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Read on for the six most calming colours for your bedroom
licks top 5 bedroom colours to help you wake up refreshed

Having an insanely comfy bed is all well and good. But have you ever thought about how the colour of your sleep sanctuary might be impacting your precious zzz’s?

As your trusty sleep wellness experts, we’ve already had a chin wag with home decor brand Lick’s colour psychologist for her take on colour vs sleep (it’s a goodie, we promise). And here, Lick’s colour specialist gives us her top calming paint colours. Now, where’s that roller?

  • Blue 02 - “I find that light blue promotes relaxation and prepares your body for sleep. Imagine floating among the clouds on a beautiful clear day… Inhale, exhale and smile.”
  • Purple 01 - “Purple has a lovely calming effect on your mind and body, and this particular shade has soothing qualities which makes it perfect for a bedroom. Its relaxing and meditating notes will help send you into a peaceful and calm state.”
  • Purple 04 - “This one is lilac purple, so a few shades lighter than Purple 01. With hints of grey and a playful pastel tone, I find it incredibly soothing.”
  • Pink 01 - “Soft pink is thoughtful, calming, tender and intimate when placed in a bedroom. Your bedroom in Pink 01 will give you ultimate comfort… Like a cuddle in a colour.”
  • Grey 02 - “This warm hue has subtle lilac undertones which are quiet and soft, allowing the colour to melt into your space. Its soothing tones feel like a security blanket for the walls, like a cocoon for you to rest in.”
  • Green 09 - “Green is linked to nature, making it a healing colour and restful for the eyes. It also connects your sleep space to the outside, bringing it inside. The delicate undertones of green 09 help to promote rest and relaxation and I find the gentle colour perfectly matches a minimal style of living.”

Check out Lick’s full range of bedroom paint colours.

So there you have it. Whether you’re after a soothing accent wall or you want to go the whole hog, you can literally paint your way to better quality zzz’s. Discover other ways to create a calming sleep space or check out our top decoration tips for a chilled out sleep sanctuary. Nice.

Lick is a home decor brand that launched on the day that the UK was put into lockdown. With an aim to shake up the outdated decorating industry, all of their products have been created with a modern lifestyle in mind, making it easier to decorate than ever before.