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top tips for when the mercury is rising and you can't sleep
6 ways to stay cool and sleep well in the heat

Delicious BBQs. Jugs of fruity Pimms. Long walks. And beautiful sunsets. Summer is a joyous time. The only downside? Trying to sleep as temps rise. It’s hard to wake up feeling fresh when you’ve been tossing and turning all night long, all flailing legs and twisted sheets. So here are some handy tips straight from our sleep expert Dave Gibson to help keep things gloriously cool.

  1. check the temperature
    Not too hot and not too cold, bedrooms between 18-21°C are the ideal temp for us to happily doze off. If you don’t have a thermometer, think about how your sleep sanctuary feels. Is it warm, chilly, or just right? If it’s leaning on the hot and clammy side of things, Dave recommends sticking a fan on can help to cool things down. And don’t worry about that whirring noise. Studies show it can actually be quite soothing for sleep.
  2. do a few quick tricks
    Before you go about your day, prep your bedroom for the day ahead. Closing curtains not only keeps out those nosy neighbours, but can help keep the sun’s rays at bay, too. And turning any lights off will help.You could even leave your window open just a smidge. This will allow the air to circulate and stop things feeling stuffy when you return, says Dave.
  3. think about your PJs
    Cotton is top notch for keeping you cool while you kip as it’s naturally breathable. So if your sleep space is a bit warm, some airy cotton PJs could be just the ticket. Anything that’s tight or synthetic can cause irritation and make you hot which, you guessed it, can keep you up during the night. Not ideal.
  4. go natural with your sheets
    We all know which bed sheets we love. But have you ever thought if the material of yours could be keeping you up at night? Fabrics like polyester and silk tend to trap heat which can leave us feeling a bit hot and bothered come the summer. So sticking to natural fibres like bamboo or linen tend to be the better option as their loose fibres allow heat to escape. Nifty, eh?
  5. take a cool shower
    Sorry bath fans. Turns out your evening dunk could be making you even hotter. As it takes a while to cool down after a bath, a cool shower instead can help you to shake off a hot day. And targeting pulse points like your neck or wrists can help to bring down your temperature even quicker. Nice. And here’s a useful nugget for you to take away: a falling body temperature is one of the signals that your brain uses to produce more melatonin (the sleepy hormone). Even more of a reason to go for that cool shower and wake up fresh as a daisy the next day.