the ultimate mattress protector

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a trusty protector to keep your mattress squeaky clean

  • Cotton top layer for cooler, comfier snoozing
  • Filled with anti-allergy fibres to keep dust mites at bay
  • Waterproof to protect your mattress for many kips to come
  • 34cm deep elasticated skirt that keeps it snugly in place

a trusty protector to keep your mattress squeaky clean

We know what you’re thinking. What makes this mattress protector ‘ultimate’? Well, it’s literally an undercover hero. Whilst you kip, chill in bed or have a sleep in (yeah, right), it gets to work protecting your mattress in all the right ways. So you can look forward to many comfy nights and chirpier mornings ahead. The best bit? Its quilted design will make your heart soar with every dive beneath the duvet. You’re welcome.

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 cottony goodness  

There’s nothing worse than sleep that’s stuffy. So we added a 100% cotton top layer to help your skin breathe whilst you’re in bed.  

squeaky clean sleep 

Mattress protected? Check. Anti-allergy fibres that keep pesky allergens at bay? Check. Machine washable? Check, check check. Sounds like one clean bed to us. Ooo err indeed.  


Okay, okay. We can’t promise that this mattress protector will actually prevent you from spilling. But what we can do is promise you that its waterproof layer creates a lovely barrier of protection from spills. So go wild* (*just kidding). 

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1 year guarantee 

Our mattress protectors stand the test of time, and we’ll even give you a 1 year guarantee to prove it

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