a continuation of new beginnings, or serve as a reminder that you need to let go of old habits (9).
  • Temptation and desire. If your dreams consist of snakes in the bedroom, it could be linked to sexual desire. There are many cultures from around the world that link snakes to sexual energy (10). And so, if you’re dreaming about eating or being eaten by a snake, it could be suggesting that you are either intimidated by intimacy or are in need of it.
  • Feeling threatened. If your dream consists of being surrounded by snakes, being attacked by them, or being bitten by one, it could indicate that you’re feeling threatened. And this could stem from a threatening situation in general, or a particular person you have conceived to be a threat (11).
  • Decision time. In many cultures, snakes are perceived as spiritual guides (12). Seeing a snake in your dream could indicate that you should trust your gut and not be led astray by others around you. And a 2-headed snake could symbolise a fork in the road, a key decision to be made.

However you choose to interpret your dream about snakes, it’s worth remembering that they’re not all bad.

dreams about spiders

Anyone suffering from arachnophobia isn’t likely to welcome dreams about spiders with open arms. And frequent dreams featuring lots of spiders may suggest that you are overwhelmed by anxiety or fear.

As with most dreams, there are multiple ways to interpret the appearance of these 8-legged creepy crawlies. Learn what your dreams about spiders could mean below:

  • Feeling trapped. If your dream consists of being surrounded by spiders or spider webs, it could be a visualisation of feeling trapped. It could be that you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Or perhaps your subconscious is trying to signal that it’s time for change (13).
  • Anxieties. If you don’t really like spiders, dreaming about them could stem from your anxieties, worries or stresses (14).
  • Being overwhelmed. Dream experts often link spiders to deceit and lies (15). And seeing many spiders in a dream could indicate that lies and deceit could overwhelm you. Equally, dreaming about one larger spider could indicate that something big that is happening in your life has the potential to overwhelm you.

But, even though there’s plenty of negative connotations surrounding your dreams about spiders, there are some positives too. Seeing multiple spiders could also indicate good luck. As with most dreams, it’s meaning will depend on the context in which you’re seeing the spiders. If the spiders are shiny and crawling on the ground, wall, table, or window, money could well be on its way to you (16)! Or so they say.

dreams about being pregnant

Dreaming about being with child is only going to result in one of two reactions. Some people are delighted while others are just horrified. Let’s face it, becoming a parent is a big deal. And so, your reaction will ultimately depend on you and where your mindset on having children is currently.

But those reactions are both a little hasty. Dreaming about being pregnant doesn’t actually mean you are pregnant. Experts reckon that pregnancy dreams are connected to a different aspect of your life. Maybe something is in a phase of growth or development? (17). Anyway, you can now breathe a sigh of relief (or disappointment, depending on your stance).

So, how should be interpreting dreams about pregnancy? Let’s find out:

  • Change. This could be an impending change in your personal or professional life. Or it could be that you’re already in a period of change (18).
  • Readiness for motherhood. That’s right. Dreaming about being pregnant could also be interpreted as your subconscious confirming you’re ready to be a mother (19).
  • Excitement and creativity. Pregnancy dreams may also be tied to excitement. For example, if you’re taking on a creative task (for work or home) that you’re really looking forward to or are currently enjoying, it could filter through your subconscious and result as dreaming about being pregnant (20).

And so, whether you were thrilled about being pregnant in your dream or not, pregnancy dreams are usually associated with positive life events.

dreams about falling

Dreaming about falling has to be one of the most popular experiences ever. You wake up, all of a sudden with a jump just as you were about to hit the ground. It’s not a pleasant dream to wake up from. And it leaves many of us a little bewildered for those few moments it takes to fully come round.

So, what do dreams about falling actually mean? As with all of the dream meanings listed here, feel free to interpret yours however you like. Here are the most common causes of dreams about falling:

  • Feeling out of control. A lack of control IRL has been attributed to dreams about falling. Whether you’re feeling torn by a big life decision or are facing a tough phase in your life and feel as though how it turns out is totally out of your hands, these types of dreams could be the result (21).
  • Insecurities. It is also thought that dreams about falling could be a reflection of an area of insecurity in the dreamer’s life. Most of us have experienced insecurities or feelings of inadequacy in our lives. And, if you’re going through that right now, it could be that it’s feeding into your subconscious and resulting in these unsettling dreams.
  • Giving up. Worked hard on something only to have to abandon the idea? Well, your dreams about falling could also relate back to that too. Especially if the dream consists of you falling from a building. And how you feel in the dream is important too. If you feel calm as you free-fall, it could be a good sign that you’re at peace with giving up on the idea. But if you’re anxious in your dream, it may indicate that you’re not ready to give up on it (22).

final thoughts

Dreams can be scary – both during and in those moments in between sleep and being fully awake. But what your dream means – the root cause of its content – is open interpretation.

Whatever is dream-crashing your sleep, talking about it can help to clear your mind. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved. Your family and friends are always there to listen when you need them most.

And, if all else fails in your quest to get a great night’s sleep, it could indicate that the time has come to upgrade your bed and mattress. Here at eve, we have made it our mission to ensure everyone has access to a superior sleep surface. So, while you’re here, why not check out our award-winning mattress collection? Find out why our mattresses are award-winning for yourself!