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5 tips for parents (and little ones) when the clocks change

That lush extra hour in bed at the end of October is always a dream. The hour less in March, not so much. For some, these clock changes come easy. But things can get a bit tricky when little ones are involved.

While we can’t promise a perfectly-timed wake-up call from your little wrigglers (sorry), our clock change sleep tips can help you to adjust like a pro when the time comes.

  1. stick to a routine

    This one sounds obvious, but hear us out. Little ones thrive on consistency so making a big deal of the time difference may confuse them more than it needs to. We recommend keeping it gloriously easy by sticking to your tried-and-tested routine and simply adjusting for hour difference.
  2. stagger it out

    Spreading the time change over the 4 days leading up to the clocks changing can help to ease the blow. Try moving your little one’s mealtime, winding-down time and bedtime by 15 minutes each day. So that come the change, you’ve already nailed it. Clever, huh?
  3. bouncy by day, chilled by night

    We get it. Making the most of time in bed is precious. But our little ones tend to have other plans. We say keep them active during the day and gradually slow things down in the evening. Releasing bags of energy then chilling out before bed will help them to enjoy better quality sleep for longer. And will give you some well-deserved shut-eye, too.
  4. rise and shine

    The day before the clocks change, make some terrifically fun plans that will entice you to jump out of bed with a spring in your step. At eve HQ, we love a good playlist or cooking up a storm. Pancakes, anyone?
  5. embrace the change

    Taking care of number 1 is often bottom of the pile when there are mini mes to look after. So if you’re being jumped on a little earlier than you’d like thanks to the clock change, get some snuggles in and make the most of the hour together. You’ve earned it.

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