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Discover the secrets to balancing the energy in your bedroom through the power of Feng Shui with our top 10 tips for creating a harmonious sleep space.
harmonise your space: *feng shui tips* for a balanced bedroom

Today's world is most definitely fast-paced. It’s busy, back-to-back commitments, hectic schedules, and very little time to reflect and rest. And this is when having a cohesive, well-balanced setup in your bedroom is essential for overall well-being. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art and science, offers valuable insights into arranging your living spaces to promote positive energy flow and balance.

But introducing some (or all - whatever you like) Feng Shui principles to your bedroom may even enhance the quality of your sleep. It can help to promote relaxation while playing a part in helping you to live a more harmonious life. Here are some essential Feng Shui tips to transform your sleep space into a well-balanced bedroom. 

1. think about where you position your bed

Feng Shui is very much centred around the positioning of items and so, why not start with your bed? Your bed is an essential piece of furniture and in Feng Shui, its position is particularly important. If possible you’ll want to pop your bed in a position where it has a clear view of the bedroom door. But you’ll also need to ensure it’s against a solid wall for support. And while you want to be able to see you door from the bed, you should try to avoid placing the it directly in line with the door. This is actually believed to create a situation known as the "coffin position," which (as the name suggests) is considered to be pretty bad luck (1).  

Feng Shui encourages us to position our bed in the "command position” instead. Basically, this is a position where you can see the bedroom door without being directly in line with it. It’s believed to provide a sense of security and control, which could make for a more peaceful sleep environment (2). 

2. balance the elements

Feng Shui also puts heavy emphasis on the importance of balancing the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water (3). So, try to integrate these elements into your bedroom décor to develop a more harmonious atmosphere.  

How can I do this? - Don’t worry, we’ve got you! 

Use wooden furniture, plants, or earthy tones to represent both the wood and the earth elements. Add metal photo frames or accessories to work some metal into your bedroom design and blue plush accessories (such as scatter cushions or throws) will work for the water element. Or you could go all out and get an indoor water feature if you fancy. Finally, candles and fiery coloured bedroom accents can embody play the part of the fire element.  

This balance of energy is believed to help you create a more peaceful sleep atmosphere which should be conducive to getting the rest you need. 

3. declutter your space

A cluttered environment can cause disruption to the flow of energy in your bedroom (4). So, be sure to clear away unnecessary items. Keep your stuff well-organised and keep your bedroom surfaces tidy. Through the use of clever storage solutions, you’ll be able to maintain a clean and open space. This is said to help improve the flow of positive energy while promoting a peaceful state of mind. Discover more about decluttering here.

4. choose colours to soothe your soul

Colour is another significant component in Feng Shui. The colours you use are believed to influence the energy and mood of a space (5). Try to choose calming, soothing colours for your bedroom. Soft blues, pale greens, or neutral tones are all great choices. These colours are thought to promote relaxation and can help you create an ideal atmosphere for restful sleep.  

5. pick proper lighting

Having lighting that’s well-balanced is another key element when it comes to creating a harmonious bedroom. Try to use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to keep your space well-lit, inviting, and adaptable for different needs. Ditch the harsh, overhead lighting and lean into those softer, more natural sources of light (6). Dimmer switches are a great way to get full control the intensity of the light in your bedroom and can be helpful in promoting a smoother transition from day to night which can help with preparing your body and mind for bedtime.  

 6. mind where you put your mirrors

Mirrors are seen as powerful tools in Feng Shui. They can reflect and amplify energy. But remember to be mindful where you put them in your bedroom. Avoid putting mirrors directly across from your bed. In Feng Shui, this is believed to create restless energy and could end up disrupting your sleep. Instead, pop your mirrors where they can reflect beautiful and calming scenes (ergo opposite your bedroom window), or pop them on the interior of your wardrobe doors as this symbolises doubling abundance (7). 

7. bring the positive energy with plants

Live house plants make an excellent addition to a Feng Shui-inspired bedroom. They help to purify the air in our bedroom while being a constant reminder of growth, vitality, and positive energy. That said, it’s best to choose plants with rounded leaves like the Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant) or the Jade plant. And avoid spiky varieties such as cacti. Place your bedroom plants strategically to further enhance the flow of chi (aka energy) in your bedroom (8).  

8. add art that speaks to you 

Choose to adorn your bedroom walls with artwork and décor that resonates positively with you. Meaningful pieces of art can help to evoke feelings of joy, peace, and inspiration (9).  

Don't use images that you find to be overly stimulating or to have negative connotations though, as they could negatively impact your mental well-being. Instead, try to choose art that reflects your personal aspirations and helps to bring positive energy to your space. In creating a bedroom that’s cohesively comforting you can bolster that sense of security and positivity that could help you to improve your sleep quality. 

 9. keep tech out of the bedroom

Feng Shui strongly advises against having electronic devices (ergo: computers, televisions, or smartphones) in the bedroom at all. But it is especially against having them anywhere near your bed. 

This is because electronic devices emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that could disrupt the natural flow of energy and interfere with your sleep (10).  

By choosing to keep smartphones and tech out of the bedroom, or at least by placing them at a considerable distance from the bed, you will help to reduce the likelihood of potential disturbances. It’s also believed to help you create a more energetically balanced sleep space. This also helps in establishing clear boundaries between work or entertainment spaces and the restful sanctity of your bedroom. 

 10. sync your soundscapes

Feng Shui encourages us to think about the acoustic elements in our bedrooms too. Try to work some soft and soothing sounds into your bedroom design. Anything from gentle wind chimes to a bubbling indoor water fountain, or even some calming music can be handy for drowning out disruptive noises. This should, in turn, promote a more peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. By minimising disturbances through the introduction of more pleasant sounds, Feng Shui can help us to enhance our entire sleep environment (10). 

feng shui in the bedroom: final thoughts 

Feng Shui is not just about the aesthetics of your bedroom. It's also about the mindful positioning of furniture pieces, mirrors, and decor to help promote the flow of positive energy. By taking action to make the recommended changes you can welcome in a better sense of balance and positivity.  

Take some time to play around with these tips. Let your intuition guide you towards a more harmonious and positive feel to your bedroom. 

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