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sleep expert Dave Gibson on his top hacks for WFH and sleep
how to perfect your working from home routine

Want to wear PJs all day and wave goodbye to your commute? Us too. Working from home has loads of perks (hello, fridge at arm’s reach). But there are tricky parts, too. Especially when it comes to sleep.

While the office-based 9-5 comes with a sense of routine, working from home tends not to have that structure. With mornings merging into afternoons. Sundays blending into Mondays. And mealtimes being replaced by an endless stream of snacks (no judging).

Interestingly, this lack of routine can cause havoc on your mind and nab those precious zzz's. Which is why we asked our trusty sleep expert and founder of The Sleep Site Dave Gibson to share some hacks that’ll help you on your way to better sleep and brighter mornings.

firstly: why is routine so important?

It can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and wfb (work from bed). But putting a routine in place at home could actually have a whole host of benefits. According to Dave, “Repetition, regularity, rituals and habits are all mechanisms which help us to feel psychologically ‘safe’.”

Our emotional centre in the brain (the Amygdala) is best known for its role in processing fear via the fight or flight mechanism (adrenaline). Regularity thanks to a routine reduces uncertainty and increases the feeling of stability which calms the emotional centre.

So. What’s the secret to success to a top notch routine at home?

it all starts with sleep

We might be biased, but we believe a great night’s sleep is the most important thing to set you up for a cracking day. And according to Dave, top quality sleep can actually help you to stick to a routine.That’s because good sleep leaves you rested. Raring to go. And more willing to stick to your goals:

Your mental performance is built from a good night’s sleep, including your ability to focus and concentrate and to feel at your best emotionally. You are far more likely to keep to your planned routines and to keep on track when you wake up fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

Our sublimely comfy mattresses make a fantastic base for a smashing night’s kip. But it’s not just sleep itself that matters. It’s also about getting your body and mind ready for sleep, allowing you to easily switch into rest mode.

Equally, a solid, relaxing sleep routine such as a bath, book and cleaning your teeth before bed enables your brain to know that ‘sleep is coming’. Thus your sleep enables you to stick to your routine, and your routine helps you to get to sleep more easily.

easy home routine tips

Check out Dave’s simple hacks for a home routine that’ll leave you feeling on track in no time:

  • start your day right: It sounds obvious. But getting a proper 8 hours of rest at night will help how you feel the next day. And starting with a good breakfast and some fresh air before you sit down to work will give you a nice boost of energy.
  • plan your day: Decide when you want to take breaks and stick to them as part of your working from home routine. Set alarms on your phone if you need to. And give yourself permission to take a break. You’ve earned it.
  • act like you’re in the office: It can be tempting to stay in your PJs when working from home, especially when you don’t have any video calls planned. But getting ready as you would when working in the office can help to boost your motivation. Try and vary the clothes you wear during the week and on the weekend. It doesn’t sound like much, but it will help you separate your work from your free time.
  • keep the work/ life balance in check: Creating a separate space for work and rest is incredibly important to help you switch off in the evenings. Dave recommends shutting the door to your work area at the end of your day, or if that’s not possible, at least put your laptop away.
  • think about your food, drink and screen time: What you consume and the amount of time you spend looking at screens can have an impact on your sleep. Keep track of how your eating, drinking and screen patterns change when working from home. Are you drinking a little more often? Spending much more time at your desk or screen? Snacking more often or eating a different diet? All of this can impact the quality of your zzz’s.

work out what you need

Still not sure where to start with your working from home routine? We have just the thing. Our routine calculator is your helping hand for planning a day that leads to top notch kip and happier mornings. We’re not saying we have the answer to all of life’s problems. But we think sleep is a great place to start.