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Should we be donning out birthday suits in the bedroom? Eve Sleep explores the intimate truths behind sleeping naked.
woman sleeping on her front in bed

Let’s face it, we all have a different idea of what we like to wear to bed. But are there any benefits to sleeping naked? And should we be wearing socks? And how about underwear? Not sure? We weren’t either. Which is why we thought this would be such a fun topic to dive into.

Here’s what we found out about the rumours behind the benefits of sleeping in the nude.

what are the benefits of sleeping naked?

Being buff in bed keeps you cool. But, sleeping naked could offer some other health benefits that might surprise you. So, let’s explore some interesting ideas we discovered while researching this weird and wonderful subject!

1. being naked may help you fall asleep faster

Okay, this isn’t actual factual. But, it’s important to note that your body temperature plays an key role in how fast you drop off. Cooling down lets your body know that it’s time for beddy-byes and so sleeping naked should theoretically help you fall asleep faster.

2. it might improve the quality of sleep you achieve

So, sleep experts reckon the optimal room temperature for falling asleep is around 18°C. Sleeping in a room that’s either too hot or too cold could impact your REM. And the REM stage of sleep is important for the recovery of both your brain and your body. Sleeping naked could help to keep you cool while under the covers.

3. it could help to boost your mood

Sleeping naked could be a nice change. It could also help to reduce stress and anxiety levels all-round too. In one study we came across, 21% of adult indicated that poor sleep made them feel more stressed. So, if it manages to improve the quality of your sleep and help you fall asleep faster then there’s a good change you’ll wake up feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day ahead. That’s the theory anyway.

4. it should improve your relationship

Okay, we all know that sex is important in any relationship. But, touch in general is also super important for building strong bonds. Touch stimulates the release of oxytocin. And oxytocin release builds not only sexual arousal, but also recognition, trust and romantic attachment. What better way to stimulate the oxytocin needed to strengthen your romantic relationship than by sleeping naked side by side.

5. it has the potential to improve your skin-health

It should come as no surprise that sleep has the potential to impact your skin. When we’re tired our skin is actually more prone to wrinkles, swelling, and those suitcases we’ve all had under our eyes at one time or another. Sleep allows the skin to regenerate. It gives it time and space to heal. So, it stands to reason that if sleeping naked helps you sleep better, your skin will thank you for it with that natural glow we’re all chasing.

should men be sleeping naked?

should men and women sleep naked sleep mask male and female symbols

Well, there’s definitely a lot of pros for men to sleep naked, that’s for sure! Just take a peek at the list above if you don’t believe us. But, there are other benefits that apply specifically to men to consider.

One that’s need-to-know is that it could improve your fertility. A study conducted in 2015 compared the DNA fragmentation in men’s sperm when sleeping in boxers, the buff and briefs. What they found is that the DNA fragmentation was higher (or better quality) in those participants who slept in boxers or the buff than those who opted for the tighty whities.

And if that wasn’t enough to sway you, this should be! Improved sleep can actually aid with weight-loss. It’s true! Better sleep quality leads to less calorie consumption and higher energy levels. And the combination of those two things is the key to staying trim or shedding a few pounds. So, if sleeping naked = better sleep; sleeping naked also = achieving those #bodygoals faster. Win-win!

what about women, should they sleep nude too?

Well ladies, we’ve discussed men and their swimmers so let’s delve into how sleeping naked could benefit the females of the world too. The weight-loss theory is just as applicable to females - we just thought that improved fertility wouldn’t be enough to convince some of the men out there that sleeping in the nude is in their best interest.

But, there is a key reason why women should at least consider sleeping naked. It can actually help to promote vaginal health and help you dodge those pesky yeast infections most of us have been privy to at one time or another. This is because sweaty skivvies are a breeding ground for yeast (or fungus candida). It likes to grow in places that are warm and moist (like most bacteria, actually). So do yourself a favour and air out your vagina by sleeping naked and promote better health all-round.

should you wear clothes to bed?

what to wear and not to wear to bed undies socks and bra symbols

Well, if we really haven’t convinced you on the sleeping naked front yet, let’s discuss suitable attire to don under the duvet. There’s actually no rules for what you should and shouldn’t wear to bed. Whatever keeps you comfy and helps you achieve a good night's sleep is ideal.

That said, there are a couple of recommendations we can make:

choose loose fitting clothes

Wearing loose clothing promotes proper circulation while allowing your skin to breathe. Tighter clothing will have a negative effect of your circulation and could lead to skin irritation.

free your boobs from their bra

That rumour you’ve heard that wearing a bra while you sleep will prevent sagging? It’s not true. Like wearing tight clothes to bed, keeping your bra on could actually restrict circulation. Plus, if you sweat while you sleep, you could experience skin irritation, or even cysts.

should you wear pants (aka knickers or undies) to bed?

Well, we’ve kind of covered this one already. But, let’s recap shall we! Sleeping in loose underwear or butt-naked promotes fertility and helps to keep fungus candida and other bacteria at bay. So, we’d say it’s a definite nay on the wearing pants to bed front.

should you wear socks to bed?

Now the answer to this one might surprise you. A study discovered that for those who wear socks to bed, sleep was less disrupted and longer too. The number of wakeups throughout the night was 7.5 times lower in the group wearing socks vs. the group not wearing them. They also slept for around 32 minutes longer, too.

Not only that but research indicates that having warm feet helps you to relax and fall asleep faster. How’s that for a strange but true sleep study?

so, what should you wear to bed?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. What we’ve gleaned from all this is that we should be sleeping naked but for our socks! But whether you choose to sleep au-naturel or in your jammies, remember the benefits you’ll enjoy by opting for lightweight, loose-fitting clothes or your birthday suit. And, you can leave your socks on…baby.