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easy tips for a soothing space for sleep
10 ways to organise your sleep sanctuary for better sleep

Making your sleep space oh-so-relaxing is one thing. Keeping it tidy is another. But what if you had easy tips and tricks to keep it organised which would technically (or magically) do the tidying for you?

We asked our very own product boffins for their take on why tidy sleep sanctuaries are a thing and their top tips for keeping yours in check.

First things first: why do you like an organised sleep sanctuary?

There’s no doubt that a tidy bedroom can lead to better quality zzz’s. There’s even been a study on it by the folks at New York's St Lawrence University which showed that a messy bedroom can have a rubbish impact on your noggin and your sleep. 

But why do we feel the need for calm and tidiness in our sleep space? Our product boffin Laura says: “The best days are when there is no washing waiting to be put away, I’ve whipped the hoover round and put clean sheets on. Having an organised room makes me feel more relaxed and I sleep better.” 

For our mattress know-it-all Peter, “A tidy room equals  peace.” And for our product pro Sophie, “I definitely prefer an organised space… I can unwind a lot easier and generally feel more relaxed in a tidy room where everything has its place. I feel much more relaxed in the morning too knowing everything I need is where it should be and easy to find.”

What are your top tips for keeping yours organised?

Over to Peter again:

I have a fixed place for everything, using wardrobes and bedside tables to keep things stashed away. I make this part of my daily routine and do a general weekly tidy up to make sure it’s done.

As for Laura, it’s all about being clever with how you stash things away: “Hide clutter away in nice looking boxes and baskets. We all have stuff: letters that need attention, chargers and wires, face creams… The list goes on. And it can start to look quite messy very quickly, so having small storage to hide things away gives a clean and tidy look.”

And finally, Sophie’s all about getting your bedroom storage right:

Select storage pieces which tie in with the colours or materials in your bedroom so that they don’t look ‘clunky’ or out of place. This will make the space feel less cluttered and more wonderfully organised.

“Also, I like to ensure that any distractions like laptops, iPads and mobile phones are tucked away out of sight to avoid the temptation of staring at a screen before bedtime, as I find these can be disruptive to your quality of sleep. Out of sight, out of mind is the way.”

Sounds easy, right? And if you’re wondering about other ways to create a dreamy sleep sanctuary, look no further than our handy guide. Nice.