small double memory foam mattresses


      Introducing the perfect bedroom compromise. Ideal for sleepers who don’t want a single but who can’t quite fit a double, the small double memory foam mattress is here to make all of your starfish dreams come true without taking up all of your space like some of our bigger mattresses might do.

      1 product

      1 product

      what size is a small double memory foam mattress?

      It’s definitely not a single. And not quite a double. So here’s what you need to know: the small double memory foam mattress rings in at 120 x 190 cm (or 47 x 74 inches, or 4 x 6.3 feet). That’s 15 cm less width than a regular double, just so you know.


      is a small double memory foam mattress right for me?

      That’s a good question. Size-wise, we find that a small double hits the sweet spot for sleepers who don’t have loads of space in their bedroom but who also don’t want to settle for a single. And in terms of choosing a memory foam mattress instead of a hybrid, our clever mattress comparison tool can help you figure out which one you’d prefer. But if you’re a foam lover, we’re pretty sure you’ll be smitten with the small double memory foam mattress.

      Hot tip: You can enjoy a 1 year trial on any eve mattress, meaning you’ve got lots of time to try it out before you make up your mind. Nifty, eh?


      what are the benefits of a small double memory foam mattress?

      Aside from its gloriously dinky size, the small double memory foam mattress is ideal for anyone that prefers foam instead of hybrid (a mix of foam and springs). And unlike traditional memory foam which can be sinky and stuffy, our memory foam encourages a flow of air which keeps you gloriously fresh while you kip. It’s also packed with excellent touches like pressure relief zones for your bony bits and a moisture-wicking top cover. Meaning you’re supported all the way to brighter, happier, jump-out-of-bed type mornings.